Summary- In a post-apocalyptic world, Castiel Novak has been on his own for eight long years. He keeps a neat, orderly journal, records everything he does and everywhere he goes, but what lies beneath his cold mask is far from orderly. 

Dean Winchester was safe, one of the last survivors, when the Outpost he lived at burnt down. Now he’s alone in the huge, dangerous new world for the first time, not knowing where to go and what to do. 

Sam Campbell is immune to the infection - almost. As it slowly eats away at him and his life hangs in the balance between human and beast, he is taken under the wing of an older boy, who shows him for the first time that there is hope here. 

Note- just a teaser, anybody fancy me continuing it?


Prologue – Dreamer. 

Day 2920. 

Month 96. 

Year 8. 

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Just a little Cas and Freefall

Riders are raised with their mounts as kid and develop a sibling relationship with them. The mounts are still a possible danger to ‘civilized’ folks though and are considered nothing more than mindless monsters.  Riders tend to live a part from the rest of society because of this.


When you hanging with Bae

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