neptunia collection


Well, it’s my turn to show off my PS3 rpg collection! I posted it first on a ps3 collectors group and once again, I’m missing quite a bit compared to some of the massive collections some of them have over there. I see that I have a few misplaced. They’re at my friends house, I believe. Cause I can’t find my copy of Time and Eternity. And I know for sure he’s got both of my Mugen Souls games. Anyhoo, I’ve separated these games mostly by their publishers. So to keep the upload small. Atlus, Nis America, Bandai namco and others, each should have a row. I also seem to be missing out on some ps3 square enix and other final Fantasy games too. I have some, but on some other and newer consoles. So i may not get them on ps3, unless a good deal comes by. I also don’t have that many western rpgs either. I have a beat up copy of Skyrim that was gifted to me a while back in a black generic case. I haven’t bothered to get it original. I also have just two and three of mass effect. As part one in the US only comes in the trilogy pack. I’m happy to have picked these up as early as I could, because we can all be sure that in a few years, some of these will shoot up in price!

Does anyone know if there’s a place out there or a MEGA link or something where all of the cards from the dead Nep Collection are? Or like a link where I can download the rips from the app? I’ve been trying to find a few of the cards like these: 

and haven’t been able to find their full versions? I was just wondering if somebody could help me out, please?