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I kinda gotta agree with that Anon, tbh Rey is a professional scavenger,mechanic,pilot,staff weapon combat user,climber and repeller,fluent in several languages including droid,a blaster user and a perfect shot even though she never really fired a gun, and easily gets jedi mind tricks and the force come to her. Yes theres the part where she was fearful and running but she just seems to perfect to some of the veteran star wars fans like myself, now compare her to han solo and spot the difference

She lived in the desert nearly her whole life. We see her exploring ships, getting parts, getting mugged in this dangerous environment, while barley surviving. Of course she’d learn these survival skills. Luke lived in a house and couldn’t get his power converters because his uncle said so.

Good at Stuff =/= Marry Sue

She wasn’t all that skilled with a blaster. or get facts about the Millenium Falcon right. She was about as good as anyone else in the movie with a blaster. She’s combat trained with a stick. At one point in her life she probably used a blaster.

Jedi Skills? Luke didn’t really have the opportunity to use the force as often as Rey until later movies. Rey had toys of Rebels and was a fan of Jedis. She knew what Jedis could do. All she used the force for is to mind trick a nameless storm trooper. Then over power a reckless unstable sith poser who couldn’t handle his emotions and was bleeding from a shot in the stomach and escaping an exploding building.

Oh yeah, I just woke up and remembered this funny thing that happened at the park last night.

So the park near my house has like a dozen Pokestops, including a triangle of three very close to each other that it’s popular to drop lures at, which means that there were literally dozens of people out last night, including children. Little kids (like 8-9) LOVED to talk to me about the favorite Pokemon they’d caught so far. Just me. No idea why. Maybe it was because I was on a bike with a shiny light attached. Anyway, this one kid went on for like five minutes about how he was powering up this one Magikarp and transferring the rest, so he could eventually get a Gyrados, and when he finally caught his breath, he asked me what my favorite was.

“This is my sweet soft boy, Luke. He was the first Eevee I caught, and he’s an extra small one, but he’s really strong. I keep powering him up a little bit every day.”

I was wearing an R2-D2 shirt. The kid made the connection. And got mad.

“Luke Skywalker isn’t an Eevee!” He almost yelled at me. I heard his mom (or possibly sister, she was pretty young looking and it was dark) start laughing. “Luke Skywalker is strong and tough!”

“Yeah, but he had to train to get that way.” I told the kid. “Besides, the thing about Eevee is that they can evolve into almost any type of Pokemon; water, fire, electricity. The later gens had even more types for them to evolve into. Eevees have limitless potential.”

The kid didn’t have anything to say to that, and then like two Rattatas and a Slowpoke spawned, so we were busy again, but like, I think me saying “Eevees have limitless potential” changed this kid’s life, you guys.

Khadgar eyed the guardian uncertainly as he worked, while Moroes stood back a slight distance with his hands clasped behind his back. Medivh looked up from his task and grinned at the boy’s expression 

“They don’t teach this in Dalaran.”

“Teleportation?” Khadgar shook his head “No.” His gaze drifted back to the symbols

They’re right to fear it" Medivh continued. He stole another glance at Khadgar and his eyes twinkled. ‘He’s enjoying this.' Lothar thought. 
“It’s very dangerous.” He drew up the magic with delicate fingers, held his hand over his head, then brought his arm down with a swift, precise movement. The luminous strands he had gathered leaped up and joined, forming a dome of crackling illumination. From beneath it, his features thrown into sharp relief by the blue glow, Medivh gestured to the boy “Go on. Step in" 

Khadgar hesitated. "Come now.” Medivh scoffed cheerfully. “Where’s all that rebel spirit?” The boy’s cheeks turned pink through the wisps of facial hair and he obeyed, though not without obvious trepidation.

Lothar smothered a smile himself as he stepped into the circle behind Khadgar. Mage though he was- nay, future guardian, trained to be at least- it was almost too easy to rattle him.

—  The Official Movie Novelization: Warcraft