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I did an alternative/minimalist movie poster for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, based on my favourite quote from the book. I could look into getting some prints done if people are interested in putting this up on their walls.

Update: Now available here

Nerdfighter Literary Magazine Needs You

Do you ever want to see some of your work—writing, visual art, etc., published in a journal available to the world? Do you want to receive free and constructive feedback on your work? Are you looking for a way to get more actively involved in the Nerdfighter community? Would you simply like to meet more cool and creative people in an environment that’s friendly and positive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, no matter how seriously you aspire to a career in any creative field (and whether or not you identify as a Nerdfighter), you should submit material for publication in The Fox Hat Review!

Many of our favorite writers (including John Green—look!) suggest getting involved with up-and-coming publications when you’re trying to start out. Our magazine, The Fox Hat Review, hasn’t even put forth its first issue yet, making it a perfect place for aspiring writers, editors, artists, photographers—whatevers—to come together and make something delightful.

The Fox Hat Review is here to revolutionize the way we look at literary magazines. It’s an online magazine whose sole purpose is to provide a platform to tomorrow’s literary and other artistic voices.

If you think you would be interested in having your work featured in the inaugural issue of The Fox Hat Review, please visit There, you’ll find submission guidelines and other useful info.

A few months ago, I wrote a PSA to Nerdfighteria about this project, and happily, I met some cool writers and editors, but we didn’t get a lot of submissions. And we’d really like to. So I was thinking—if you are interested in getting involved with the project:

- Please send us some work by 1 15 March, 2014! (I’m not worried about time zones.) All submissions can be directed to

- Send this message along! Recommend the project to people who might like to be involved. Incentive: The more people you refer to the project, the higher your chances of being published. Like all editors, we prefer to receive really polished work that’s about 99% publish-ready. But if Thingum Bob sends us something a little rough and we see several other submissions with notes saying that Bob sent them, we’re more likely to work a little harder to make Bob’s piece publishable—because Bob helped us.

- If you were referred to us by another writer/Nerdfighter, specify who sent you to us (it has to be the same name by which they call themselves because we won’t magically know who it is—astonishingly, we Nerdfighters have not yet developed a hive mind). 

And as always, feel free to “Tweet us haiku for/ a chance to be published in/ The Fox Hat Review” (@TheFoxHatReview)!

Thanks and DFTBA!


So what if John Green is a pedophile or likes younger girls hes married hes not gonna do anything he would never cheat on his wife so why are you guys so upset about it he wrote such great books for all of us to enjoy why are you hating on him he never asked you for money or even love hes just a simple guy trying to relate to us (Im a 15 year old girl) I relate strongly to his characters maybe he just has to get to know us to understand us so what if he has a kink it doesnt matter get over it!