Okay imagine if you will. Dean Winchester bad boy of the school, horrible grades, smokes, one night stands, “straight”, bad ass car, maybe some arm tattoos. Then you have Castiel, A++ all around, “virgin”, nerd, always has random facts then Charlie, Cas’ best friend gets him to go to a party at megs house, and Meg is friends with Dean. So Cas ends up in the corner awkwardly and then Dean fucking Winchester comes around and it like “hey wanna get out of here?” And sweet “innocent” Cas is like blushing and stuttering then nods his head. They get back to deans and of course they’re gonna have sex and Cas just slams him against the door and deans all like “didn’t know you could be dom” and then Cas is like “didn’t know you’d be a sub” and then like Dean has handcuffs and like Cas’ spanks Dean a couple of times, there’s a cock ring involved and just yeah

Passing Notes.

Alright, this turned out kind of shitty and I wanted them to kiss but it didn’t quite feel right so I didn’t write it in. It’s short and it’s cheesy, but it’s mostly fluff. Cas’ notes are in italics and Dean’s are in apostrophes. Please don’t kill me if it sucks.

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Warnings: Jock!Dean, Nerd!Cas, High School AU, General Audiences Rating, Other Things I Can’t Think Of, Etc.

3.5k Words

Summary: It all started with a sweet note in Dean’s locker.

I think you’re wonderful.

It started with that, just like that. Sweet and simple and scrawled on a little piece of folded up paper. It fell right out of Dean’s locker one day, as though fate was dropping something at his feet, like the beginning of a trail to something, though Dean had no idea what.

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shhhhhhhh don’t think about hs!destiel sneaking into the janitors closet all breathless and stolen kisses as cas gets pushed up against the wall, clutching onto deans shoulders as he’s lifted into the air, lips never leaving deans in a frantic make out session thats so damn thrilling because honestly, the door is still a little open and if people peek hard enough they might be able to see cas on his knees….. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

This is the Destiel, summer camp!au, we never knew we had!!

In the hot summer of 1981, we follow two campers. Cas, a weird kid just trying to make some friends while he keeps his sexuality a secret; and Dean, a popular cheer leader who can’t stop staring at the pretty blue eyed boy who always reads out by the lake.

Wet hot American Summer - 2001

Now I want to see this as goody two shoes!Castiel getting really overwhelmed by hearing punk!dean praising him/confessing his love as they have sex for the first time. But of course, Dean being the fucker he is, has to go and ruin the moment by making fun of Cas. And Cas wants to be mad at him for being such an ass, but he also realizes that it’s just the dean he fell for and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chance Meetings in English Class


Castiel plopped down in his seat for English, only to look at the board and realize they were changing seating assignments. He looked at his new group members and internally groaned. Sure, the two girls in his group seemed like they’d work, but the other boy was Dean Winchester. Dean was on the football team and always showed up late to class. He was unlikely to do his share of the work, plus the girls would probably just try to flirt with him the whole time.

Castiel sat down in the back row of the pod with a sigh, now slightly dreading what used to be one of his favourite classes. Castiel mentally cursed as the two girls sat in the front two seats, leaving the last seat for Dean next to him.

Class was fine for the first five minutes. Then Dean walked into the room, looked at the new seating arrangements and found the only empty seat next to Castiel. Dean came in late every day, so their teacher didn’t even register him at this point. Castiel wondered how he managed to be late every day. English wasn’t even first period, it was second.

For the rest of the class, Castiel found himself being distracted by how surprisingly un-distracting Dean was. He didn’t constantly fidget or play on his phone as Castiel imagined. He just sat there, quietly listening. Every time Castiel tried to turn his attention back to the teacher, Dean’s hulking figure came back into mind.

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*sings aggressively*
love me tender, love me sweet, n͕̹̤̺̖̽͌e̙̯̥̖̯͊̑̍ͅv͈̤̝̬̌́̆̈̆e̖̓̽ř̩̯͎̖̱̔͐ͭͮͨ ͈̪̥̘͉̓ͨͦ̐ͣͩl͊e̪̹̣̣̯ͥt̋͋̒̅̏̅ ͓̙͔̞ͮ͂̚ͅm͖ͫ́͌̋̋̈́ͅe͔̰̬̒ g̣̣̱͐̃̆õ̗̤͇͈̖̲̩ͣ̔͂ͫ

I was inspired to write some destiel kisses by this amazing fanart by the very talented @vinnie-cha

“See, Cassie! This wasn’t so bad!” Balthazar called as a very drunk sorority girl dragged him past by the collar. Castiel glared at his best friend, the one who’d dragged him to this party in a very similar fashion to the way the girl was dragging Balth up the stairs.

He just wanted to go home…or, well, back to their dorm. He didn’t know anybody here, the beer was gross, and the music was some punk emo shit that had given him a headache before they’d even gotten through the door. He sighed heavily and took another sip of warm, gross beer.

