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I too dig the Damian Colin Billy Jon squad and I'd love to request a little something with them. Since Jon has posters of Goku and Naruto in his room I kinda HC him as a budding closet anime nerd. I'd love to see what would happen if he tried to convince the rest of the squad to cosplay with him and/or go with him to a convention

“Come on!” Jon was almost hopping up and down. “Absolutely not” Damian crossed his arms over his narrow chest jutting out his chin. “Oh come on Dami it’ll be fun” Colin said. He was trying not to trip over too long Hogwarts robes. “I am not some child who plays dress up Wilkes, and it is so unoriginal that you are going as Ron Weasley”

“Bite me Damian, you’re just mad you don’t get to go as Harry Potter”

“tt as if” 

Billy walked into the room fidgeting with the jacket for his Will Byers consume. “Damian why aren’t you in costume?” 

“oh the son of darkness is out to break Jon’s heart and thinks dressing up is for kids” Colin said flicking his wand around. Billy sighed heavily “Babe! we talked about this I thought you were in!”

“tt and humiliate myself in public, never” 

“Please Damian Please!” Jon was almost on his knees “who’s gonna do my hair if you don’t?” Jon was wearing a Goku costume but his shaggy black hair was still falling in his eyes. Damian huffed, and a slow smile crossed Billy’s face, “I know what will get you to come with us” 


“Welcome one and all to the 31st Gotham ComicCon!” the voice boomed out over the convention center. Jon with his hair pointing up every which way had to be reminded not to float away. Colin had already been pulled into pictures with 4 different Harry Potters. Walking together, maybe the only time ever, Will Beyers was holding hands with Batman. 

Something I’ll always love about Stanley Pines is he’s always teasing Dipper and Ford about being nerds but half of his interests are super frigging nerdy.

Seriously let’s review here, Stan likes

  • Ray Harryhausen-expy movies.
  • Old horror movies/monster movies in general.
  • A popular children’s cartoon, which he defends as having “a big mystery element and a lot of humor that goes over kids heads.”
  • Frank Frazetta-style artwork (as evidenced by his self-portrait in DaMGtMaNSF.)
  • Animatronics.
  • Making costumes and SFX makeup for Halloween/Summerween.
  • A super costumey period drama

Stan is the biggest nerd-hypocrite in all the lands and it’s adorable.

No one is above Naruto running

@bittersweetyrant discovered Chat Noir doing it. (link)

Most of you know Jagged Stone did it in Kung Food.

But how many of you caught this, also in Kung Food?

okay, but everyone portrays Trini as “I couldn’t give less of a fuck about school” but… do you remember Spinelli from that Recess animated show? She acted as if she failed every assignment but she actually had grades similar to Gretchen… What if Trini was secretly the biggest nerd (besides Billy of course) and they all find out when they show up in Trini’s house unannounced and her mom, overly excited leads them to a small studio room where Trini studies, that is incredibly organized, yellow accents, sunflowers by the window and a lot of yellow post its on the wall, pretty notes and a lot of books, the tests, quizzes and assignments that had been returned to her in a stash and they all can see she mainly has As? And that becomes the target of the rest of the rangers teasing and Trini becomes Kimberly’s personal biology tutor, in which Kim is great at but uses it as an excuse to spend time with Trini.

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When he hears Yuri let out another curse at the screen, he can’t hold in the laugh that escapes him.

“Don’t laugh at me, asshole!” Yuri exclaims, turning his glare towards him. From the corner of his eye he can see the character finally out of his misery, and the glaring ‘Game Over’ screen that appears only makes Yuri even more ticked off.

To be honest, it’s cute. Not that he’d ever tell him that.

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Hiiii! Could you do #78 please??

I’m working on these at a snail’s pace. Anyways I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing it. Here’s #78: “That’s my shirt. So is that…wait?”

Stiles was the best.

Of course that was subject to opinion, but to him he was the freaking best. Ten out of ten the best friend, the best son, and especially the best boyfriend. Oh yeah that was also a thing too; he was the boyfriend of Derek Hale. The Adonis-like body, the chiseled cheeks graced with perfectly trimmed stubble, the incredibly smart and closeted jokester/nerd, the Derek Hale.

