Call of repentance || Part II

Part I

Summary: reader is a member of the Golden Path. Under Amita’s command you have to sneak to the Royal Palace to kill Pagan Min. But when you’re about to fulfill your mission, you find youself unable to – under charm of king Min, you decide to switch the path and stand by the side of the Royal Army, becoming one of the leaders.

Word Count: 2211

Warnings: strong language

A/N: Part 2 of the story.

Author: Rouge

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Unexpected feelings

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Hey! I was wondering if you Maybe can do a Remus x Reader, and the Reader is a female in Slytherin, how they met, and fall in love, but Remus ignores the Reader for his furry problem… X (I love you’re blog)

You left the library after a long study session on Wednesday afternoon, but no matter how sleepy you were, you couldn’t ignore the noises that you heard. The laughter and the shouting was clear when you went closer, and after you arrived to the corridor on your left, you saw: a boy in green and silver striped tie hanging upside down int he air, surrounded by four guys – the marauders, of course. The Slytherin boy was younger than you, probably second or third year.

You hurried closer to them, eyebrows furrowed but your voice was still calm. „Let him go.”

They all turned around. „Why should I?” – Potter asked with an amused face.

„Firstly, because he’s a kid and you shouldn’t humiliate him anyway. Secondly, because if you don’t, I’ll hex you all through the whole corridor.” – You said, pointing your wand at them.  

Peter looked unconfortable, but Sirius and James just grinned wildly. „Yeah, I’m really afraid. There’s four of us, you see.”

„Oh, really, I almost forgot you only pick up on people if you’re with your friends. Is that what you Gryffindors call bravery?”

James stopped smiling. „Look, I don’t want to hurt you. Just go away.”

„I’ll go if you let him.” You glanced at the boy who still was in the air.

The next few things happened really fast. Remus has started to walking between you and James, but it was so sudden you pointed your wand at him and yelled, „Petrificus Totalus!”. As he reached the ground, James let the boy who landed with a big thud, whilst his curse missed you by inches. You missed your next to, but hit Sirius who slammed into the nearest wall – in the moment when Filch arrived.  

You were standing in McGonagall’s office with the marauders on your right side, and with Professor Slughorn on the other. You already told him you just tried to save a younger student, but since you stunned somebody, you knew you’ll get punishment too.

„Twenty points from each of you, boys. And from Slytherin as well, Miss Y/L/N.” – McGonagall said after she ended his lecture. Slughorn let out an almost unaudiable whimper.

„You can also join to Hagrid on Saturday afternoon, three o’clock for detention. You may leave now.”

You stormed out before any of the boys could say anything to you; it will be more than enough to spend your weekend with them anyway.

„Alright, we can go two by two. Peter, you come with me. Sirius, you go with Remus, and Y/N and James.” – Hagrid said after he told you what kind of roots you have to pick up in the Forbidden Forest.

„I rather go alone then with him.” – you said, arms crossed. Before James could respond something, Hagrid spoke up.

„Oh, alright, you go with Remus, then. Send red sparks up if you got lost or there’s something wrong. Otherwise, we’ll meet two hours later. Stay on the road.”

You exchanged a last, sniffy look with James before you got separated.

„I hope you won’t stun me again.” – Remus said jokingly as there was just the two of you. You gave him a clear fake smile, but said nothing. You didn’t came here to make friends, especially with them. You kept walking and glean the roots in silence, talking only when it was necessary.

A half an hour passed when you didn’t have any other choice but talk to him. As you leaned down to the ground, you sensed a huge (at least it was for you) spider on your left shoulder. Slowly, you straightened up, not looking away from your shoulder. You called after Lupin with muffled scream, who was close to you, next to a big tree.

„Help me!”

He turned over with furrowed brows, walking closer to you as searching what’s wrong. „Umm… yes?”

You glanced on your shoulder again with clenched teeth. After he saw the spider, he tried to suppress a laugh. „Erm, okay.” He reached his hand out, taking off the tiny spider from you. It was still on his palm when you finally let out your breath, avoiding his eyes because of the embarrassment.

„It’s cute.” – he said in amusement, reaching his hand closer to you. „Want to keep it?”