He’d just decided to take off on his own when he heard the loud burst of laughter cut through the air, somehow drowning out the obnoxious music and the sickening sounds of couples macking. Well, that settled that. If he was right about whom that laugh belonged to (and Cas knew from personal experience that he was almost always right in regards to…this person) then he had to leave fast.

Cas set his beer down and started for the door, skirting around dancers and edging around couples. The door was in plain sight, and Cas prepared for the last burst of speed that would earn him freedom. Just as he took that first step, his path was suddenly cut off by an overly-enthusiastic couple slamming against the wall in front of him in a mess of lips and limbs.

“Whoa! Watch out there, Ash!” A deep voice called from right over Cas’s shoulder. Cas doubted Ash or the girl he was enthusiastically kissing heard the admonition. Cas heard it though. He groaned and dropped his head into his hands. A heavy arm slung itself over his shoulders, and Cas tried not to cringe inward. “You almost took Cas out!”

“Dean,” Cas groused.

“Heya, Cas!” Dean enthused, grinning at him. “Long time no see!”

Castiel rolled his eyes, “I can’t imagine why!” It’s not like Cas, a certified nerd and introvert, and Dean, the running back for their football team and everybody’s favorite person, ran in the same circles or anything. The only reason Dean knew Cas’s name was because Cas had tutored him the semester before.

“I can,” Dean announced suddenly. “It’s because you never come to these things.”

Cas heaved a long-suffering sigh. “Dean, why would I want to come to a party like this? I mean, look!” He gestured toward the couple who was still making out, right in front of them. “They don’t even like each other! In fact, I’m pretty sure they hate each other.”

Dean guffawed with laughter. “Aw, come on, Cas! We’re supposed to be young, carefree. Why not make a few questionable life choices along the way?”

“I’d rather not, thank you,” Cas replied primly.

Dean smirked devilishly. “Really, Cas? You’ve never,” he started closing in, “ever” he stared right into Cas’s bright blue eyes, “wanted to do that with someone?” His nose brushed against Cas’s, and Cas felt his breath hitch in his throat.

“Do what?” Cas murmured unsteadily, his pupils dilating as his gaze dropped to Dean’s mouth.

Dean smiled triumphantly. His tone kept dropping until it was low and hypnotic, hypnotic like his green, green eyes.

“Never wanted to push someone up against the wall,” he backed Cas up against the wall, one arm resting on the wall beside Cas, the other resting lightly at Cas’s waist. A distant part of Cas’s mind reminded him that they were right next to the other couple, but Cas suddenly found he could really care less about them, “Maybe kiss them until it hurts? Maybe kiss them until they listened and actually learned the difference between Hawthorne and Thoreau?”

Cas was so focused on Dean’s mouth, scant inches from his own, that he didn’t even bother answering that yes, Cas had imagined kissing some much-needed sense into Dean on more than one occasion. Dean seemed to know, though, even without Cas answering, because in the next moment, his mouth was on Cas’s.

Cas gasped, somehow shocked by the kiss even with all the buildup to it. Dean’s arms wound around Cas’s neck, one hand still gripping his beer bottle, the other stroking through Cas’s hair, as his mouth devoured Cas’s. Cas moaned as his own hands moved up to tangle in Dean’s hair and cup his stubbled cheek.

It was sloppy and slightly gross-tasting because of the gross beer. It definitely wasn’t the most coordinated kiss Cas had ever received, but it was still the best of any he’d ever had. Maybe cause it was Dean.


Cas shoved the library door open with his hip, nearly tripping over the lip of the door and dropping the pile of books he held. Two strong hands were suddenly there, catching his waist and steadying the books. Cas glanced up into beautiful green eyes, and he felt his breath leave him in a rush.

“Dean,” he finally choked out.

“Cas,” Dean greeted, his eyes narrow, scrutinizing Cas. “Been a little while.”

Cas’s gaze skittered to the side as he shifted his giant stack of books. “I’ve been busy,” he hedged.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” Dean corrected.

Cas let out a harsh laugh. “Why would you ever think that?”

He didn’t ask any of the other obvious questions that had been running through his mind on a loop since that night. Why would you even notice that someone like me is avoiding you? Why would you seek me out? Why would you press me up against a wall and kiss me so hungrily that I haven’t been able to think about anything else since?

Dean sighed, absently running a hand through his hair. Cas tried not to think about how that hair had felt under his fingertips.

“Because you’re scared,” Dean finally replied. “I pushed you outside of your perfect little box, and you got scared, and now you’re avoiding me.”

Cas rolled his eyes, despite the frantic pounding of his heart. “Dean, you shoved me up against a dirty wall at an overly crowded party and attacked. I don’t know who wouldn’t be a little scared by that.” He shifted his books again, trying to get a better hold on the stack.

Dean scowled. He shoved his finger in Cas’s face. “Don’t act like you didn’t like it! You were responding pretty enthusiastically, if I remember right.”

“Well, you did say that we’re entitled to a few mistakes at this age,” Cas replied dryly.

