neptune 24

Mac Demarco New Tour Announced!

04-22 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom ^
04-23 Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre ^
04-24 Vancouver, British Columbia - Vogue Theatre ^
04-25 Vancouver, British Columbia - Biltmore Cabaret
04-27 Boston, MA - Northeastern University
05-08Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Festival
05-10 Austin, TX - Austin Psych Fest @ Carson Creek Ranch
05-28 Düdingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn Festival
05-29 Toulouse, France - Festivals Des Curiosites
05-30 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
06-02 Tel Aviv, Israel - Barby
06-04 Porto, Portugal - Primavera Sound
06-06 Manchester, England - Parklife Festival
06-07 London, England - Field Day
06-11-14 Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
06-26 Londonderry, VT - Friendly Gathering Music Festival
06-27 North Adams, MA - Solid Sound
07-17 Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
08-08 San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
08-11 Boston, MA - Royale
08-12 Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
08-13 Montreal, Quebec - Metropolis
08-15 Toronto, Ontario - Time Festival
08-16 Buffalo, NY - Tralf Music Hall
08-17 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
08-18 New York, NY - Webster Hall
08-19 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
08-20 Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw
09-06 Salisbury, England - End of the Road Festival
09-07 Glasgow, Scotland - ABC
09-08 Bristol, England - Motion
09-09 London, England - Roundhouse
09-10 Birmingham, England - The Institute
09-14 Toucoing, France - Grand Mix
09-15 Paris, France - La Cigale
09-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
09-17 Cologne, Germany - Gebaude 9
09-18 Berlin, Germany - Postbahnhof
09-19 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
09-21 Stockholm, Sweden - Debasser Strand
09-22 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
09-23 Gothenburg, Sweden - Pustervik
09-24 Aarhus, Denmark - Voxhall
09-25 Hamburg, Germany - Reeperbahn

^ with Dinner

End of 2011 Season

The season came to a close today. Another very pleasant weekend day, temps around 50, clear and sunny with, good southwest breeze. I would have gone sailing if I weren’t removing sails and deconstructing the rig.

2011 totals
133.62 nm
14 day sails

Best avg: 5 knots
Max speed: 7.2
Longest trip: 20 nm
Shortest trip: 1.5 nm
Trip avg: 9.5 nm

Gusty Conditions

Arrived to the boat solo after work. Brisk winds out of the southwest 10-15 knots and were forecast to die down a bit. I sailed inside the breakwall downwind under main alone with wind gusts over 20 knots pushing the boat to 6 knots. I then sailed out of the main Cleveland harbor entrance past the lighthouse and raised the 110 jib heading west towards lakewood. Very gusty conditions had me spilling most of the wind out of the main to keep from heeling too much. Not so relaxing and a little nervous, I continued sailing with both sails. The Auto pilot could not handle the conditions so I had to stay on the tiller and mainsheet. Eventually I locked up the tiller and got the jib down and lashed to the deck. then back to sailing under main only at about 4 knots upwind, pounding into the fetching waves that had built up as the gusts became more consistent and frequent. I don’t have wind measuring instruments but assume that the wind was steady 20+ knots. I held my course until I had a good enough angle to make the entrance then tacked and motorsailed back dropping the main half way. Even with both sails down the boat heeled 5 degrees from the wind. As I was pulling into the dock a strong gust came from behind and almost caused me to hit the bow in my slip except for a helpful fellow sailor was there to assist thus avoiding damage. whew. That was not so much fun. Not a lot of pics or video as I spent most of my time with white knuckles on the tiller. Good learning experience though.

Trip: 7.52nm
Time: 1:40
Avg: 4.6 knots
Max: 6.8 knots


Short clip from the last sail of 2011.

Fall Sailing

You take what you can get on Lake Erie in October. Recently we had high pressure come through and had about 7 days of un-interrupted sunny and warm days with temps in the 70’s. Although there was little to no wind for most of them, I took advantage of one of the more “brisk” days to get some sailing in. Southeast wind at about 5 knots pushed Minnie Belle along at a leisurely pace, east along the city inside the breakwall. It was very calm and relaxing. I passed the east light by about a half mile then turned southwest back just outside the breakwall where I snapped the photos below. The wind did eventually die at sundown and I motored back for the last half mile.

10.5 n.m.
4 Hrs.
3.3 Avg.
5.4 Max.

Summer Breeze

Madeline and I went to the boat this afternoon since she had so much fun last time. We stopped at the boat store and picked up a new porta-potty, it’s been a while since we had one on board. After arriving we listened to music and played with the squirt guns. Then we sailed east inside the break wall with many other pleasure craft out on the lake. It was quite crowded with a few power boaters coming close, kicking up quite a wake, rocking the boat a bit. The wind was nice and from the NW at 10 knots. On a beam reach we were averaging 4-4.5 knots. After passing the end of Burke Lake Front runway we tacked and headed back close hulled at 3.5 knots. Madeline took a nap on the way back. I ran the autopilot, and radio with the solar panel hooked up and the battery didn’t seem to lose any charge. We docked and fed some ducks and sea gulls then packed up and headed home.