So when Stiles says he’s the best it’s because he didn’t tell Derek he was coming home from George Washington a few days earlier than planned. Oh yeah, surprise visit, probably the best idea since the whole panties thing they discovered…but that’s a story for another time.

This is how he found himself creeping up the stairs to their apartment after the longest three and a half hour drive from DC to New York ever. Even his constant music and finger drumming couldn’t distract him long enough to keep his mind off the time. It’s late; which is probably for the best since the more tired Derek was the less he used his senses, plus New York was naturally loud so the chance of blowing this too early was slim.

The chance of other forms of blowing were pretty high.

Stiles grabbed his keys, sliding them in the lock of their door as quietly as possible. The grinding of the key sliding through its riveted slot was loud and he almost wanted to scream in frustration but that would definitely give him away. Instead he huffed quietly and shoved the door open, toeing off his shoes on the mat before shuffling through the entrance to the open concept living area.

While there was no sign of Derek, the place was a mess. That was weird because Derek was such a neat freak; however blankets of all kinds were splayed about, the sink was piled with dishes, the stove top was full of crumbs…

The only thought running through Stiles’ mind was ‘what the everloving hell is going on?’.

He set his duffel bag on the couch as well as his computer bag, crossing the way to the small hallway that lead to the bedroom and bathroom. The door was cracked open slightly with soft yellow lighting pouring out. Stiles pushed the door open only to see the softest version of Derek he’s ever seen.

The socks on his feet are mismatched, he’s wearing the sweats with the holes in the legs and the sweater with the thumbholes, his hair all tousled and soft against his forehead. Stiles didn’t take out his phone despite the overwhelming urge to. This was an intimate moment and saving it on a camera felt wrong in a way.

Stiles walked over to the edge of the bed, his hand not even touching Derek before a strong grip wrapped around his wrist a tad too tight. Blue eyes flashed at him before fading quickly to reveal surprised green-ish ones.

“Hey, surpri–whoa!”

Suddenly his world was flipped, his hip smashing painfully with another as he was pulled onto the bed. Strong arms wrapped around him and held him impossibly close, a face nuzzling into his neck and making him laugh. The stubble….well beard now, tickled the hell out of him.

A possessive growl –that went straight to his dick if Stiles was being honest– echoed through the room and against his skin.

“You’re back early,” Derek said after a moment.

Stiles pulled back a little, looking his boyfriend in the eyes, “I wanted to surprise you?”

Derek still looked taken back, his mouth parted with his teeth poking out a little. This warm, bubbly, fuzzy feeling rose in his chest and suddenly he couldn’t help but lean in and kiss that shock right off his boyfriend’s face. The slight chapped feeling of his lips juxtaposed the softness of Derek’s, their noses brushing against each other’s ever so lightly every now and then.

When they pulled back Stiles finally noticed Derek’s pillow.

“That’s my shirt,” he said blankly, sitting up a little to see it better, “so is that…wait? What?”

Derek’s face went up in flames, the tan skin suddenly dark with red flush. Stiles didn’t need the gift of lycanthropy to see the embarrassment roll off the older man in waves. Under and around Derek’s pillow was his old Beacon Hills high school hoodies, a few of his graphic tee shirts, and basically anything and everything Stiles wears often.

It clicked in his head then.


“You missed me,” Stiles deadpanned.

Derek frowned, “Stiles…what? Of course I did.”

“Well duh…I just…you went as far to be with my scent,” Stiles said, motioning to the pillow.

“I always want to be with you and your scent,” Derek said, holding Stiles closer.

A grin spread across his face, “well that’s reassuring. I’d be worried if you didn’t.”

Derek took that as a cue to nuzzle his face back into Stiles’ neck and chest, scenting him immediately. Stiles laughed softly, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend tightly, letting the wolf take what he needed.

“I’m glad to be home,” Stiles said after a while.

Derek paused, looking up, “…home?”

“Once again duh, you’re my home.”

If Stiles took an extra week off school…well it was worth it if he got to stay with Derek, his home.


20 minutes into Game Theory and Chill and he gives you the look.