Dean was outright glaring at that point. “You don’t mean that. You can’t.”

“Is it really so hard to believe that someone would count kissing the mighty Dean Winchester as a mistake?” Cas taunted, rearranging his hold on the books. Dean growled frustratedly and reached out to pluck the books from Cas’s hold, setting the stack down on the wall beside them.

“Maybe it is, but you’re not someone who would think that,” Dean argued as he stepped closer.

“Really? So you presume to know what I think now?” Cas goaded.

Dean shoved right into his space, his mouth scant inches from Cas’s. “I know you a lot better than you think!”

Cas suddenly couldn’t make himself look away. How dare Dean talk to him like this, like he has some sort of right? He fisted a hand into the front of Dean’s green shirt, one hair moving into that soft hair that he’d been dreaming about for weeks. “You are infuriating, Dean Winchester!”

“Could say the same to you, Cas!” Dean growled back.

Cas wasn’t sure who moved first, him or Dean, but then their mouths were slamming together in an angry kiss. As their lips pressed together, Cas could feel the flames flicking between them, singing their lips, burning their very souls. Cas opened his mouth to Dean, granting the taller boy the contact they both wanted so very badly. Almost as if on cue, both of their lips slowed, the pressure lessening as the kiss morphed from an attack to a conversation, a gentle giving and receiving as their anger dissipated between their open mouths. 

Cas moaned. Dean froze for a split second, and Cas thought for one awful moment that he might leave, but then Dean’s arms were sliding around Cas, pulling him closer.

“God, I missed ya, Cas!” Dean groaned, his voice breathy and  wrecked, between kisses.

“Me too,” Cas whispered as he dove in for another kiss.


“Cas,” the plaintive voice called. Cas ignored it in favor of turning another page in his textbook. He had five pages left to read before lecture the next day.

“Caaaaaaaaasssss!” The voice called again. Cas ignored it again.

Cas heard the gentle padding of socked feet behind him, and then long, muscled arms were wrapping around his bare torso as an equally bare chest pressed against his back.

“Pay attention to me,” Dean pleaded as he pressed a soft kiss to Cas’s shoulder.

“No,” Cas replied ineffably.

“Cas,” Dean whispered, sucking his earlobe into his warm mouth. Cas tilted his head, pulling his ear out of reach, but Dean just took that as an invitation to kiss his way down Cas’s neck.

“You look so sexy with those glasses on,” Dean whispered. Cas snorted.

“Stop lying; it’s not going to get me back into bed with you any sooner.”

“Not lying,” Dean mumbled into the warm skin at the back of his neck. “Always so fucking sexy. How the hell did I get so lucky?”

Cas couldn’t ignore the flutter in his chest at those words. “I’m the lucky one,” he countered softly.

“Maybe we both got lucky when we found each other,” Dean suggested. he kissed the side of Cas’s neck again, sucking the pulse point into the heat of his mouth.

Cas chuckled, finally setting his book aside; he already knew the material. He spun around to face Dean and pressed a hungry kiss to his mouth. “Damn right we were.”


“Babe, have you seen my green flannel?” Dean called as he dug through the laundry pile. They still hadn’t managed to work out a system for washing, drying, and getting the clothes folded and put away. Everything somehow ended up in a giant pile at the end of their bed.

“I thought it was in the laundry pile,” Cas replied as he hurried into the bedroom in search of his tie.

“I guess I could just wear a t-shirt…” Dean muttered, but at a glance in the mirror, shook his head. “Cas, ya left my neck all marked up again!”

Cas grinned unrepentantly. “Are you really complaining about that? Because last night you said…”

“Okay, let’s not start…” Dean interrupted, but then Cas was at his back, burying his face into the skin of Dean’s neck and kissing at the bruises. Dean shook his head. “We’re gonna be late for work again!” When Cas didn’t respond, Dean tried to push him away. “Cas, stop that!”

“No!” Cas replied petulantly, sucking a new bruise into place.


Cas ran around the apartment, reshuffling the magazines on the coffee table, fluffing the flowers on the dining room table, checking the roast in the oven for the third time in five minutes. He had to make sure everything was perfect, everything in its place.

“Cas, baby, stop! Everything looks fine,” Dean assured him.

Cas threw him an annoyed glance. “Dean, this is my mother we’re talking about. Everything can’t just look fine, it needs to look great!” He suddenly stopped his anxious movements, running his hands through his hair instead. “God, I haven’t been this nervous since our first date.”

“Hey, hey,” Dean murmured soothingly as he pulled Cas into his arms. “There’s nothing to be nervous about. If anything, I should be nervous.”

“No, you shouldn’t be. You’re wonderful and perfect and everybody loves you. But mother…” He trailed off, his eyes going distant.

“Listen to me, baby,” Dean whispered. He took Cas’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, making sure he held Cas’s full attention. “She’s not gonna scare me away, okay? I’m here to stay.” He squeezed Cas’s waist. “You ain’t gettin rid of me that easily.”

