neptun tag

tag yourself: astrology edition

-loud and outgoing
-center of attention
-appears very self-assured
-popular af
-life of the party
-needs constant validation

-sensitive with capital S
-mom friend™️
-stay-at-home > parties
-kids!!!! pets!!!
-complains 2 much
-#1 cheerleader

-never stops talking
-knows tea about everyone
-cancels plans all the time
-always invited places
-knows everyone
-naturally good at school

-aesthetic af
-just as pretty irl as online
-so sweet but kinda shallow
-everyone wants to be (with) them
-always has a bf/gf

-athletic captain
-doesn’t take shit
-ambitious as all hell
-2 blunt sometimes
-can be oblivious
-has never asked for help, ever

-so!! many!! friends!!
-teachers/adults love them
-the best stories/memes
-always travelling
-larger than life
-charming to the point of manipulative

-tough love™️ friend
-very responsible
-tries really hard
-doesn’t get enough credit
-has the best glo up
-can always count on them

-always changing their looks
-new version of them all the time
-unconventional life path
-diverse group of friends
-not most reliable

-does drugs….a lot
-writes poetry about their exes
-just wants to be loved
-makes others think they’re super innocent
-daydreams all the time
-avoids responsibility

-often forgotten about
-small but angry
-very powerful and turbulent
-can’t control themselves
-intuitive/psychic powers


- Scorpio suns have more of a carefree and easy going attitude then Scorpio moons. But Scorpio suns also tend to have bigger egos and troubles with obsession more then Scorpio moons.
- Leo moons aren’t outwardly interested in being the center of attention and this need can be hidden to them as well.
- Jupiter in the 7th is pretty nice for marriages but points to a lot of dating around before settling down.
- Venus square Pluto people have a very overwhelming energy and can be some of the most seductive and intense people you’ll ever meet.
- Venus can also show how one dresses and how one self esteem might be. Ex: Venus in Gemini might have a self esteem that fluctuates and wanes based on what they see around them(media) while a Venus in Capricorn may be harder on themselves and never really feel (good enough)
- Aries and Scorpio moon/Venus people are drawn to dark themes full of reds/auburn/black/grey and dark warm hues.
- Mars in Pisces are Sexually fluid and tend to lean towards more Versatile roles sexually(male or female)
- Cancer mars men can come across as feminine and motherly but tend to be dominate and aggressive in bed.
- Saturn aspecting personal planets tends to make people immature and childish during youth but tend to shorten how long the “youth” period is due to Saturn’s structuring and marring affect.
- Neptune in the 12th house people fall into trance like states often and can have trouble distinguishing reality from the spiritual.
- Pluto in the 12th house people are drawn to superficial types due to their tendency to avoid “problems”
- Pluto in the 7th house people are prone to self destructive relationship habits and can be doing this subconsciously.
- Virgos no matter the placement tend to have OCD about an aspect of their life and some sort of daily routine that they live by.
- Lilith in the 4th house people are can be extremely emotionally aloof and cold and tend to never really feel at home when “home”
- A packed 2nd house shows a heavy attachment to the world of the living. A packed 8th house shows a heavy attachment to the world of the dead.
- Mars in aspect to Venus in synastry with the man as Venus and women as mars can lead to power struggles and power plays wether positively or negatively aspected.
- 8th house synastry is very physical and intimate be it platonic or romantic. The natives will feel like they have got to touch or be involved with the other in some way! Especially the planet person. And especially with mars in the 8th.
- 5th house showcases how you might have sex with someone whom you’ve just met and or are casually interacting with. The 8th house shows how you might have sex with a spouse or someone whom you’ve dated for a few years.
- Kids tend to be intimidated and nervous around 5th house Pluto natives at first but end up growing very clingy and intimately bonded to these individuals.
- 7th/8th house dynamic can show issues and or circumstances that occur in your relationships. Ex: my 7th house is in cap and Neptune is there and my partners are usually very rigid and serious and sturdy but can be blurry and overly emotional. And it can conflict with my inner need (8th house Aquarius and Uranus) whom likes to be spontaneous and open.
- Sagittarius in the 7th house can show a big appetite for the occult/all things dark and tantric and sex. But wherever Jupiter is located will show what must be conquered or triumphed in order to reap what Jupiter can grant you.

Part 2 will be coming soon 💙💖

Art style and astrology

The color palette you choose, the kind of sketches you draw, the concepts and ideas that come to your mind while drawing can be described by astrology with Venus and Neptune. The moon has a big impact too.


Venus in Aires is all about messy sketches, action poses, rough lines and reddish, contrasted palettes. Their art is most likely to be colorful and groundbreaking.

Venus in Taurus is all about human anatomy, sensual poses and greenish palettes. Their art is most likely to have quality and being pleasent to look.

Venus in Gemini  is all about communication and characters, matched with a yellowish palettes. They could be great fanartist because they are able to imagine how a character would react in different situations. Their art style could be simple or tricky. They could use a huge variation of of materials and colors.

Venus in Cancer is all about eyes, people, melancholy and pale palettes. Their art is most likely to have a a huge emotional weight.

