GYM Accessory bag + Deco.

UNISEX Accessory.

  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Teen, Adult, Elder.
  • Low Poly: Vertices - 428, Poly - 304.
  • There’s two versions available: Left & Right. Both under Rings, both uses the space texture of both bracelets.
  • EA mesh edit.
  • Follows the trace of the hand, therefore accommodates to the sim’s body shape.

Deco bags (Wall decoration & Clutter).

  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Under Sculptures.
  • Can be found by searching GYM.
  • Lowish Poly: Vertices - 965, Poly - 928.
  • Beautiful gym bag with cute & very necessary goodies inside: A pair of towels, clothes, shampoo and a soap. Random variations inside.
  • Sellable in stores. (because.. why not!)
  • Unlocked.
  • Requires bb.moveobjects to be placed over shelfs.

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Merged Collection available.

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In Civil War we’re going to get to see:

  • The Russo brothers’ version aka the best version of characters we love like Cap and Natasha
  • The Russo brothers’ characterization for the first time of other characters we love like Clint Barton and Tony Stark
  • Black Panther
  • Steve at Peggy’s funeral
  • Steve and Tony recruiting people to be on their side
  • Steve and Tony actually fighting each other aka an actual payoff of all the arguments they’ve had in the other Avengers movies
  • Wanda getting over the loss of her brother
  • Wanda learning how much power she has and how to control it
  • Steve and Sam’s bromance
  • Steve/Bucky reunion
  • Steve fighting to keep Bucky safe and get him back
  • Clint and Natasha having to decide if they’re sticking together or leaving each other to go on different sides
  • Vision
  • Steve and Natasha co-leading the new Avengers team

In other words just arrange my funeral now.

continued rant about solas after haven

And you know what else? People keep talking about that scene after Haven when Solas struts up to the veil torch and lights it. And the fandom is so busy gushing over his switching hips that they can’t see he’s tricking us.

I guess the trick worked.

I think Solas was given the switch animation during that particular scene because he is tricking us. There is no “this is where we see the real Solas.” Solas was himself all along. He is always proud and wise and blunt. He always acts like an ancient elven god, and if we can’t see what he truly is, it isn’t because he succeeded in hiding.

Sometimes I think Lavellan saw the truth. She is given some pretty curious lines throughout the game. “Solas, whatever you’re looking for, we can find it together.” (during the break up scene). “Who are your people, Solas?” (if Briala is exiled). “You’ve been to court before?” (after Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts).  

Lavellan is on to Solas. And not because he’s a great actor. Solas told a story about being a hobo apostate, and then proceeded to act like an ancient being who disdains everything about the modern world. He constantly uses phrases like “this age,” and his constant excuse is “I saw it the Fade.” Meanwhile, no one challenges the Fade excuse but for Cassandra and Iron Bull, who are also on to him.

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Michael hanging upside down from random places bc he wants to recreate that kiss from Spiderman with you. But you say no and he keeps bugging you till you eventually give in, fulfilling his nerd fantasy.

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whats twist and shout?

It’s a fanfic that keeps being passed around the fandom. Destiel(ish), 1960s, war draft, some other mess. There’s a major character death. Everyone cries. The end.

Don’t read it. And I know by telling you not to read it, you’ll probably read it. And I’m so sorry.


“I’m telling you Cas, it was Y/N,” Dean said, slamming down his gear. It echoed with a metallic clang in the high ceiling of the bunker.

“That’s not possible,” Cas protested again. “Why would you say that, Dean? You know very well what happened…” Cas turned away, hiding the shadow that passed over his face.

Sam stepped forward. “I don’t know how it’s possible, but we’re not lying. We followed Y/N for a day and a half. You have to believe us,” Sam pleaded. “It was Y/N. Well… as far as we could tell.”

Cas turned back to face the brothers and studied Sam’s face. It was sincere and honest, his eyes still pleading. Cas’ brow furrowed. “Where?”

“We’ll take you,” Dean said. “But don’t get your hopes up, Cas. This has to be too good to be true.”

Cas clenched his jaw and felt a twist in his stomach at Dean’s words. He knew he was right.

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having nerdy luke feels

Omg can you imagine nerdy boyfriend Luke though? He’d always make sure he got to class early so he could save a seat for you and smile and wave excitedly when you walk in and point at the seat he saved and pecks your cheek and he’d be so cute and giggly when he tells you how beautiful you look even though you know you had 2 hours of sleep last night trying to get homework done and Luke pulls you into a hug and let’s you take a little nap on his shoulder until the teacher walks in and he scribbles little notes in the corner of your notebook during class like a “you’re so cute” or just a messy little heart and you look up at him and his cheeks are pink and and he giggles at you when you poke his dimples and he walks you home after school, holding your books for you and then stays over so he can help you study but you carried away by the way he bites his lip while focusing on that sum in maths and you guys end up making out omg I HATE THIS