Cas took a deep breath, his eyes wet. “Right,” he whispered. Just as Dean was about to pull away, Cas swooped in for a kiss, surprising Dean. “Thank you,” he whispered when they pulled apart.

“Anything for you, Babe,” Dean promised, stealing another quick kiss before Cas scurried off to check the bathroom “just one last time, Dean, I promise!”


Dean and Cas walked down the sidewalk, their hands gently swaying between them in the cool autumn air.

“I like your mom,” Cas announced suddenly. “She’s so sweet.”

Dean smirked as he pulled Cas to him, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “You’re real sweet, you know that?”

Cas giggled, humming contentedly. “Only when I’m with you,” he assured his boyfriend.

Dean thought of the ring in his pocket. He didn’t say anything just yet, since he wanted to ask Cas when they were down on the pier, but he couldn’t help but hope that, if what Cas said was true, then Cas would be sweet for ever and always.

Not Your Ordinary Cinderella Story - Part One - Fanfic inspired by this picture by linneart


Dean is the cool kid. Captain of the soccer team during fall, varsity football player during winter, and Little League baseball coach every spring and summer. He’s know school wide for being a jock, and a nerd, and most importantly, a womanizer. He’s sweet with the ladies, and goes on dates more often than not, yet the only one who really has his heart is Baby, his beautiful, sleek, smooth 67’ Impala.

He takes Sam to school every morning, despite him going to some fancy private school across town, but he loves to do it for him anyways. It gives him a reason to drive, and extra time to see his little brother before they’re whisked away to their own oasis of high school.

At first glance, nobody would even think someone like dean would like school so much, but he loved to go. It wasn’t for the classes, or for the girls, or to get good grades. He only wakes up every morning so he can see that one special person.

Dean doesn’t know his name. He’s not sure if he ever will. But he knows that he likes bees, and his eyes are brighter than the sky. He’s extremely, intelligent, and obviously the smartest person in the school, but he’s been homeschooled up until their junior year, when he first enrolled, so he doesn’t get a lot of the references that people say. He’s funny, awkwardly so, and it makes dean smile.

The only problem is, he’s never talked to this boy. He has eight classes, a full schedule this year, and the blue eyed boy only has three. Coincidentally, he has all three classes with Dean, and although that should make things easier, it doesn’t. Because his eyes are so incredibly blue and he can’t stop staring.

So he looks, and he looks, and eventually everyone notices his stares and they tease him, and suddenly it’s almost Christmas and they’ve been in school for months and he still hasn’t talked to him. This crush has been going on for way too long already, but he’s not gonna stop now.

One day, he notices something different.

Baby Blue is nervous for some reason. They’re in the middle of mythology with Deans uncle Bobby - sorry, Professor Singer, and he keeps tapping away with his pencil, constantly checking his phone like he’s waiting for something to pop up on the screen. Then, suddenly his pencil goes flying across three desks and it hits Dean, right in the neck.

“Ow! Fuck, that hurt…” Dean hisses, grabbing his neck. He looks down and glares at the pencil for causing him harm, not looking at Baby Blue anymore. When he looks up in the general direction of where his crush sits, he’s met with a face full of demon. She snatches the pencil out of his hands and hisses at him, smacking him in the head in the process.

“Ow! Meg, what the fuck?!” Dean hisses, trying not to get in trouble with his uncle, their teacher.

“Stay away from him, Winchester. You’ll only do him harm.” She mumbles, going back to her seat.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

“Cut the crap. I see you staring. We all do. Just turn away before somebody else gets hurt.” She hisses, whispering furiously. Dean just blushes and looks away.


Castiel Novak is a quiet boy. He follows every rule, he never disobeys, and he always listens. It’s been engraved in him since birth. Rebellion is bad, and only leads to sin. At least, that’s what his mother used to tell him. At the end of most teens sophomore year of high school, Castiel’s mother died in a car accident, and now him and his brothers and sister Anna, Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer live with their father, Chuck.

Now, chuck is a good man. Not super religious, but believes in the word of God. It helped save him from his alcoholism, anyways, and he would be forever grateful for that.

He’s been going to the local high school for two school years now. Junior year was hard. He didn’t like all of the people or the crowded hallways. The only real friend he had here was Meg, and sometimes she could be fishy as well. Right now it was just a few months into his senior year and it was hell. The only thing that made this all worth while was Dean Winchester.

He knows about Dean’s reputation. How he always has a different girl on his hips. What he doesn’t know, was how this…crush all started. He never really payed attention to his sexuality. He never had the right. It wasn’t gods will, but now all he can think of is Dean.

He started to dress better once he first saw him, in hopes of Dean noticing him. He can’t help but be like most girls that try to get his attention. But for some reason, he never could. Dean’s eyes never strayed his way, but he couldn’t help but hope. He did have three classes with him anyways.

