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So why do some fanfictions portray Nancy as kind of an airhead, or Mike being the nerd of the family, or whatever, when we SEE that she clearly, obviously cares for her grades and schoolwork???? When we see her studying, when Steve mentions that her GPA is like “3.999…” I mean, honestly. That girl is a genius and will definitely stay that way. 

so i saw this post by @parttimedragon​ and all i could think of was the awkward moment as my now rep-aligned agent, adrian, answers the door with a bowl of cereal in his hands like   “…don’t let me stop you……?”

i looked at so many guys laughing with bowls of salad for this… @.@

if kal el landed on earth in 1987 he’d be 28/29 in 2016 but more importantly he’d be 17 in 2004 which means he probably had an american idiot t-shirt and wore it with a long-sleeved shirt underneath it. with thumbholes in the sleeves. lana lang probably looked like avril lavigne, except they were rural so she did the best she could with what smallville’s thrift stores had to offer. she probably pierced her own eyebrow even though clark kept telling her she’d get an infection. how many of those little wrist sweatbands do you think he owned. did he have a wallet chain.

Reasons why I'm pidge

•Big science nerd
•Definitely would hack into a government establishment to find my brother
•Loves girls and robots
•Sleeps -4 hours a night
•Pale af and has bad allergies
•Hates nature but also would die for trees?
•Loves cryptids also probably is a cryptid?
•Shows affection by gently bullying you
•Would also take a bullet for my friends?
•A slytherin
•Enjoys to be a formless blob
•Curious to a flaw
•would take a bullet for my computer
•Love me some hoodies
•true to chaotic neutral

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So...I'm actually thinking of getting back into the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom (finally!) by making a Ryo Bakura blog because I've seen so much positivity from y'all on here lately. I'm not entirely sure about it though because I'm a shy li'l nerd and I haven't even attempted to play him in years...

Hello hello, friend ! First off, thanks for stopping by and dropping this message here because I’m so touched to receive this ?? like ??? It’s a huge honor thank you !! I went into a REALLY long tangent here so feel free to read below the cut ! All good things, I swear !

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"(and no, time really does exist, it is NOT man made)" Could you explain this further?

Sure, but this is a fairly complex topic and one which is still debated in both science and philosophy. But the question of “is time man made” has two answers. Both yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that the way we measure time is of our own construct. For example, we chose to have a minute equal 60 seconds, and hour equal 60 minutes, etc etc. So in this way, yes one could say time is man made. But if we were to hold this view that because we arbitrarily set these units to measure time, that time is man-made, then we must also say that distance is man made. For example, let’s say that you are currently 100 miles away from me. Well, one could say this distance is man made, and it partly is. Humans made the measurement of miles. We designated how many inches equals a feet and how many feet equal a mile and so on and so forth. So in this respect, me saying you are 100 miles away is man made. However the fact remains that you are not where I am, so distance in itself does exist. So in this way, distance is not man made because you are in a different location within space. The same notion applies to time, however with time, it does get a bit trickier.

(Idk if you have ever been exposed to the Theory of relativity? If not, this next part might not make any sense lol)

In physics, time behaves differently according to what you are doing…it’s weird but really cool (I actually wrote like an entire thing about the physics of time, from the non-relativistic to the relativistic version of the universe aka the  “block universe,” but it was too complex to explain in one post so I decided not to include it). But just know that in non-relativistic calculations, we generally treat time to be independent of space. So you can plot coordinates of (x,y,z) relative to time. This is great and all but this breaks down when moving into areas of special relativity, where time is no longer treated as an independent variable, but rather, as part of space (with the exception that you have less freedom in time). So instead of a 3 dimensional coordinate system that we are used to (where you can move up/down, left/right, and backwards/forwards), we have a 4 dimensional coordinate system where time is part of that space and so the coordinate system looks like this: (x,y,z,t). Unlike in classical mechanics, were things moved in space in relation to time, in this new Space-Time system, the positions (x,y,z,t) are timeless points known as an “event.” Now this means that every event can be plotted on this 4D graph to create what is known as the “worldline.” So think of this kind of like a spaghetti strand which you can cut into to get information on every event in the object of interests existence. So you cut into it somewhere and you will get the objects (x,y,z, and t) coordinates. This world-line is fixed and never changes. So your whole existences exists on this world-line and what you consider to be your present moment is just the slice which you are in right now. Basically, in this theory, the past, present, and future all exist at once which means that time flow is an illusion (Is your mind blown yet?) Quantum Theory however, seems to conflict with certain aspects of Relativity and in the sense that in Relativity, spacetime is thought to be smooth and continuos while in Quantum Theory, space-time isn’t always continuous. The weird thing is is that both these two theories are considered correct, but they conflict each other! The point is however, that the nature of time is really what is in question. Is it time which flows, while objects move in it? Or is the flow of time, like in relativity, simply an illusion created based on how the universe changes shape around us? Also, why does time only flow in one direction? We still don’t know. Also, I forgot to mention, in Special Relativity, time flow can change, so the closer you travel to the speed of light, the slower time flows for you. If you reach the speed of light (which is impossible for objects with mass), time stops, and if you somehow go faster than the speed of light (which is currently thought to be impossible), time goes backwards!!!! So yeah, time itself is there, but its nature isn’t understood yet (and so, if all points of time are considered equally real, time travel to the past may be possible although keep in mind, the energy required would be impossible too so pretty much, we can never do it lool).

