Thwip Thursday ❤️🕷 Pardon any silence lately on my social media. Been going through a lot and now I’m preparing for @comic_fest_aguada_con in Puerto Rico! I’ll be back to posting regularly soon 💕 #Spiderman #spidey #gwenstacy #marvel #thwipthursday #tbt #throwback #comics #cosplay #cosplaygirl #puertorico #aguadacon #comiccon #girlswithtattoos #nerd #geek #holidays #december #spandex #nmj #nicolemariejean #california #sandiego #curves #peterparker #avengers

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12 Ingenious Ways To Turn Old Kitchen Utensils Into Stylish Home Items
One day your old kitchen utensils can come handy so while you are cleaning out your drawers, wardrobes and shelves, don\\'t throw away all the stuff. Let\\'s reuse them for another purpose! Check out a list of creative ideas that will give you some inspiration in finding new uses for old cutlery and crockery! A lamp Let\\'s transform an...

Hades with glasses xD
whenever Rotty mentioned Hades in his lab, I imagine him to me with nerd glasses. But then I realize that he is a God and shouldn’t have eye problems.
But in the Rotty chat on kik someone said that there are glasses for tired eyes if one stares too long on a screen (which have then probably also no strength). And that could be a reason why he is wearing glasses, right? :D

Pisces & Scorpio
  • Pisces, doing some ninja shit in thier bedroom:
  • Scorpio, busts open Pisces's door: Hey weirdo I'm here to take you outside and get some-
  • Pisces, hitting that Kakashi level shit:
  • Scorpio, staring:
  • Pisces:
  • Scorpio, points: The door
  • Pisces, ninja runs out thier room:
Peaky Blinders Ikea | M D M
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By Threadless

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It’s been a pretty busy week for all of us hasn’t it? Studying for Finals, working that part-time job, or even both.  Then again some of us are just workaholics, and we’re mentally and physically tired from work.  But no matter the situation we have the holidays to look forward to, so let’s keep our heads high and sprint to the finish line.  I’ll be at the end waiting and rooting for you!  (most likely with comfort food, and some hot chocolate) ☕☕☕