Today he was wearing a light blue button up with a brown cardigan and his favorite pair of dark denim pants. It was after school, and he was going to Chess Club, running down the halls because he was already late when-

“Watch where you’re going!” Someone yelled, pushing him out of the way and into a nearby locker. His papers in the binder he was holding flew out, landing on the floor like he just walked through a hurricane. He looked up, finding none other than Alastair, and glared at him. He huffed, and reached down to pick up all of his papers quickly. He was late, and this confrontation was only wasting his time.

“Stupid, no good Novak!” Alastair hissed, making Castiel flinch, but he only kept running. He turned the corner, looking back quickly only to make sure Alastair and his goons weren’t following him when Castiel slips on a paper, falling right when he turns the corner and falls right into somebody’s arms. He reached blindly, grabbing onto what feels like a jacket to keep himself from slipping. His papers go flying once more, but this time it was all on him and there’s no one to blame. Castiel doesn’t notice how the other person immediately grabs onto his waist and shirt to balance the both of them, but he’s still greatful that they wouldn’t let him fall.

He looks up to thank his savior when his world comes to a screeching halt, because suddenly, all he sees is green. It’s brighter than the secret clearing in the forest he goes to. He’s the only one who knows about it, but somehow, the color is lighter than the grass that goes there. He can’t describe the color, but the soft specs of gold remind him of honey and bees and the sun on a spring day.

What Dean sees is blue. Blue brighter than the sky on the clearest day. Brighter that the lake he goes to in the middle of summer. There’s no way to describe the color, other than the fact that it looks like heaven.

They stay like that, until they realize that their mouths are an inch away from each other and their noses are practically touching. Cas blushes, his face’ color resembling a tomato and Dean realizes he lives the shade of red he goes, before remembering where he is and blushing too.

Then, he’s pulling out of Dean’s embrace, the bell ringing loudly above their heads. Cas scrambles, picking up his papers as fast as humanly possible and scrambles down the hallway. Dean pouts, his brows furrowing and lips parted. On his mind is something about personal space, but on the floor is a paper. A neat, pristine paper that his Baby Blue forgot to pick up in his hurry.

Dean picks up the paper, reading the name. He never knew it, and honestly never thought he had to, but the neat handwriting pulls him out of his thoughts.

Castiel James Novak
Period 7
Professor Singer
Final Draft

An essay. It’s an essay. He has to give it back to him. He can’t give it to Bobby, that would look suspicious. This paper is a quarter of their final grades and is due next Friday. He has to give this back to him.

And he will. He’ll knock on every goddamn door if he has to.


Summary: Sam asks Cas to tutor him one night. Cas agrees and gets much more out of it than he expected.

Words: 1.6k+

Jock!Sam x Nerd!Cas

Warnings: slightly NSFW (implied smut), angst (if you squint), mostly fluffy fluff

Notes: Look, Sastiel! Don’t get too excited, I wrote this because I needed practice and @teamfreewill-imagine conned me into it. Anyways this was harder for me to write because I don’t write Sam very well but I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you thought in the comments :)

Shoutout to @chucksangel for being my beta. You’re the real MVP.

Tagging: @teamfreewill-imagine @chucksangel @lennyways @lovin-ackles @waywardlullabies @deanwinchester-af @timelordsandhuntersin221b

Cas still couldn’t wrap his head around it. Why was he doing this again? Oh, that’s right. Because of a stupid crush. He felt like an idiot as he made his way towards his dorm. But why should he? After all, it wasn’t him that had gone to the most popular guy on campus for tutoring help. And in math, of all classes. No. It was all Sam Winchester’s fault. 

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anonymous asked:

Nerd!Cas and Jock!Dean chem partners At Cas' house workin on the project and Dean won't stop flirtin and he puts his hand on Cas' thigh, Cas gets all blushy and sucks Dean's cock so it's wet for his tight lil ass when Dean fucks him till he cant walk

Okay but like before the project was assigned, the only contact that they had was when Dean would wink at him from across the hallway or the room or wherever and Cas would blush a lot omg

And everyone knew what they did at Cas’s house because Cas is slightly limping the next day when he’s at school and he can’t help but grimace when he sits down omg I love it

Anonymous asked: (jock!dean & nerd!cas) Cas sending Dean one of those school anon flower valentines day things with a little personalized note (cough cough mean girls) but thinking he’s not going to notice his specially. Little does he know Dean sent one to him as well.

Castiel was staring at the bulletin board, his mouth dry and his heart hammering against his rib cage as he read the new announcement.

Valentine’s Day 2016 at Lawrence High

Anonymously send a rose with personal note to the one you desire, our cupid will deliver the message on Friday February 12th.’

There was more information about how and where to leave your message, but Castiel knew that he had to talk himself out of this horrible idea before he gave in. Because he was this close to actually doing it. This close to acting on his feelings, to throw caution to the wind. This close to finally doing something about his crush on the most popular guy in school.

