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Probability Riddle Time!

So the other day I came across what seemed like a stupid-simple image with a question on it. I’ve since forgot where I saw the image and after trying to find it for a bit I’ve failed. Here is the problem from my memory though:


What is the probability of you getting this question right by randomly picking an answer: 

a.25%     b. 50%    c. 25%     d. 0%


So at first glance: 4 answers, random choice so ¼ of the time you’re likely to get it right, so 25% seems right, but then you notice that there are 2 25% answers, so your chances are bettered to 1 out of 2, so 50%  (b) is the right choice, right? 

That is where I settled a couple of days ago without giving it much more thought and went on about my day. However tonight in a sleepless frenzy the problem came back to haunt me, and here is why: 

If 50% (b) is the answer, then there is only ¼ chance of getting it by picking it randomly, which means that the answer is actually 25%, but since there are 2 25% answers, there is a 50% chance of getting it right. So neither of the answers (a, b or c) is right, so then ’d’ must be the right choice, right? Nope, because if it is then there is a 1 out of 4 chance that you would pick it and therefore it brings you back to 25% chance of getting the problem right. 

So essentially you’re equally wrong no matter what choice you pick. 

If this is way-obvious for eveyone else and I’m overexplaining it, I apologize and I’ll blame the fact that I’m literally still practically within my sleepless frenzy. 

Hope you enjoyed this. 

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a look inside Hotel Gracery in Tokyo and as you can see, it’s absolutely chock full of everyone's favorite kaiju.  Located in the Shinjuku district, one of the most densely populated areas of Tokyo, there’s probably no better place to have a giant Godzilla looming/watching over the area. For those of you who don’t like to feel safe at night, the hotel comes complete with a "Godzilla viewing room" that offers a view of ol’ red eyes peeking in on you while you sleep. There’s also a room with a scale model of the King of Monsters, loaded with memorabilia, walls covered in Godzilla posters from over the years, and the right hand (or is it paw?) of Godzilla himself crashing through the wall to ruin whatever weird kaiju-themed bedroom activities you may have planned. Once you’re done making the King Gidorah with two backs, you can head on up to the observation deck to check out the roaring 171 foot tall bust of Godzilla peering over the side of the building. 


Jordan & Jackson Discuss
It is so random, but so worth it. These guys is great. Jackson is extremly talented and deserves some fame. Jordan Little is not as well known but seems really laid back and chill, he also has great music. Check out their vines JacksonBoyd and Jordan Little Phd

Curse pokemon for making Raichu Pikachu's last evolutionary state

I’ve always loved Pikachu because I was one of the kids who had a pikachu toy (the rubber figurine shit) and played pokemon yellow (it was pretty cool to be able to walk with your pikachu, pretty fucking cool indeed) and watched the animes (I stopped at battle frontier because high school started but I still watch a couple episodes on youtube sometimes, but after may the thing pretty much sucked). Pokemon has successfully made Pikachu a lovable character, but they gave it mediocre stats and made it one of the most fragile glass cannons out there. Pikachu, without a light ball is garbage. However, Light Ball Pikachus gain so much power they can be very good OHKO pokemon… on water and flying opponents, I guess? I know a ton of you will tell me that a lot of electric types can still OHKO opponents better than light ball Pikachu, but the thing is you can’t beat the bond the kids who had pikachu toys and pokemon yellow experiences have with Pikachu. I also know that even with a light ball, Pikachu still has lower defenses and speed than Raichu, and that Ampharos or Heliolisk or Manectric can be better and that’s just shit. I also know pokemon is trying to make Pikachu unbiased by giving its fragility, but why does Pikachu have to be so fucking weak that it dies on every single attack? Why can’t light ball raise it’s defense and sp defense even a tad bit higher to let it withstand even one attack? I’m more than willing to use up all my hyper potions on Pikachu. Anywho, I’m still planning on training a light ball Pikachu on omega sapphire. Raichu sucks. I hate the color orange. I like Ampharos though. I can switch between Pikachu and Ampharos. The only problem is Ampharos isn’t available in Hoenn. I hate Manectric. I hate Manectric so bad. They made a Mega Manectric.

I’m just pretty tired of hearing “Oh, you love Pikachu? You’re not a real fan."