Join Jensen Ackles at Nerd Machine HQ 2015

Schedule - Sunday July 12th

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard.

Where is it:? The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. 

How much are tickets? $22 each. 

How many seats? 200 seats. 

How many tickets can I buy? 2 tickets per panel per order. You can order multiple panels at once (though if you really want a panel, buy that one first). Multiple orders are allowed. 

All proceeds go to @operationsmile 

Tickets will go on sale at 6am PDT Thursday, July 2. We will release 4 panels every 15 minutes.


I’ve mentioned this before but if you missed it, I’m a new ambassador for Trio the app, which is an app to make mashups of videos, pictures, gifs & music! It’s actually a ton of fun and allows you to be creative with your mashups!! Download the app using this link and follow me @ Bookbaristas 💕 I’ll follow you back!
TableTop: Legendary with Allie Brosh, Brea Grant, and Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach | Geek and Sundry
This episode is destined to be — wait for it — legendary. This time around on TableTop, Mark Fischbach (a.k.a Markiplier), Allie Brosh, and Brea Grant join Wil Wheaton in the well-designed and incredibly fun to play deck-building game, Legendary. In this Marvel Comics themed deck-building game, players recruit hero cards to build a deck capable of bringing down a Mastermind villain. Players start off with generic S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who provide the basic attack and resource points needed to recruit new heroes and build a stronger deck. Players must battle villains and henchmen, revealed at the start of each player's turn, and eventually engage and defeat the Mastermind before their nefarious scheme succeeds if the heroes hope to win. In this episode, Wil, Allie, Brea, and Mark play cooperatively in order to bring down Red Skull, who's plotting to unleash the power of the Cosmic Cube. Who will be the star of their own comic and which puny god will be pounded in to the ground? Find out