neptunes spear


Here I present some OCs, they are the “children” of the original (or mergers, you name it) designed by naitou-rse, the AU included significant changes, but hey, I do not think finish this manga. (The names no are based in colours, because it is an AU) also I invent specific dust to the history.

PS: Includes Such Neptune and weiss.

Aether: Seamonkeys (Sun+Neptune) = Sword+Shield+Bow+Gun
Aurea: Bumblebee (Blake+Yang) = Summon Cards + Dagger
Feurer: Renora (Nora+Ren) = Fans+Guns
Sider: Arkos (Jaune+Pyrrha) = Sword with crystal dust

STRT: (Terrae is the only one that corresponds to the acronym name)
Oceania: Ice planet (Weiss+Neptune) = Chain+Spear/Trident
Caleris: Ice planet (Neptune+Weiss) ^Stepbrothers = Gauntlets+Energy
Infernus: (I don’t know the name of ship) (Scarlet+Sage) = Dual magnums+Dual Blades
Terrae: Nut and dolls (Ruby+Penny) = halberd+tri-knifes of dust+Crossbow

The combined arms, typical of RWBY, it was included, but I will not “narrate” the weapons, because my English is terrible, so only mentioned the type of weapon.