You took a big step back. „If you don’t kill it or throw it away from me I’ll stun or hex you again.”

„Then who will save you from these frightening beasts?” – he asked, placing the spider on the ground.

„Very funny, really.” – you said sarcastically. – „You don’t afraid of anything?”

„Everybody is afraid of something.”

„Stop laughing at me, then.”

After this little incident you spent your time in a better mood. You talked a lot, and you had to realize he’s nearly not as bad as you thought. He’s actually a nice person. And really funny. And handsome even. No, he’s not, you tried to argue with yourself. It seemed as he has the quiet similar thoughts.

„You know, I’m surprised. I didn’t think that you’re kind.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him. „You thought I am an evil, selfish bitch?” He stopped, looking at you with widened eyes.

„No, no, that’s not what I meant.” The way he tried to save himself make you grinning. „I just thought you don’t like me and my friends.”

„Well, I don’t like you.”

„That’s too bad, because I like you.” – he said with a smile, and you smiled back, but rolled your eyes at him as you continued your walk.

The wind started blowing, and you only had a light sweatshirt on. You pulled your sleeves on your palm as much as you could, when you saw Remus started to take off his sweater.

„Thank you, but I’m fine.” – you said quickly as he reached out his hand with the piece of grey clothing. „Really.”

„Stop being so stubborn.” He stepped closer to you, forcing his sweater on you and you couldn’t suppress a giggle. After he was done, he fixed your disheveled hair, and suddenly, the air doesn’t seem so cold anymore.

 You turned your head away from him in a hope he didn’t see you blushing. „Thank you.”

„Blimey, we’re wandering there for almost three hours. We should go back.”

You found Hagrid at the edge of the forest who was already worried to death because of your disappearance, but calmed down when saw you. On the way back to the castle you walked slowly; it almost felt like none of you wanted to left the other. Of course, none of you said that out loud. Still, you reached the entrance too quickly.

As you stopped and started to pull off the sweater, Remus grabbed your wrist gently. „You can keep it, it’s okay if you’ll give back next week.” He smiled at you before you made your way to your common room.

With Remus’ sweater still on you, you fetched some parchment and your quill to write your Charms essay, but twenty minutes later you knew it’s hopeless; you were just too tired. You grabbed your textbook to read your notes and jumped down on your bed, but the scent of Lupin didn’t let you to concentrate at all. Still, you wanted to keep it on yourself. It smelled so nice, something like autumn forest and chocolate, with a light hint of men’s cologne. It made you so relaxed you simply fell asleep.

A week passed, and you didn’t meet with Remus. You had some classes together, but he didn’t show up, and you couldn’t see him at the Great Hall neither. You had a free period on friday morning, so you spend it in the courtyard with your friends, chatting about little things when you saw Remus nerby, reading with his back against a tree. You excused yourself and walked down to him.

“Hi Y/N!” He closed his book and you sat down next to him, realizing how sick his apperance was. His skin was grey and there were dark circles under his eyes, and looked so tired and sleepy like he didn’t sleep in weeks. Even his voice was weak.

“Is everything alright? I was looking for you all week… I mean, I wanted to gave back your sweater.”

“I just didn’t felt so good but I’m okay.”

It was so obvious he was lying, but you didn’t push him. You glanced down on his lap where he held the book.

“What are you reading?”

“It’s The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.”

You frowned. “Is that some kind of muggle thing?”

“Don’t look at me like this, it’s actually really good. You should read it.” - he said, handing the book to you.

“If you keep giving me your stuff I’ll never get rid of you.”

“At least I’ll always have a reason to talk to you.” 

You laughed and rolled your eyes, trying to look cool whilst inside you were screaming from happiness. “Okay, I have to go because I have a class soon. See you.”

In the following month you spoke a lot in your free time, and even sat next to each other if you had classes together. You couldn’t deny anymore that you liked him; your feelings for him started to being too serious. It was also obvious he felt something for you too, but in the last few days he was avoiding you. Trying to find a reason to talk to him again, you stopped him at the corridor while he was with Lily Evans.

“I just had a time to read your book finally, can we meet later today so I can give you back.” 