Venus in Leo is all about exageration and symbolism! Colors, people, animals, landscape matched with gold, bright palettes. Their art is most likely to be full of life. They can feel inspired by everything!

Venus in Virgo is all about neat lines, well proporcioned figures and dull palettes. Their art could show their daily life, with a hidden message.

Venus in Libra is all about beauty, soft lines and pinkish-pastel palettes. Their art is most likely to be aesthetic oriented, but not shallow at all. 

Venus in Scorpio is all about distorted anatomy and poses, rough lines and dark or reddish palettes. Their art is most likely to be disturbing and with a deep meaning.

Venus in Sagittarius is all about exaggerated anatomy, dynamic poses and purple palettes, colorful and vibrant colors. Their art is most likely to express an ideal or belief.

Venus in Capricorn is all about elegance and brownish palettes. Their art is most likely to find success and frame the current society.

Venus in Aquarius is all about weird anatomy and electric palettes, could not use lineart at all. Their ideas or art style are most likely to be groundbreaking as Aries’ art, but with a purpose.

Venus in Pisces is all about their dreams, blurred lines and sea-green palettes. Their draws are most likely to have a dream-like atmosphere. People could feel reflected in their art, and their draws could being interpreted in different ways.


Neptune in the Earth signs are most likely to draw their enviroment and what they can see and touch.

Neptune in the Fire signs are most likely to draw their unique creations and ideals.

Neptune in the Air signs are most likely to draw abstract concepts and try to express and communicate through their art.

Neptune in the Water signs are most likely to do art closely attached to their sentiments, art could be a therapy for them.

It can be interpreted with houses too. For example, if Neptune is in the 5th house it will have a similar influence like if it were in Leo.



  • Sun square/opposite/conjunction Mars/Venus/Uranus.
  • Saturn aspected to a personal planet.
  • Sun/Venus/Mars/Saturn aspecting the Ascendant.
  • Sun/Mars/Venus dominant.
  • Leo/Libra/Taurus/Aries/Capricorn Venus.
  • Aries/Taurus/Leo/Capricorn Mars.
  • A Fire/Capricorn/Taurus/Gemini Ascendant.
  • 1st/2nd house stellium.


  • Sun trine/sextile Neptune/Mercury/Uranus.
  • Jupiter aspected to Sun/Mars/Venus/Saturn.
  • Neptune/Moon/Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant.
  • Neptune/Moon/Jupiter dominant.
  • Moon in Aquarius/Pisces/Virgo.
  • Pisces/Libra Mars.
  • A Water/Aquarius/Libra/Virgo ascendant.
  • 7th/8th/11th house stellium.
  • Sun/Mars/Venus/Moon in the 12th house.

feel free to add more placements ~

The thing about this is that signs have two sides and even the most selfish could become selfless. Being selfish or selfless depends of more placements and even with all the “selfless” placements, it vary depending the situation and emotional state. But I’m a Scorpio Mercury and I want to organize everything and divide people with a infallible method I’m sorry lmao.

Introvert vs Extrovert

Liar vs truth teller

Basic transits meaning

 Feel free to add + correct something! I’m still learning about this so your help is amazing :)

I’ll cover the houses here. If you want to check your transits, here you have a tutorial by @astrologanize

Sun: focus, where you shine brighter than ever! Where the sun falls, it’ll be your main interest for a certain time. For example, Sun transiting your 11th house will focus on social life, friend groups and your dreams. Sun transiting your 6th house will be focused on routine and getting things done, rather than dreaming and being social.

Moon: this planet’s transits are really short (2 days approximately), so its effect is more like “daily mood” than big and meaningful cycles in your life. These transits show where your emotions are focused on, and where you may be more creative. I highly recommend to check the sign where the transit Moon is in! For example, Cancer moon is transiting in your 2nd house. That’ll mean you’re a lot more attached emotionally to your material goods, and you may buy too many things during this transit. Of course, this feeling only last for like two days so next week you might regret all the useless things you’ve bought…

Mercury: this planet’s transits tend to last one month aproximately. These transits show where your mental focus is, your mental state and what kind of subjects are you up to learn. Plus, it brings a lot of energy to the house’s activities. For example, Mercury transiting the 3rd house will be a lot more witty and will seek more mental stimulation than usual. It may be difficult to stop thinking and you may jump from one thought to the next fearly quickly. This is a good time to focus on mental activities, like school or college.

Venus: this planet’s transits last about one month. This transits tend to show where you feel more confident and social. If it isn’t in a bad aspect with any natal planet, it’ll be a good transit. Depending the house transit Venus is, you may be a lot more creative and artsy. For example, Venus transiting your 5th house will make you more prone to flirting without a clear objective, more like an entertaiment than a real affair. This placement is perfect for creative activities, like drawing.

Mars: this planet’s transits last about one month. This brings a boost of energy to the activities concerned to the transited house, and may indicate what drives you during that time. For example, Mars transiting your 9th house will be eager to learn, and motivation to travel and experience new things.

The following planets have a wider orbit around the sun, therefore, they stay longer in each house. Personally, I think their effects are way more crucial than, for example, the moon’s. 