Star Trek?” I asked her. “Really?”
“What?” she demanded, bending unnaturally black eyebrows together.
“There are two kinds of people in the universe, Molly,” I said. “Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans. This is shocking.”
She sniffed. “This is the post-nerd-closet world, Harry. It’s okay to like both.”
“Blasphemy and lies,” I said.
—  Jim Butcher, Ghost Story

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okay well...I kind of like the idea of Otabek ending up being kind of just a little bit dorky or goofy, especially if he's with Yuri and his real self comes out. Like he has a secret geeky side. That just seems like it'd be really cute and could give him a lot of extra dimension--no?

ok but i am sUCH a ho for closet nerd otabek??? i remember someone suggesting it once and it stuck on me ever since

like can you imagine yuri visiting otabek in almaty and when they go in his bedroom its just covered from top to bottom with star trek and legend of zelda and pokemon and he gets kinda embarrassed abt it but yuris just “yeA TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY ZELDA” and he falls in love with him a lil bit more

just??? closet nerd otabek

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omg okay so i love your blog so much and your v headcanons everytime you guys headcanon him i cry bc its so great ahh can i ask you for just any general v headcanons or v and mc headcanons bc happiness on v is my favorite thing tysm!!

A/N: i LiVe FoR v Hc’S AAAAAAAAAAAA (also thanks 626 for your contribution of like 7 points sorry not sorry i took all the ideas) ~Admin 404


-He’s the type of guy to have those cute little DIY string thingies that holds up photos strung around his house

-Also the type of guy to have those random, brightly coloured, porcelain animal figurines in his house

-His closet is actually really monochromatic??? Like he’s a bright person already, he doesn’t need to have bright clothes as well


-Everyone thinks he’s so sweet 24/7 but he’s actually pretty sassy and lowkey sarcastic if he’s being himself

-Complete pacifist UNLESS you intend to hurt the ones closest to him, then he gets pretty scary

-Tries to take selfies with his sister but they come out terrible and she makes fun of him for it

-Also tries to selfie with you and you send the funniest ones to his sister (again, makes fun of him)

-Has so many of his mum’s art pieces hanging in his house!!

-Animals love him!!! That’s why he has such great pictures of them on his camera!

-Sort of unorganized; he has a full drawer full of SD cards but none of them are labeled so he has no idea what’s on them unless he plugs them in

-You have to help him pick out his outfits sometimes because he’S SO BAD AT IT, V YOU CAN’T WEAR CAMO AND STRIPES WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU


-Closet nerd, he loves Lord of the Rings, the scENERY, MC, IT’S BEAUTIFUL

-Once got stuck in a tree trying to scare you and you needed to call Jumin to come help him down. Vowed not to try and scare you from then on

-Has a TON of ugly sweaters and literally thinks they’re the cutest things ever

-Likes to try ANY cute DIY food video he comes across (buT V WE CAN’T EAT ALL OF THIS)

- this little nerd will leave you sweet notes all over the house!!! He thinks you make the cutest faces when you find them <3

- he has this really cute silly side to him that he only shows to you???

- like he’ll smack your forehead randomly and act like it wasn’t him at all but he bursts out laughing bc your glare is far from threatening

- his laugh is like heaven

- He puts eyes on literally every food item in your refrigerator as a prank but it’s actually really cute because he draws faces on them too

- Sooo many dumb jokes and you hate and love them all

- “What kind of bagel can fly? A plain bagel”

- sometimes u wanna kill him

- He signs up for every class that can make him “a better version of himself” smh this guy is trying to better himself??? Who does he think is

- art classes, photography classes, fitness classes, cooking classes, litERALLY EVERYTHING

- he drags you with him because he loves u <3

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whos your new shep?

her name’s saoirse and she’s a full renegade asshole who likes picking on people way bigger than her, punching things with her BIG MUSCLES, and wearing her jeans too low. she’s going to be a earthborn, sole survivor, soldier class n i’m not sure yet who i want her to romance. 