He hesitated, but finally spoke up. “Yeah, okay.” 

“Meet me at the entrance hall then, after dinner.” You said with a smile and he just nodded.

“She seems so nice.” - Lily said after you left them. “Will you ever ask her out?”

Remus shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why? She clearly likes you too.” 

He stopped, looking sadly in Lily’s eyes. “You know why.”

She took a deep breath before she said, “Remus, I love you, but sometimes you’re so stupid. When will you learn that if somebody likes you, they won’t care about.. your ‘furry little problem’?”

“Did you just quote James?”

“No, I definitely didn’t.” - she denied. “And don’t switch the topic. She likes you, do something about it.”

You fetched the book after dinner and headed back to the hall to meet Remus who was already there. He looked sickly again.

The hallway was empty, so you sat down on the staircase. “Honestly I just started to reading it yesterday afternoon, but it was so good I had to finish it. I really liked it. Muggles have a wild imagination.” - you added and he smiled, looking at you with so much interest.

“I didn’t know you like reading so much.”

“You didn’t think I can be nice, you didn’t think I like reading.. you honestly thought I am horrible person, right?” - you asked with a faked resentful tone.

“No, I don’t..” - he started, but shook his head, laughing. “Nevermind, you’re unbelievable.”

“I know I am.” And your gaze was linked, and this time none of you break the eye contact, until he glanced down on your lips.

You leaned closer with tilted head, so close your faces already touched. You waited for him to close the tiny gap between you as his hot breath tickled your face, but he hesitated. As you licked your lips, he let out a small, shaky breath, but still didn’t move.

“You don’t want to kiss me?” - you asked against his lips.

“I do.”

So you attached your lips to his, giving him an open mouthed kiss. He responded immediately, holding your face with one of his hand, his tounge dancing around your lips before you let him in for a deeper pleasure. It lasted so long, but felt just not enough when he pulled away.

“We.. shouldn’t..” He avoided your eyes.

“What are you talking about? Why?” He didn’t answer, so you went on. “Don’t say you don’t have feelings for me, because I know you do.”

“I do.” He whispered, staring the ground. 

“So? What is it, then? I won’t give up until I’ll know the answer, so…” 

“I am a werewolf.” You opened and closed your mouth several times, but couldn’t say anything. Everything makes sense now, of course. You didn’t know what to say, so he quickly jumped up. “You would better off without me.”

You stopped in front of him so he couldn’t go away. “Don’t stay that.”

“You deserve so much more better than me. I’m not good enough for you.” He looked away, but you cupped his face so you could look him in the eye - they looked so hurt. 

“I want to be with you, okay? Don’t shut me out.” You kissed him again, gently, but he quickly pulled away and made his way up to the tower. You didn’t follow him.

He skipped his class again in the next day. You didn’t want just let him go like this, so on the afternoon, you went up to the Gryffindor tower, waiting for somebody who could let you in. Unfortunately, it seemed nobody wants to come in or out, so half an hour passed before you met somebody - James and Sirius. 

“I want to speak with Remus.” - you said quickly, and they exhanged a puzzled look.

“He’s not feeling well.” James said, already turning away from you.

“I know he is werewolf. Please.” They looked at each other again, and now James’ voice was friendlier.

“Okay, then. But he really isn’t well.”

They let you in to the common room and up to the boys’ dormitory, shoving which is their dorm. As you stepped in, you almost thought Remus isn’t there, but then you saw him: under a huge blanket, probably sleeping 

With your heart is in your throat, you walked closer and sat down on the edge of the bed. He was so wrapped in the blanket you couldn’t even see his nose. You ran through your fingers between his locks, and he opened his eyes, spoke up with a tired, low voice. 

“What are you doing here?”

“Why, you honestly thought you can get rid of me so easily?” You smiled, also afraid he’ll send you away again, but he lifted up his blanket. 

“Come here, please.”

You crawled next to him and he immediately pulled you closer, hugging you like never want to let you. The familiar scent of the autumn forest and chocolate filled your nose as you snuggled up to him, burrying your face in the crook of his neck.