There is also the philosophical side of this discussion which has been going on for centuries. We have a concept known as the A-Theory of time, which states that time flows from the future, into the present, then into the past, followed by moving into the further past. In this theory, there is a special reference frame known as the “now” and it states this is the frame we experience and is the only frame which really exists. This means that only things in the present exists, while things in the past drop out of existence. In other words, this is what you would call the tensed theory of time. The B theory however, states that there is no such thing as this special “now” reference frame and that the past present and future all equally exist at the same time, aka the tenseless theory of time. The arguments of both sides are really interesting, but I think most people tend to either lean somewhere in between or towards the B-Theory (bc this is what relativity pretty much describes) But the point is, is that it is the nature of time that is debatable, not really time itself. Although that is only what I got out of it. Sometimes I hear physicists say time is unreal, but I think they are saying our perception of time, or the flow of time is unreal. But then again, I can be wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty much the answer to the question of what is the nature of time is the same as the answer to the question of “How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?”

Answer: “the world may never know” LOOL

number of times i have been called a nerd today due to needlepoint-related math: 3

cookiechick replied to your post “Hello, I recently saw an old post which showed your cross stitches…”

Great answer! I would add for the stated purpose of pasting the piece in a card, you can use perforated paper or plastic canvas to stitch on which will hold a shape and not fray. The only drawback is no partial stitches.

yes! i hadn’t even considered the paper/plastic possibilities. @hillbeans, it might be worth going to your local craft store and just browsing the needlework section to see what they have available (this can also be very dangerous for your wallet)

aww thanks @knuttyknits! tbh i literally cannot help but answer questions and teach sometimes. “rebecca, that’s really interesting about the history of the number zero but we just wanted to figure out the tip” (haha just kidding, i just take the check and do the math for everyone)

( @narcissusneverknewme ) Anyone looking for a new show, listen up! The lovely @hoechlindylan told me to give Wynonna Earp a try and I enjoyed the HELL out of it, so if you’re up for a kickass, supernatural, thriller/horror kind of show with a canon f/f couple (a cop and a badass nerd) then you should definitely give it a try. I really loved the episode with the mirrors, and also every scene with these two ((the cop’s name is basically “deputy hot” just spelled a little differently, I’m still laughing))

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If Guzma had a time machine, would he be willing to go to the Carboniferous period just to look at the prehistoric bugs?

          “Fuckin’ DUH I would!”

          Scolipede and Yanmega that are even BIGGER than they are now?
F U C K   Y E S ,   P L E A S E ! ! !

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Perceptor fluff when his s/o kisses him out of nowhere? Say like he's rambling on about something like an experiment he's going over and he's kinda nervous how the results will play out? Thank you Peach~! Hope your day was good~!

My day was great, thank you! Hope yours was too! 
This nerd definitely needs more kisses

Perceptor MTMTE

He doesn’t get anxious over his work often, and when he does, it’s very noticeable. He paces way more than usual, and when discussing what he’s feeling anxious about, he’ll talk a bit faster than normal. All of this started after you asked him how his latest experiment was going, so you knew something was up 

It took a minute to get his attention, he was pretty absorbed in his thoughts, but once you did, he apologized and bent down to your level. He wasn’t expecting his apology to be cut short by a kiss, so he was pretty stunned for a couple seconds. You took that opportunity to tell him that everything would be fine, all he had to do was sit down and think his way through the problem rationally 

He opened and closed his mouth a few times, then stood up straight and coughed. Yes, of course he knew that. You’d just caught him off guard. He denied being flustered later, but all it took was another kiss to get his cooling fans started