“Hey, Cas!” A cheerful voice called his name from not too far away, and suddenly an arm was casually draped around his shoulder. “I can already tell what you’re thinking, and I think that you should go for it.”

Charlie Bradbury, Castiel’s best friend, was wiggling her eyebrows at him, nodding at the school’s special Valentine’s offer.

Castiel sighed, shaking his head. “It’s pointless, we both know that.”

“Oh come on, you won’t know for sure if you don’t try!” Charlie countered immediately, one of her hands ruffling Castiel’s hair. “And honestly, if I have to watch you pine after Dean Winchester for another year, I will end up needing therapy.”

“It is not funny.” Castiel grumbled, giving his friend a sideways glare.

“You’re right, it’s not.” Charlie agreed. “Therapy costs a fortune.

“Charlie!” Castiel warned, lightly smacking his friend’s arm as he continued to glower at her.

Charlie surrendered, holding up her hands, calling a truce.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry! I’m just saying, as a friend, that this is your chance, Cas. And it’s anonymous, so what do you have to lose, really?”

Castiel sighed, staring at the bulletin board again as he pondered that question.

“My sanity?” He offered after some time had passed.

Charlie shrugged. “Even better. If it doesn’t work out you can join me in therapy, maybe we’ll get a group discount.”

When Castiel reached out to reprimand her with another gentle slap to the arm, she moved out of the way before he could strike.

“Look, all I’m saying is, think about it. And before you start the whole he’s-popular-and-I’m-not argument again… It shouldn’t matter, as far as I know, Dean’s nice to everyone.” Charlie said, more serious now. “I gotta get to class, but I’ll see you at lunch, alright?”

Castiel muttered a goodbye in return when Charlie turned around and took off, feeling anxious as he considered the idea once more. The wise thing would be to forget about it altogether…


One week later, Castiel was deeply regretting the decision he’d made.

February 12th. He froze in his seat the second the door to the classroom opened in the middle of Math class. In walked Garth Fitzgerald, the janitor. Some students said that Garth wasn’t right in the noodle. When looking at him now, dressed in nothing but a giant white diaper with a pair of fake wings and a bow and arrow to match, Castiel suspected that they were right.

“I come bearing gifts.” Garth declared in a dramatic tone, holding up his right hand, the one that held at least fifteen red roses.

To make matters worse, of course it had to happen during the only class that Castiel shared with Dean. This was a scene taken directly from one of Castiel’s worst nightmares.

Garth was handing out roses here and there, and Castiel bit his lip, sinking lower in his chair, mortified. Jo Harvelle got one, and so did Victor Henriksen. Meg Masters got two, and Meg’s friend Ruby had scored three.

“Dean Winchester, six for you, the school record.” Garth whistled as he dumped the roses on Dean’s desk with an elegant hand gesture.

Dean frowned, green eyes narrowing. He looked sincerely surprised.

Castiel breathed out for the first time in what felt like ages, feeling a little defeated. Dean got six, of course. It wasn’t the first time that Castiel was reminded of just how doomed his infatuation with the guy truly was. He made up his mind there and then; he was never going to confess that one of those roses was his doing. Dean would never know that one of the messages came from Castiel, and everything would go back to normal.

“Castiel Novak, one for you.”

Castiel flinched when Garth’s voice was practically singing his name. Next thing he knew, a rose was placed on his desk. Almost all of Castiel’s classmates were staring at him, shock painted on their faces. Dean wasn’t one of them though, he was stiffly staring down at the roses on his own desk.

Garth had already moved on to another victim, and Castiel blinked at his rose, dumbstruck. There had to be some kind of misunderstanding. No one ever even paid attention to shy Castiel Novak with the dorky glasses.

Curious nonetheless, Castiel discreetly checked the card.

‘You’re awesome, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. PS: I think I could drown in your eyes, and I wouldn’t even mind if did.’

Castiel tried to hide a laugh. This had ‘Charlie’ written all over it. This was a typical case of Castiel’s best friend trying to make him feel better. He could appreciate the joke, and he was kind of thankful that she’d taken the time to make him feel like less of an outcast.

He decided to go find her as soon as class ended, so that he could thank her.


Charlie was at the library, using one of the school computers. Castiel grinned as he hugged her from behind, surprising her.

“Whoa, Cas. What was that for? You never hug unless it’s a matter of life or death.” Charlie accused as she turned her head, dragging her eyes away from the screen. “The last time you hugged me was back in kindergarten when my cat died.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. So perhaps she was right, but that was not the point.

“Very funny… I just wanted to thank you for getting me a rose, that was nice of you. The part about drowning in my eyes was impressive, especially considering that you’re not even into males.”

Charlie’s hands slid away from the keyboard, and she turned in her chair to stare up at Castiel, appearing to be completely clueless.

“Rose?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “That sure as hell wasn’t me… I sent you a friendship card, it should be waiting for you in the mail when you get home.”

There was no doubt that Charlie was speaking the truth; Castiel knew his friend well enough to detect when she was lying.

