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  • Nora: OK, now THIS time we ARE on a date. A real one. Not a stratagem made for being RUDE.
  • Neptune: Chill, Nora. The others aren't here. You don't need to yell...especially with me right aside
  • Nora: Sorry!
  • Neptune: It's fine, now, how about we go to the arcade?
  • Nora: ...hehe, yeah, about that...I'm KIIINDA forbidden from going back there.
  • Neptune: Well, I would love to hear why, when we find a good place. How about the cinema?
  • Nora: Forbidden
  • Neptune: And the kitty cafe
  • Nora: Sadly, forbidden.
  • Neptune: Let's go to the park
  • Nora: Provisional Forbidness
  • Neptune: ...You are the wildest girl I've ever dated, and as soon as we find a place to have a date, I want to know the story behind all of those places.

Neptune in the 10th house - Motion Picture Baby

There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways…

~Mother Teresa

There can be spotlights and smokescreens with Neptune in the 10th. The individual has a great vision when it comes to dreams and profession. However the wander through Neptune’s sedate haze can erupt in confusion and disillusion. There can be a struggle with pinpointing a life direction and the overbearing tug into many different career pathways. It’s like they feel as if they could always be doing better, or always be doing more. The individual has a hypnotic sway over strangers and an elusive, otherworldly public perception. People can mistake them for being something they are not. Mostly the individual will be regarded as someone who is empathic, extrasolar, and confusing. They have a high receptivity for the needs of the public. They feel like they have an extraordinary purpose in the world. But how do they figure out what it is?

Neptune in the 10th visualise an ideal when it comes to the profession. Ambition and focus may come and go in waves, and they can mysteriously self destruct along the way. Neptune is the redeemer - it is sweet, seductive, musical, and also shadowy, holographic, and deceptive. The individual may feel that attaining that idealised career goal will promise lifelong happiness and salvation. We could assume the person is lured into Neptune related roles - cinema, creativity, arts, nursing, healing, service, and welfare. They may feel that their public perception is at conflict with their true persona, and they can be less unusual and puzzling than it seems. The individual will make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to achieving professional results, but be unrealistic about time frames and study. Maybe they are unpractical at work, or overly lethargic and uninspired. Neptune in the 10th will need a profession that can be turned into artwork, like something magical. It must spindle emotions and appeal to their heavy conscience.

The tenth house in astrology represents the dominant parent. With Neptune here, the parent may have been a tremendous creative visionary, or somebody who suffered addiction and mental illness. Maybe both. The individual may feel that redemption lies in the pride of parents. Neptune in the 10th wants to be a great healer, and may feel like their purpose on earth is to be an antidote for a sick humanity. The themes around their upbringing, where the individual could have been exposed to substances and psychological ailment send them into roles where they can attempt to heal those they couldn’t in childhood. They feel saturated in contentment when he receives public praise, and they are typically very emotionally receptive to collective needs. With artistic brush stroked ideals, the individual may feel that money and current political systems are barricading away their dreams. Neptune in the 10th wants to paint, dwell, and do something sweeping. But they can’t figure out what, or how, or if they are ‘truly ready’. This is the rainbow mural on the tenth house billboard, hidden beneath the sea with mermaid fins. The twinkle in their eyes reflect the snapping photograph lights from their cosmic audience. 


Marilyn Monroe, known for her sensuality, breathy voice and beauty has her midheaven of what you’re known for in naturally beautiful, material, sensual Taurus. Her Venus was in Aries and conjunct her midheaven, associating her beauty with her body and sexual drive. Neptune conjunct her Leo ascendant gave her a seemingly lost and confused look which could be perceived as unintelligence,  the ability to embody a fantasy,  merge seamlessly with the people around her and enact a different persona for the cameras as Neptune rules cinema while keeping the regal, commanding and bombastic presence of Leo ascendants.

PISCIS Leisure Interests

Pisceans love artistic pursuits and anything that has an element of mystery, fantasy, and imagination. Dangerous sports, such as skydiving or car racing, can also appeal to Pisceans because they have an unerring instinct in such situations. The Piscean love of spirituality is enhanced by nature- related activities such as gardening and taking long walks.

The typical Piscean enjoys the following pastimes:

theater and films
stories about witches, monsters, and creatures
gentle foot massages
noncompetitive sports
watercolor classes
scented bubble baths


romantic places
candles and incense
people who need their help
sleeping and dreaming
being loved
reading and writing poetry
yoga and meditation
mystical gifts and psychics
soft background music


harsh, bright lighting
being sleep deprived
people knowing too much about them
stiff or tight clothing
noisy, crowded places
dirty jokes
being told to get a grip on things
ugly places
insensitive people
skeptical attitudes

fancyclwon-deactivated20161106  asked:

What signs do you believe would be the best actors?

ohh all the world is a stage for Leo! the natural performer. That Sun is the spotlight. The stars are Broadway. Life is a feature film. Also planets around the 5th house

Geminis, Libras, and Pisces have that shapeshifting ability, the adaptation, the fall into roles

Neptune too…Neptune symbolizes cinema and deception and glamour, Neptune in the 1st or 5th or 10th esp.

Love C