My story started when Posedion stole me, ravished me, then threw me aside.

I stood still, unwilling and gagged by the gods. Athena scoffed, scowled and cursed me. How dare she, the virtuous and wise, clouded by envy and petty jealously.

I strode across the world with my head held high–snakes writhed upon my head, whispering tales of death and terror into my ears:
(Kali Mata, dancing on slain corpses);
(Persephone, ruling the Underworld with blood steeped fingers);
(Nephthys, setting her enemies alight with each gasping breath)
They are what you stand for (become them). 

So I did.

I became the unseen judger. Those who dared to mock me, those who raped, those who tortured, were cut down. My gaze cut through them, and stone they became; frozen forever in their states of sin.

I sunk into the crumpled pages of history, remembered as the monster. But I was only a monster for the guilty.

—  Maidens Scorned by the Gods; Medusa. | n.s.

DEITIES || Character Color Tests V1

GATHER ROUND FRANDS It’s time for a game of Egyptian deity roll call +++

Alternatively known as “Teni drops a bunch of character designs for her DEITIES project that she’s been working on for months NOW LOOKIT–”

So yeah, all of these are color tests for the 10 major deity characters of the story. I’ve been sketching and working on each character on and off for… gonna be a year in October (wow), but in the past couple months I’ve been pushing myself to put them in color, as they will appear in the main story – which is why Set’s and Horus’s hair look a bit different than in the test pages. Anddddd this is the result, though these are just preliminary color tests to better visualize them and see where they all lie in relation to each other. Nothing’s quite final, but I’m fairly happy with how they’re spread out so far /o/

I’ll do more proper introductions of everyone and their roles and relationships in the story another time, and I still plan to focus more attention on each of their full design later (as well as their animal forms too, in a later set), but there’s brief info for each of the deities in the captions! You can also find them all compiled together on it’s DA post (with a few additional sketches)!

Also feel free to lemme know if you have a fav deity e 7 e ) in the general mythology or out of these designs /I’m curious~

Statue of Nephthys

In an ancient myth, Osiris was murdered by his evil brother Seth and mourned by his wife Isis and her sister Nephthys. Isis restored Osiris’s body, and he became a symbol of resurrection. Nephthys participated in the resurrection of Osiris and became associated generally with the protection of the dead. She is shown here kneeling, her arm raised in a gesture of mourning. The emblem on her head (now partially missing) consisted of the hieroglyphs for her name, meaning “Lady of the Mansion.”


Nephthys or Nebthet in Egyptian mythology is a daughter of Nut and Geb. Nephthys was typically paired with her sister Isis in funerary rites because of their role as protectors of the mummy. She helped Isis in gathering and mourning the dismembered portions of the body of Osiris, after his murder by the envious Set (both were her brothers).

The origin of the goddess Nephthys is unclear but the literal translation of her name is usually given as “Lady of the House” and more specifically, “Lady of the [Temple] Enclosure” which associates her with the role of priestess. Her symbols are the sunset and the hawk (her sacred animal).

Nephthys is regarded as the mother of the funerary-deity Anubis in some myths. She also serves as the nursemaid and watchful guardian of the infant Horus (her nephew). Nephthys was also considered the unique protectress of the Sacred Phoenix, or the Bennu Bird. (picture)


STORYTIME: A few months ago, when I decided to add DEITIES artwork to my eternally-WIP portfolio site, I realized that the best way to save gallery space, was to combine the pairs of colors tests onto a single canvas. Doing so helped condense the image count for that portion of my gallery and even tidy up some layouts, and I ended up liking the results!  

However, I debated for the longest time whether or not the updated color tests were worth posting again since… I’m essentially sharing fairly old artwork in a different format >> But then I figured ehh, why not. At least for this version, everyone can view their deity- and animal forms side by side, and this one can be directly linked to the blog from the start o)7

With that said, I did cut out a few details from some of them to make them fit, so anyone can view the original deity forms HERE and the animal forms HERE.

Additionally, all the character designs are being gradually “updated” as I practice drawing them. Their respective tags, along with a larger supporting cast of deities, can be found on the Characters page of the project blog.

At some point, I hope to revisit these and draw updated references and/or model sheet for the main cast. But until then feel free to view and share these early color tests, and thanks again for everyone’s continued support!

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DEITIES – Dysfunctional Royal Family

Something that I started a few weeks ago cuz I wanted to draw this family of deities together (mainly of Set being a pain in the ass with his nephew), and then ended up finishing now. Everyone is tagged in the captions but you can also view their Color tests for individual refs! Also tried to include some detail shots (tho on mobile you may need to… turn your phone a few times for each one haha;;)

For more details and commentary, feel free to view the image on the devART post linked above, or linked HERE!

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