Viola Riku’s Independent Narrative: An Analysis

Ok, to be honest, this isn’t going to be a particularly objective analysis; really, it will be more of a gush post, if anything. Because I’m just so happy over the fact that, for the first time in One Piece, a female character has completed her very own independent plotline and narrative.

For the sake of coherence, I will organize my analysis in two parts: what we know for absolute certain and what we can interpret from these facts.

What We Know for Absolute Certain:

1. Generally, a male One Piece character’s arc narrative involves the following steps: the villain has terrorized the character, the character develops to the point that they can physically confront the villain as retribution, and Luffy finishes the job. Examples: Wiper from Skypeia, Chopper from Drum Island, Law from Dressrosa, Kyros from Dressrosa, Franky from Enels’ Lobby, and Zoro and Sanji from the East Blue Arcs, etc.

2. Generally, a female One Piece character’s arc narrative involves the following steps: the villain has terrorized the character, the character develops, and… for whatever extenuating circumstance, they never physically confront the villain and Luffy instead does the entire job for them. Examples: Nami from Arlong Park Arc (she never got to fight Arlong), Kokoro from Water 7, and Nico Robin (her snapping Spandam’s spine doesn’t count… the fight was already over and he wasn’t really the main main antagonist of the arc anyway).

3. Viola Riku, after spending 10 years of her life being controlled and terrorized by Doflamingo, physically confronts Doflamingo.

What We Can Interpret from This:

Viola Riku is quite possibly the first female One Piece character to ever have her own narrative be completed in the same fashion that a male character has. During the entirety of the arc, she has spent each of her moments doing whatever she could to undermine Doflamingo’s power, from assisting Usopp in taking down Sugar to straight up staring Doflamingo in the eye and planning to kill him or stall him long enough for him to get taken down. 

She got her own narrative. She got tortured by Doflamingo for years, and she gets to take him on on her own. While it coincides with and runs parallel to Luffy’s plotline, it’s utterly independent with its own buildup, culmination, and conclusion. You could cut out her plotline from every other subplot in the arc and it would stand on its own utterly fine as an uplifting, ultimately triumphant plot. In all senses, while she does get help along the way, she’s the hero of her own story in the same way that many male characters get to be.

And, in an arc where Robin got shafted from a solo fight three times and a woman got kissed without her permission, I’d say that that’s pretty damn important.

the nordics as cliche highschool tropes

aph norway: the cool punk. Everyone is kinda terrified of him, while simultaneously thinking he’s an ice cold badass

aph denmark: most would think he’s a jock, but he’s actually more of a drama nerd. He’s cheerful, loud, and super awkward. When he tries to approach Norway, he stumbles over his words and gets really flustered, and though Norway just gives him his signature deadpan glare, he actually finds it really adorable 

aph finland: that one person who everyone wants to be friends with. He’s really popular but is still super nice to everybody

aph sweden: kind of a nerd, never talks, tries to make friends but usually just ends up standing awkwardly outside the circle of people talking. Since he’s so quiet, people often forget he’s there, so he hears all the juicy gossip.

aph Iceland: that small kid with the squishy face who looks like he should still be in elementary school. When he sees a pack of big muscley seniors coming toward him, he just goes ‘NOPE NOPE NOPE’ and runs away before he gets crushed by the crowd. He’s also that kid who is meming on tumblr during class instead of paying attention.

Here are some more chibis, based on the canid mega pokemon! :D

I’ve not made any chibis in a while, so it’s been fun doing it again. Mega Manectric was a little tough working out how I’d manage its face from  the front, but it was worth it to have these three doggies together. :)

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‘we’re both teachers and all our students ship us’ + fs or huntingbird or both :)

“I think it’s cute,” Bobbi said, pouring herself another glass of wine. “The last time Hunter stopped by class, one of the first graders drew a picture of him as Darth Vadar.”

Jemma simply stared at the drawing. “But should I address this? It is the fifth drawing. This week. Really, I don’t know where the kids are getting these ideas. Fitz and I are just friends. And yes, he teaches the other kindergarten class. And sometimes we work together. And, you know, it really was smarter for us to carpool. And then, of course, I have to feed him from time to time or he’ll probably only eat complete and utter junk. Really, who else am I supposed to talk to on breaks or during recess duty? And, sure, his eyes are beautiful and he has a nice and symmetrical face. But. We are just friends. Coworkers.”

Bobbi nodded. “Yeah, I have no idea where the kids come up with these crazy ideas…” 

I’d sell my soul to hear another recorded track of Natasha singing.