neptunes bounty

nothisisjeff  asked:

Hey! When you first walk in to Neptunes bounty up above the Fontaine Fisheries sign, there's those. Blue rooms or blue wallpaper with glass. What is that? Is it a empty room with glass wall? I never got close to it. They look so neat!

They’re kinda odd actually. It’s two overlapping screenshots:

full size

of this scene:

full size

It’s one of Rapture’s many unsolved mysteries.

oni-oso  asked:

whats ur fave and least fave part to play in bioshock ? :oc

oooOOOO ok so!! when it comes to level design i love olympus heights/apollo square but mission wise i rlly like neptune’s bounty and the medical pavilion! and in 2 my fave is ryan amusements and siren alley ! and my least fave is the part with stanley in 2,,it’s scary and annoying