Trip: 7.13nm
Time: 2:00
Avg: 3.6
Max: 5.5

Big Daysail

Monday I scheduled off work and enjoyed an uniterupted day of sailing. Initially the wind reports were for 5 knots with variable and less than 5 knots in the afternoon. When I arrived at the boat there was a slight SE breeze. I motored over to the gas dock to fill up just in case I was stranded offshore without wind. I ended up waiting 15 minutes for an employee to arrive so I could get fuel, I grabbed an extra bag of ice and was off!

Initially the wind was out of the SE at 5 Knots. The lake was calm with wind ripples breaking the surface. I raised the main and spinnaker then started reaching to the the N at 3-4 knots. After 20 minutes the wind died and I was nervous my sailing fun was about to end. After floating about drinking coffee for a half hour I spotted a line of wind approaching.

It appeared that I caught the last of the evening offshore wind and witnessed the onshore daytime wind shift develop. The wind was now out of the N at roughly 5 knots. I started on a E heading up along the Cleveland east coast, averaging 4 knots, again on a reach. I was able to use the tiller extension to the leeward, held in place by slight weather helm, and keep a straight course with little adjustment.

I continued to the A buoy past the E. light on the breakwater, rounded the mark, dropped the spinnaker, hoisted the 130 jib and headed NW to the Crib, again making about 4 knots. I kept adjusting the sail angles but couldn’t make better than 4.5 knots on the close reach.

I rounded the Crib to the north side then headed SW to the GG Buoy off Rocky River. I raised the spinnaker for a broad reach at 3.5 to 4 knots with occasional bursts of speed +4 knots. I had turkey sandwich and chips for lunch with lots of water, it was getting hot. I ended up sailing most of the day in my boxer briefs and it was quite comfortable.

The wind became more easterly the further west I traveled. I adjusted the sails for more of a starboard broad reach. The locked tiller extension working well, for the most part and the 7w solar panel charging the battery above 12v offsetting my radio and gps power consumption and then some.

I passed the GG Buoy and contemplated my next move. While thinking I passed over two fishing nets that caught me by surprise although with my shallow draft I wasn’t too alarmed. I gybed and raised the jib and sailed close hulled back to the marina along the cliffs of Cleveland’s westside making 3.5 to 4 knots.

The wind increased slightly to 10 knots and there was now about 1-2 foot waves slowing me down. I ended up having to tack off Lakewood, then sailed right along the coast to edgewater beach, kids were climbing out onto the wooden piers and jumping off a large tree limb that extended further above the surface. A boy carefully climbed onto the top of the stump, waited a moment then flipped into the water, a kind of backyard olypics. I tacked N again then back towards the marina 2 miles out. Finally, I called it a day and started the outboard .5nm out from the entrance.

I enjoyed the day on the water, got some practice with the spinnaker takedowns and gybes, and sailed the course I wanted to try although I ended up back where I started.

Trip: 27.5 nm
Time: 7.5 hours
Avg: 3.8
Max: 5.6

Track from the 27.5nm daysail. This route is perfect for a N wind, which is how the day started. I was able to sail up the east coast past the E. Light, out to the Crib, then towards rocky river, and finally back along the west coast to the marina. Over the course of the day the wind shifted to the NE and I had to tack a few times on the last leg round Lakewood.


Sailing in a good breeze! Heeling quite a bit… Whoo Whee!


Yesterday. I took the day off work to go sailing. It was one of the hottest days of the year, but noticeably cooler on the lake. There was a 5 knot onshore breeze. I departed solo at 10:15 with 130 jib and full main. I was moving along at 4 knots on a beam reach then decided to use the asymmetrical spinnaker which boosted my speed another knot. By 11:30 I passed the E. Light on the Cleveland Breakwall and continued sailing along the coast on a beam/broad reach.

Once off Wildwood Yacht Club I rounded up to a close reach with the spinnaker sheeted in keeping my speed at 4 knots. The further offshore I went the more westerly the wind became. I raised the jib and sailed close hulled at 3 knots. I had lunch (turkey sandwich, tortilla chips and beer) then tacked back towards the E. Light at 1:20.

I changed to the largest 170 jib to increase sail power. The shallow mixed chop with light winds kept my speed 2.5-3 knots but I was able to keep rounding upwind as the wind shifted more onshore as I approached the coast. I was able to sail inside the break wall on the dying breeze at around 2.5 knots. Eventually, I started the outboard and motored back. It was fun to get the spinnaker out for the first time this year and experiment with wind angles and speed. It really works well in light breezes. In fact I used almost all my sails today except the smallest 110 jib. My goal was to sail far and fast. The wind was light for the most part and relatively speaking I did.

Trip: 20.5
Time: 6:04
Avg: 3.4
Max: 6.6
(this might be a gps glitch)

This week I also discovered BaseCamp Garmin’s mapping software for Mac. I’m able to download all my waypoints, routes and tracks from my gps. I can also back up the data, create new waypoints, routes etc… I cannot figure how to download my map from the mini sd card, I’m not sure if this is possible. They might make me purchase a separate map for the computer? The software comes with a generic map that shows land features and roads but isn’t marine friendly and not very useful for trip planning. I’m able to view my data within google earth though and the transition is very accurate.