neraid replied to your post:rec me fics? Dean/cas (SFB only) kirk/spock …

bloom (assbuttsinlove) Carry on (tamryneradani???) Not Part of the Plan Series (scaramouche) Strippers and Assassins verse (comtessedebussy) Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) (kototyph) these are all on ao3. have fun!

Thank you!

Do you know if these are SFB? (I know ‘Shut Up’ is, have already read it~)

Carry On is NSFB, cannot read it.

NPotP is still a WIP, correct? SFB status unknown, I have to wait until it’s complete. >_<

if 'bloom’ and 'stripper and assassins’ are SFB, I’ll check them out~

neraid asked:

hello! my favorite flower is wisteria, my favorite animal is a sparrow, and my favorite not-real animal is a jackelope. and i'm super pumped because i got a kalimba for christmas!

all of those things are very nice!!  wisteria is absolutely one of my faves