Saturn: this planet’s transits last about one or two years. It is mostly seen as a hard aspect because it shows where one have work to do in order to reach a goal, where we don’t feel enough and it sometimes lead to insecurity and limitations. For example, Saturn transiting in the 10th house can make you feel useless in your career and vulnerable in front of others, and you might feel your work isn’t rewarded. This is a good time to work harder than ever and find holes in your public image and goals.

Jupiter: this planet’s transits last for one year. It shows where you find yourself luckier and happier, and what will help you to expand your life. This is generally seen as a good transit, not matter what kind of aspects it has with your natal planets. For example, Jupiter in the 12th house finds happiness and expansion through relaxing and spiritual ways, like meditation. This is a good time to analyze yourself and let your ego wash away.

Uranus: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. It brings change and mental energy. Change is abrupt and may be caused by a change of mentality or plain boredom. Uranus is here to start new things, to dare and to challenge you. For example, if Uranus is in your 1st house, you may feel you need to change your appearence and your identity may be challenged. This is a good time to change your style and re-create yourself.

Neptune: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Where it is placed, things get burried. It’s a time where you are more creative, spiritual and confused at the same time. This transit paints a certain part of your life with fantasy. If Neptune is transiting your 6th house, for example, you’ll daydreaming a lot more than you’re used to and procrastination may take over your life if you don’t control it. This is a good time to make art though.

Pluto: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Transformation is the key word for this transit. Where transit Pluto is placed, things (think about habits, cycles, etc) end in order to start new ones. Also, it can symbolize that your current habits will be transform permanently. Negative feelings may be regular in certain times. Things from the past may do a come back. For example, if Pluto is transiting your 7th house, several of your relationships and friendships may transform in something new, bad or good. Plus, some of your relationships may end and that will mean a new cycle, a “new” you. This is a good time to reevaluate your relationships and throw away the negative ones in your life.


nblw flags

feminamoric (only attracted to women) flag by @casuallyhauntingyourschool

venusic/venusian (only attracted to women and fem-aligned nonbinary people or partial women) flag by @temp-nb-blog

neptunic (attracted to anyone but men and masc-aligned nonbinary people or partial men) flag by @socialjusticeichigo

orbisian/trixic (nblw) flag by @dont-forget-indigo

orbisian/trixic (nblw) flag by me

nblw flag/symbol/thing by @queer-positive

nblw symbol by @nonaligned-nblm (the same one used on the previous flag)

the world needs more frank

collab with the wonderful and talented @godsdamthisschist :D 

she did the lines and I did the coloring 

True liliths

Summary of a discussion written by lionschmion on twitter! Direct word-for-word transfer from the astro master herself:

(Disclaimer: many thanks to Cae, @ohcaesu, for being a soundboard!)

Interpretations of Black Moon Lilith has always bothered me in astrology, because when it isn’t poetic gothic nonsense, it tends to describe Lilith as wrathful and vengeful – as in, a position that reflects the most dangerous form of anger. I have also seen Lilith also tends to be described as fear and insecurity, as though defining your deepest darkest secrets.

Both of these aren’t wrong, but I was never satisfied because it seemed… incomplete, and because it paints Lilith as irredeemably negative. I see Lilith as wild and untamed, and defying logic and consequence.

Black Moon Lilith is often referred to as the “dark side of the moon,” so with that reason, if you take the Sun position to be the “ego” (self-identity), and the Moon position to be the “super-ego” (rational understanding of your identity), then Lilith would be the “id” (pure desire and instinct).

As such Lilith is perhaps one of the most neutral positions of a natal chart – Lilith is neither good nor dark, Lilith simply represents pure unrestricted freedom, in all its anarchy and danger. Lilith is the raw form of a sign’s inner desire and impulse, without worry of consequence.

Lilith is as innocent as she is dangerous – the same level as a child, if you will. A child is capable of unconditional love but also unfiltered reactions to being hurt. A child only grows when they learn limitation and rational self-restraint through experience and age.

Cycles are common in zodiac mythology, and one can see that clearly in the order of the 12 signs, which represent an evolution of the psyche. Aries is the youngest inexperienced child, aging all the way to Pisces being the oldest wise elder – and then reborn again from square one, as Aries.

If we take the signs as a natural aging/evolution of the previous sign, we can assume the present sign’s underlying shadow-ego is reflective of the sign that came before. For instance, Aries manifests out of Pisces’ self-destruction, Taurus manifests out of Aries’ ego-centrism, Gemini manifests out of Taurus’ desire to be free of stress…. so, basically, the “raw” form of a sign would be the immaturity they are trying to outgrow from the previous sign, so it’s the childish impulses that’s being limited by the “adult” understanding of the current sign.

Which is to say: Aries would be the “childhood” of Taurus, who is going “that may have been fun, and I wish I could still be that way, but I have to Grow Up.” Furthermore, Taurus would be the “childhood” of Gemini, and Gemini would be the “childhood” of Cancer, and on and on. That “childhood” immaturity is represented in Lilith.

To go into more detail, my interpretation of Black Moon Lilith through the signs:

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