“You are so warm.” - you murmured as you interwined your legs with his. He pressed his cheek to your forehead, and you could felt and heard his heavy breath. “Does it… hurt?”

“No. I’m just.. exhausted. I feel like I was running for days and now my body can’t rest.”

You cleared your throat to prevent yourself from crying. “I’m here for you, okay?”

He pulled you closer, if it was still possible. “Thank you. You’re so good to me.”

“Do you need anything else?” - you asked, and his grip around you became a little bit tighter.

“No. Just you in my arms, really.” He mumbled with a weak smile. You didn’t mind it at all; being in his arms was wonderful.


EXO Reaction-Kissing someone else...

Hey guys!  Our latest reaction has over 200+ likes and re blogs and that makes me smile so much!  I can’t thank you all enough for home much love you guys gave it!  Thanks a million, check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.  Here is the first of today’ reactions!

Latest reaction——>  BTS Birthday Presents

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Xiumin:  He would catch a glimps of it on the tv nerby and turn and watch the scene, wondering why you didn’t tell him that you had a huge kissing part with someone that isn’t him.

Luhan:  He was prepared to see the scene since you had told him about it.  When he saw it, he was amazed at how much passion was in the kiss, making him jealous.

Kris:  When you first told him about it, he didn’t really care because he knows hes your number one.  However when he saw the kiss he was surprised to see how jealous it made him feel.

Suho:  He would be dissapointed you didn’t feel like you could tell him you had a kiss scene with another actor.  He would change the channel and not watch it until he gave you a chance to explain first.

Lay:  You had decided to not tell Lay about your kissing scene hoping that he wouldn’t see it.  While out and about, he sees the scene and second guesses weather it is you or not.  When he sees its you he is beyond shocked.

Baekhyun:  You had told him ahead of time so he was prepared to see the show later with the boys.  During an interview with the band, the clip was played and he was shocked about everyone seeing your kiss without him seeing it in private first.

Chen:  He would be watching the show supporting you with all his band mates when your scene comes on.  You hadn’t told him about it yet so when the members started to tease him, he didn’t find it funny.

Chanyeol:  Even though you had told him several times that you had an intense kissing scene in the show, he would react like you hadn’t told him.  He would be confused as to why you acted wish such passion, that it would shock him.

DO:  Instead of being angey about it, he would be upset to see you kiss another man.  Even though he knows its not real, he would still be sad at the thought of you kissing someone that wasn’t him.  

Tao:  When he saw your kissing scene, this panda would be so surprised that he would watch it over and over again to make sure that it is really you before he decides to talk to you about it.

Kai:  Even though you had mentioned to him that you had a kissing scence in the show, when he saw it he wouldn’t remeber that you had told him.  He would sit there wondering how many takes you guys did.

Sehun:  You had chosse not to tell him that you had a huge kissing scene.  You watched the show together and when the scene came on you saw him look at you all confused wondering why you didn’t tell him.

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Hey guys!
Just thinking that if lance and pidge dab with voltron and the population of the planete nerby see them… It could (like in ungergames ) be the simbol of voltron … I think is funny because now alien who belive in voltron will now dab XD


The Pokemon world is full of horrors. Another commissioned set of crossbreeds for a Pokemon enthusiast!

Merciless: Eelektross + Shiny Swalot

+ Constantly Ravenous, must be fed often. + High probability of attacking trainer when let out of PokeBall. + Ability to follow orders severely hampered by constant hunger

Mass Shock: Eelektross + Reuniclus

+ Competitive nature of individuals prevents creation of “mass Intelligence”. + Gains consciousness within days of gestation. + Psychic and electric forces obliterates body of the mother. + Will consume each other until not enough remain to sustain protective womb.

Opulent Pill: Shiny Reuniclus + Shiny Gardevoir

+ Psychic power affects fertility in nerby humans and Pokmeon. + Exposure over 20 seconds within 50 feet results in sterility. + Pronounced neoteny at all stages of development. + Sterile.