Dear Evan Hansen X Yuri on Ice AU (see my other musical AUs)

So this has been swirling around in my head for ages (inspired in part by one of @zephyrine-gale‘s posts), and I have too many HCs to list, but featuring:

  • Yuuri as Evan Hansen
  • Victor as Connor Murphy
  • Yurio as Zoe Murphy
  • Phichit as Jared Kleinman
  • Minako as Heidi Hansen
  • Yakov and Lilia as Larry and Cynthia Murphy

See under the cut for headcanons about this AU (warning for long post)

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Title: Sleep

Chapter: Oneshot

Description: Jesse convinces Hanzo to finally share a bed with him, but Hanzo feels a bit awkward, so of course Jesse remedies that with snuggling and comfort. AKA your basic bed-sharing trope.

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada

Word Count: 576

Rating: Teen and Up

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“I want to go on a date! I demand it!” for your nerds :p

This takes place two weeks after “guess who”.

“Understood, Admiral. We will depart Ziost immediately and proceed to the rendezvous coordinates.”

Mara closed the channel and looked up to find Malavai, still in civilian clothes, staring at her intently. He transmitted their flight plan and stood as they awaited clearance to leave.

“Admiral Ranken does realize we’re on leave, does she not?”

“I couldn’t exactly beg off because of a scheduling conflict,” Mara countered with a frown. “I thought you would be pleased to return to duty.”

“I am,” he replied quickly. “But we had plans in Kaas City.”

Mara knew full well he had no intention of refusing an order, and indeed they had known they could be called up for this op at any time. But she could not deny their honeymoon was being rather severely interrupted.

That didn’t mean they couldn’t still enjoy themselves, of course. She closed the distance between them, slipping her arms around his waist.

“We can still go to Kaas City,” she murmured. “After we muck up the Republic’s shipbuilding capabilities.”

“You’re excited about this.”

“We’ve been idle for two weeks. Deliciously idle, I will add,” she raised her brows suggestively and ran her hands over his back, “shut in with that beautiful fireplace and food delivered whenever we required it. But one wouldn’t want to grow too soft.”

He pulled her a bit closer, his blue eyes boring into hers.

“I beg your pardon, my lord, but I am sharp as ever,” he said with mock outrage.

“I have no doubt of that, dear, but a woman likes to be taken someplace nice every now and again.”

He laughed.

“You have a singular definition of ‘nice’ in this context, I think.”

“Come now, Malavai; I want to go out. I demand it!”

She smiled seductively, an expression she knew he could not resist.

“I brought that armor you like.”

He raised one dark eyebrow.

“Did you now. The reinforced diatium greaves?”

“And the blastweave top with the shield generator you bought me on Alderaan,” she confirmed.

“Well then. I suppose I am helpless to say no,” he replied, guiding her lips to his.

Their kiss was interrupted by a transmission from Spaceport Control clearing them for launch.

red lipstick. short haircuts. looking intimidating but actually being the sweetest, softest person anyone will ever meet. a hesitant, shy first kiss that leaves you breathless. being a closeted nerd and finding someone obsessed with the same thing as you. letting your lover wear your jacket so everyone knows they’re spoken for.
—  name aesthetic: stella // requested by anonymous
(cc, 2017)
Anon Submission: What's the Probability You Sit Next to a Weeb?

So this story is ongoing because this semester of college hasn’t ended yet, but I figured I’d just submit the greatest Weeb moments from the girl I sit next to in my Statistics class. For obvious reasons, she’ll be N and I’ll be D. 

Statistics is a class I’m pretty good at despite the fact I’m a creative writing and business administration major. It’s easy to pick up and easy to learn. Unfortunately our teacher apparently doesn’t feel the same way because she teaches with the same amount of effort a high school senior puts into their homework. Today, for example, she wrote three random equations on the board, threw a worksheet at us, and walked out of the room. Definitely not wasting that doctorate, eh Doc?

I said fuck it a few weeks back and just doodle now. To give you an image of me, I’m the president of club soccer and a frat guy. You’d probably think I was a douche by just looking at me: khakis, hat, and always wearing letters somewhere. I’m actually a huge closet nerd and my love for Dragon Ball and Gundam is aggressive at best. Most of the time, I’m doodling characters in Toriyamas style or drawing Gohan (my favorite character). 

