neptune cinema

Marilyn Monroe, known for her sensuality, breathy voice and beauty has her midheaven of what you’re known for in naturally beautiful, material, sensual Taurus. Her Venus was in Aries and conjunct her midheaven, associating her beauty with her body and sexual drive. Neptune conjunct her Leo ascendant gave her a seemingly lost and confused look which could be perceived as unintelligence,  the ability to embody a fantasy,  merge seamlessly with the people around her and enact a different persona for the cameras as Neptune rules cinema while keeping the regal, commanding and bombastic presence of Leo ascendants.

PISCIS Leisure Interests

Pisceans love artistic pursuits and anything that has an element of mystery, fantasy, and imagination. Dangerous sports, such as skydiving or car racing, can also appeal to Pisceans because they have an unerring instinct in such situations. The Piscean love of spirituality is enhanced by nature- related activities such as gardening and taking long walks.

The typical Piscean enjoys the following pastimes:

theater and films
stories about witches, monsters, and creatures
gentle foot massages
noncompetitive sports
watercolor classes
scented bubble baths


romantic places
candles and incense
people who need their help
sleeping and dreaming
being loved
reading and writing poetry
yoga and meditation
mystical gifts and psychics
soft background music


harsh, bright lighting
being sleep deprived
people knowing too much about them
stiff or tight clothing
noisy, crowded places
dirty jokes
being told to get a grip on things
ugly places
insensitive people
skeptical attitudes