Castiel’s blood turned to ice. Someone had pranked him. Great. Predictable, but embarrassing all the same. Without thinking, Castiel rushed out of the library. He heard Charlie call after him, but he didn’t stop, aiming for some fresh air and some alone time instead…


It was chilly outside, even though the sun was struggling to break through the clouds. Castiel shivered as he took in the empty school yard. It wasn’t time for lunch break yet, which meant that he was alone. Perfect.

He made his way over to a group of trees, sitting down on a wooden bench that was still slightly damp. Putting down his bag, he took a deep breath. Now that he could think clearly, he realized that he was overreacting. It had simply been a prank, and whoever had pulled it, at least the message hadn’t included any mean or harmful words…


Castiel nearly fell off the bench at the sound of that voice, deep and warm, calling his name so casually.

“Hello…” Castiel mumbled as he looked up into troubled green eyes. “Dean.” He added in an even smaller voice when he realized that this was probably bad news.

Like this, Dean was towering over him, and Castiel felt the need to get up to his feet as well, so that they at least were on the same level. When he did just that, Dean was even closer, and Castiel took a tiny step back.

Did Dean know? Had someone found out about Castiel sending him that rose? Castiel felt sick to his stomach at the mere thought.

“Can I talk to you, Cas?”

For reasons unknown, Dean sounded nothing like the confident guy that Castiel knew, and it was a bit unsettling.

“I… Yes, I guess.” Castiel permitted helplessly, trapped by both those eyes and the intense look on that handsome face.

Dean nodded, but stayed silent for a brief amount of time, as if collecting his thoughts. Castiel shamelessly used that pause to count the freckles on Dean’s nose, until he caught himself in the act and swiftly averted his eyes.

“Look, I think this whole anonymous thing with the roses is one big load of crap.” Dean suddenly stated out of the blue, breaking the silence and making Castiel look up at him again. “I mean, why send someone a message if you’re not even gonna tell them it’s you, right? Besides, it’s weird and awkward…”

Oh no… Dean knew. It felt like Dean’s gaze was boring right into Castiel’s very soul, digging up all of the secrets that he’d tried to keep hidden for so long.

Castiel contemplated running away and hiding in a cave forever, or moving to the other side of the country. Anything, something to get away from Dean Winchester, as well as impending humiliation. But Castiel was not a coward, never had been. He stood a little straighter, squaring his shoulders, a confession on his lips, just waiting to spill out.

“I’m sorry, Dean…” He apologized, loud and clear. “Sending you that rose was stupid, I know it was irrational, and I should’ve known that it would make you uncomfortable. I wasn’t thinking…”

The dumbfounded expression on Dean’s face that followed after, was not what Castiel had anticipated. This entire conversation was getting more confusing by the minute.

You? No Cas, I was talking about me!” Dean blurted out, face turning pink. “I sent you a rose… I think you’re cute, and smart, and your eyes are just… they’re gorgeous, okay? That’s what I’m trying to tell you, because otherwise what even would the point be, huh?”

Dean was grinning sheepishly, one hand rubbing the back of his neck as he waited for Castiel to say something.

Castiel couldn’t believe what he was hearing, shocked that Dean even knew he existed, let alone that he’d taken an interest in Castiel.

“So did you… Was I the only one who got a rose from you?” Castiel eventually questioned, not knowing what else to say.

Dean put his hand over his heart in mock offense. “Of course! I think one Valentine’s date at a time is enough, don’t you.” He winked at Castiel, and Castiel was officially lost.

“Y-You want to ask me on a date, Dean?”

“Yeah, I do…” Dean replied with a grin. “But first, I wanna know which one of those six messages was yours.”

Again, Castiel was reminded of his competition, but he suddenly felt less nervous. This was Dean, captain of the football team, the popular kid, yet he seemed genuinely vulnerable when talking to Castiel. It made Castiel confident enough to tease him a little.

“How about you guess which one it was?” Castiel said, tilting his head as he challenged Dean.

Dean weighed his options, squinting at Castiel. “Okay… Do I get a bonus if I guess it right away?”

Castiel laughed at Dean’s obvious enthusiasm. “You’ll see.”

Again, Dean was staring at him, as if trying to lift the answer straight from Castiel’s mind. Castiel gladly took yet another opportunity to map Dean’s freckles.

“Ha!” Dean shouted triumphantly, almost making Castiel jump. “It was the message that compared my freckles to the constellations, wasn’t it!”


Lucky for Dean, Castiel wasn’t a sore loser. Dean had earned that bonus, fair and square. In a moment of extreme bravery, Castiel stood on his tiptoes and lightly kissed Dean on the lips. When Dean pulled him closer and started kissing him back, Castiel could tell that this was going to be the best Valentine’s day ever.


For @cocklesanddestieltrash, who wanted a nerd!Cas/jock!Dean.


