im frustrated bc i cant find an old soriku fic set in a modern day au and there were a ton of princess bride references? med school nerd riku was angsty bc he kept As You Wishing sora and sora didnt get it? and then there was a thunderstorm or smth and sora had an Epiphany w the help of kairi explaining everhthing to him???? ? i could have sworn i had it bookmarked on ffnet but i cant find it for the life of me

Mer Nerds ( Cont. ) @arpeggxo.

Riku has never been one to ignore the urge of adventure, really, the thrill of adrenaline one can earn from going through the wildest of watery winds, harsh currents and wonderful other adventurous things - but even this is a bit much for him.

The bottom of the deepest, darkest trenches is a place most people - even merfolk - don’t dare go ; yes, the treasures that lie there are beautiful, wonderful, rare —- but most of the time, they’re not worth the threat of jellyfish, sharks, harsher creatures that linger in the deep.


And yet —- Myde has been doing his best to coerce him into it - dragging him down, quite literally, with him —- and what kind of friend would he be if he left him alone, anyway?
A wise one, he thinks ; but the guilt would surely consume him, flicking his fins with even more nerves than right now,

“——lead the way.”