A walk in the woods (closed rp with Teatrolls)

Your name is Goliat Madret and you are carrying a smaller version of your own Lusus into the woods, your own Lusus walking close behind you. As always, he dragged one of his own species in, to care for it. You wanted to set your lusus free, but he would always come back to you. 
Well, now it was an almost monthly tast for you, to walk into the woods with an arm full of Gargoyle cubs, to set them into a nerby cave or bush. This time, there was somethinf different tho, your lussus wasnt moving from your side, as he always would do. 

coorublue  asked:

Skye and Max- 7, 13, 15) Nerby-2)

7) What are their religious beliefs? - Skye and Max
They are both agnostic

13) What are they proudest of? - Skye and Max
Skye is really prideful about his hair. He spends way too much time grooming himself.

Max … I actually have no idea. Still have to write his backstory. Just yell at me a lot and I’ll do it at some point.

15) What do they most often dream about? - Skye and Max
Well, after Agnes is dead Skye dreams about her a lot (mostly nightmares of Kyle killing her or whatever) but before that he just dreamt about random stuff, nothing recurring.

2) What’s their favorite color - Nerby

Ask me questions about my OCs

Tonight During our D&D Session
  • The Dragonborn was called lizard three (3) times.
  • When the Paladin used Divine Sense to search for Fiends, the Sorcerer asked “Does that spell detect fiendishly good looking sorcerers as well?”
  • The Barbarian said “I can’t hit a magic line or bad feelings with my axe. Point me to something I can hit with my axe.” The Dragonborn pointed at the Sorcerer.
  • The words “Fondling the fire elemental is NOT going to do anything” were used in complete seriousness, spoken by our Rogue to our Sorcerer who was ready to summon Mage Hand to ‘create a distraction’.
  • The Sorcerer went unconscious. The Rogue, upon failing his medicine check to stabilize him, instead opted to hit him in the face with some raw bacon he had purchased earlier ‘for just such an occasion’. 
  • Mr. Wilson was ordered to ‘do the sprinkler dance’ while he was being held by the Dragonborn. He narrowly made the strength save to hold on to the vigorously dancing mini-golemn and not drop him and create a noise that would alert nerby enemies to their presence.
  • The Sorcerer called their group ‘Team Ronin’ (Named after himself) fourteen (14) times. The Rogue is totally on board. Nobody else is.
  • “Oh my god that’s the first thing I’ve killed!” - “No you killed three people simultaneously for your ‘first kill’, remember?” - “Oh yeah…nevermind dead guy, you’re actually not that special to me.”
  • The Sorcerer allowed himself to become posessed by the soul of a powerful, vengeful, Druidic Clan Chief. He sealed the deal with the phrase ‘FUCK YEAH LETS BURN SOME SHIT’ and then added in a very gentle, calm voice ‘together’. 

anonymous asked:

One time me and my boy went on a romantic walk to the woods nerby my neighbourhood. As we were passing by I asked if we could stray from a way a little, cause my nasty nature was getting over me. We made a few steps and soon after that I started kissing him and rubbing his dick, which was getting really hard and juicy. A few minutes later, after a little blowjob, we already had our pants down, together with his penis heading down my pussy. Funny to think that someone could actually see us... ~N

the-perverted-serial-eggplant  asked:

( vampire vincent hue hue XD ) vincent smirked watching the night for a meal or two maybe a little women to play with as well . he smirked spying a white haired female an dlicked his lips hungrly

Unfortunately, or maybe not, she wasn’t alone, walking along the path with what seemed to be a couple of guards. It looked like they were heading for the nerby town, however, possibly to stop for the night.

Closed Started: @i-think-i-win

Evan had just moved to a new appartment and he was looking for a coffee shop with free wi-fi that was nerby is new home. Which so far wasn’t all that settled and he needed to use is laptop to work so his plans were to camp in a coffee shop and drink as much coffee as he could. He founds one at the end of his new street and decides to enter.

Once inside he goes to wait in line so he could order himself a coffee and some food and grab one of the tables close to the wall.

(closed RP) ZOEY//IDOL

Zoey was walking in the Woods the nice Wood the one she really liked there were a highshool nerby but she didnt really think about it but today she did there was an awfull sound coming from there and she wanted to look at it.

she walked the way she used to and she herd a strange sound someone was walking “whos there, show youself” she scanne the Wood.