Dean sat beside Cas at the back of the room in English and noticed something weird. The kid read everything the teacher assigned so quickly that his head spun. After what he assumed was a chapter, Cas took down pages of notes. But he wrote nothing down that the teacher wrote on the board. For a nerd, that’s strange, right?

And there was that one time in gym class when Luke, that dick, threw a baseball right at the kid’s head. Now as a baseball player himself, Dean knew that seeing the ball with the sun shining directly into your eyes was a bitch and nearly impossible. But it was a cloudy day, so Dean assumed it was because Cas wasn’t necessarily the most athletic guy around.

It wasn’t until he saw Cas walking down the hall towards him one day after school that he started putting things together.

While Dean knew that he and Cas weren’t the closest of friends, they were at least friendly. Cas was always nice enough to lend him his notes on the chapters he couldn’t read through because of practices or games.

So it was baffling when Cas spun so quickly on his heels that he ran smack into someone’s open locker door and promptly fell down, spilling everything in his hands.

“Shit! Cas! You alright, buddy?” Dean hurried over.

Cas sat up and grabbed at his head. He looked alright, just somewhat disoriented.


“Yeah, you didn’t see me? I was like five feet in front of you.” Dean chuckled out, as he started collecting Cas’ papers.

“Sorry, it’s just you looked like – I mean, I didn’t see you,” Cas mumbled out, taking his stuff from Dean. “Thank you.”

Dean furrowed his brows. He knew that Cas was about to say that he didn’t recognize him. He looked down and realized that he was wearing Luke’s camo jacket instead of his own worn down hunter green one. He must have taken it and put it on after baseball practice and not noticed. Well, it was a relief knowing that was the truth. He thought he was eating one too many pies because the jacket didn’t fit right.

But it clicked. It finally clicked.
Cas thought he was Luke from afar. And Luke, well, he was a downright ass to Cas. No wonder he turned around.

“Hey Cas, you free right now?” Dean asked, shoving his hands in his pocket.

Cas tilted his head. Dean groaned internally. For a teenage guy, Cas had absolutely no idea what being cool was. It was like he was aiming for adorable instead.

“Why, Dean?”

“I want to take you somewhere,” Dean spewed out, without even realizing what his words implied.

He got it when Cas turned bright pink under his gaze. The dark-haired boy lowered his blue eyes. “You mean…like a date?”

Now Dean wasn’t shy about his bisexuality at school. He knew that. He and Aaron did go out for like two weeks before calling quits. But it still wasn’t something he was completely comfortable with yet. At least not enough to tell his parents.

Dean brought a hand up to rub his neck. He really didn’t mean to ask Cas out.

Cas looked up at him, hesitantly, but expectantly under his lashes. And how had Dean not noticed how utterly cute this boy was?

Dean grinned, dropping his hand, to wrap both of them around Cas’ arms. He could feel his own cheeks warming.

“Yeah, Cas. A date.”

Cas returned his own glorious, gleeful smile. “I’d love to. I mean, I have to call my mother to let her know, but it should be fine.”

“Great,” Dean took the books from Cas and started walking towards the other boy’s locker. “There’s just one stop we gotta make before we go.”



“Yeah, Cas?”

“Why are we at the optometrist?”

Dean turned off the ignition to his dad’s black Impala. He turned to the slightly smaller boy sitting beside him with dread in his bright blue eyes.

“Because I know you can’t see. Clearly, at least,” Dean muttered, not wanting to scare off Cas.

“I can see.”

“Not at a distance. What’s that called again?” Dean questioned, squinting his green eyes.

“Near-sightedness,” Cas whispered.
Turning his face away from Dean. He sighed. “I know. It’s just…”


Cas mumbled something incoherent.

“What was that?”

Cas sighed again. “I don’t want to be more of a nerd than I already am.”

Dean sat in slight shock before he burst into a hearty laugh. That earned him a punch in the arm.

“It’s not funny, Dean,” Cas shouted over the laugh, frowning at him.

Dean’s laugh subsided. “Oh, babe. That was too good.”

Dean was clearly on a roll today for saying things before thinking. But he can’t say he didn’t like the reaction.

Cas blushed again from the term of endearment.

Dean sighed and quickly got out of the car. He walked over to the other side and pulled open the passenger door. He stuck out his hand. “Hey, if anything, you’ll just be a cute nerd with glasses, okay?”

Dean later found out for himself how true his words were when he couldn’t keep his lips off his boyfriend every time the boy looked up at him from behind his thick black frames.

omg I’m so emotional over dean and cas being both marvel nerds, and when they’re watching captain america together, dean says something like, “goddamn scarlett is hot”, and cas just nods and then they watch another scene of steve fighting and dean’s licking and biting his lips and mutters, “fucking hell steve looks so good fighting and don’t even let me get started on how he looks in that goddamn uniform fuck” and cas spins his head around to look at him wide-eyed and it’s then that dean realises he’s said that out loud and he starts blushing and is really embarrassed, and cas’ expression softens, smiling a little and taking dean’s hand, and he mumbles, “I agree, dean”