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Looking for an Editor?

Currently I’m a freelance editor looking for work. I have history copy-editing for a newspaper, proofreading books and short stories before publishing, SEO copy-writing/editing for a company website, and peer editing for University.

Please share this! It’s not a very traditional way of finding work, but Tumblr widens my reach for prospective employers and hopefully someone looking for an editor or proofreader will see this. Booklr, I’m looking at you.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please send me a private message with details. Thank you!



 edits by me, made with canva

I decided to dig through all the lyrics sheets of some of the most popular musicals, finding the first times the titles of the musicals were stated. It was actually challenging, surprisingly, for some of the plays where the title isn’t actually said in the songs that much.  But I made some pretty edits, and had a lot of fun with it. I also did one for Pippin, Sound of music and Gigi but. These were my favorites. 



This is Ravus.

He and Noctis have some issues they need to work out.

(Previously on ‘This is Ravus’)