I guess I never learn my lesson because this girl who sits next to me always leans over in my personal space and watches me draw. N is slightly heavy with multiple facial piercings like a bullring, lip rings, etc. She has multiple anime and gaming tattoos, my favorite being one of Princess Peach kissing Toad on her bicep. N will lean over me and breathe her smoky breath in my ear (even worse because I’m asthmatic and this exacerbates it) and tell me what I’m drawing isnt as good as it should be.

This bothers me because when I do something creative, I try to do it to the best of my ability. None of this may seem especially bad to you, but give me a couple sentences here. A few days ago, N rips the page out of my notebook and holds it up to the whole class and shouts, “D is drawing in class and he’s really bad at it!” People at my college are really judgmental, so I was mortified and snatched my paper back.

“What the fuck, N,” I hissed at her. “Your drawing was bad, baka! Everyone had to know.” I wanted very badly to tell this girl off, but I was horrified about the information I would learn about her later. N is apparently 35 and has a kid. I couldn’t even imagine what she’d been like in high school. Now, every time I enter the building my class is in, shes out there smoking and telling me my art sucks. I just have to grit my teeth and ignore it now.

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I was wondering if you had any advice on portraying a trans sim? I think my problem is that I've stared to late in his life to make it real apparent. If not is it possible for you to direct me somewhere else pretty please?

(Before we go into this I’d like to remind people that I’m genderfluid- so while I’m definitely not cis, I’m not exactly trans either. Please tell me if anything I say here comes off as inaccurate!!.)

Firstly: Just like in the real world, there is no such thing as “too late” when it comes to a sim transitioning. Some people chose (or, in most cases, are allowed to) begin physically transitioning around puberty, while some others don’t want to/ dont get the chance until they are 50+! Alot of factors go into whether or not a trans person decides to transition, and it’s important to remember that someone who is closeted/pre-op/late-to-present is just as valid in their gender identity as someone who transitioned early in life.

Secondly: Making a trans sim “apparent” isn’t really necessary. I get that you dont just want to take a “cis-passing” (sorry for the cringy term but i cant think of a better one) sim and slap a big TRANS label on them, but please remember that there is no one right way to “look trans”. Trans/NB people come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so the only thing that makes a sim non-cis is you, the player, saying they are. Just pop your trans sims in CAS, tweak their gender setting to your liking, give em a new wardrobe, and you’re ready to go!

Thirdly: As for portraying a trans sim, it isn’t really all that different from playing a cis one. The great thing about The Sims is that the only gender restricted interaction is pregnancy, so everything else is free game! As long as you give your sim character traits beyond “trans”, their story line can be just as rich and wacky as any other.

For example, Hugo is non-binary, but he’s also:

  • Artistically gifted 
  • loves to cook and paint.
  • A bit of a snob who turns his nose up at things he deems “low-brow”.
  • Ace
  • Self-conscious about his height.
  • Fiercely loyal to the people he deems as his friends.
  • A closet nerd (dont tell!)

Reminder: The Sims is an idealized universe. 

There is no sexism/racism/homophobia/etc. 

For alot of people, this is great, since it presents an escape from alot of problems we have to face in our everyday lives. But for other people, especially players like to create deeper, grittier storylines beyond what the game shows us, this can cause a challenge. Obviously, trans sims wont encounter the same sort of challenges real life trans people do, but there are ways for you as the creator to make their tale seem a bit more true to our reality.

Some examples with Hugo:

  • Since he is still trying to work out his gender/sexual orientation, he doesn’t really go out on romantic dates. (Which is not to say he never will! He just isnt in a place where he feels comfortable to yet!)
  • His height comes as a source of dysmorphia, so most of the time he wears heels.
  • I avoid talking to older sims when playing as Hugo, just because real-world old people aren’t known for their tolerance of non-gender-conforming individuals.
  • His outfits tend to be more feminine when around family and close friends, and more masculine when out in public. Not because he wants to hide his identity, but because he gets treated with greater respect when perceived as a cis male.

Again, adding these realistic elements into your game are 100% optional. There is no shame in wanting to play non-cis character in a world without dysmorphia, transphobia, and other hurdles.

Hope this was helpful!