oh my god

so i wasn’t paying attention today, and i accidentally gave this boy at my school my number, so we were texting and he asked for a picture of me because he wanted one for an icon image.

I have a shitty phone so I couldn’t, but then he wanted my Facebook for it.

I looked at my Facebook and just..Oh my god the only pictures of myself on there is these:

External image

External image

External image

External image

and then a bunch of these: 

External image

like wow okay “no i don’t have a Facebook pft ahaha" 


So one time in the 8th grade my friend told me she would come to my house with a straightener and straighten my hair because it was so curly

and about a week afters she said that she showed up and straightened my hair and we took before and after photos 

everyday my dad literally gets a package in the mail like wow,

and now he just got this shirt and he was all excited about it and he just say there with this grin and said to us “are you ready to see this. are you ready” and he opened it and it was a star trek shirt.

my dads only fandom at the moment is star trek and im not kidding.