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listen… i have a weakness for nephilim/winged stiles okay? its a weakness

Seeing Is Believing (Pt. 7)

A/N: I woke up this morning and had this mostly written in less than an hour. Things gettin’ good!

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Uh, none, just some intense angelic stuff

Word Count: 1.5k

Seeing Is Believing MASTERLIST

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When the man made eye contact with you, in the blink of an eye he was standing directly in front of you. You knew this man was an angel; and you knew that he was here to kill you.

He drew his blade back as he gripped onto your shirt. You heard Sam and Dean yell for Castiel as they tried to step forward to help you, but the angel had thrown them across the room with his grace.

You tried to pull back, but before you could, you felt the blade penetrate your abdomen.


You cried out, seeing Sam and Dean against the wall on the other side of the room. They hadn’t expected this. You hadn’t expected this. The angel was gone in an instant, he’d left immediately after stabbing you. You looked down where your wound was, blood and what you now knew as grace coming out.

Sam and Dean came up by your side as you began to black out. Dean caught you before you fell to the floor and Sam was busy calling Cas.

“Can you try and fix yourself?” Dean asked, completely panicked as your body went limp from the loss of blood and probably the loss of your grace.

“D-don’t k-n-” you tried to speak but everything was so hazy. You were dizzy and nauseous, and you just wanted to give up.

You closed your eyes, ready for the darkness to take you away. You were ready for death.

“Get her to a bed.” you heard a familiar voice say, before you felt the rush of cool air against your skin as you were being carried to a room. You felt Dean lie you down on a bed, and that was it before you let go.


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oh no cas died let’s talk about how castiel dying could impact dean’s emotions and how castiel angel of the lord savior of the universe the most compassionate kind and badass of all angels is gone from dean’s life can u imagine how dean feels now that cas got stabbed by the devil after spending months trying to get revenge on him for using him and driving him further into depression and after feeling lonely and like he doesn’t belong for years can we just think for a moment how dean feels about that

Wing AU (Part 3)

This is something I wanted to write for a long time anyways, but @antagonists–anonymous gave me the prompt for wing grooming, so here it is.

Set in the same universe as THIS and THIS.

On that note, Merry Christmas, everyone. I was planning on making a graphic or writing a fic for the occasion, but seeing as I don’t really like Christmas in the first place I guess I thought it’s going to feel forced?

So here you have this instead. It’s pure fluff and love and sun instead of the lousy cold weather we have right now (don’t let that GIF fool you).

Beta-read by @brizzbee



He would never say it out loud, but to Magnus Alec sometimes looked like a cat.

A giant, sun-bathing, lazy cat.

Which was a little ridiculous but once that thought found root in Magnus’ mind, he couldn’t shake it off. The comparison seemed even more accurate now, as he watched Alec stretch out on his belly on the large daybed on Magnus’ balcony. The warlock could still remember Alec’s bewildered expression the first time he had conjured the daybed, but by now it had become Alec’s favorite spot for what they were about to do.

Alec was already shirtless, letting the sun warm up the tattoo on his back. The younger man looked so relaxed and Magnus grinned, knowing that by the end of their session Alec was going to turn nearly boneless under Magnus’ hands.

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Half Of You

Requested By @scxrchy

You ducked and dogged another of Alec’s blows, grabbing his paring stick and pushing yourself up, your knee collided with his face and he grunted as you weight pulled him backwards.


“Alright you win this one.” He chuckled, pushing you off him so he could stand.

“Next time I’ll let you win.” You laugh making him roll his eyes as you playfully accepted Jace’s attempt to engage you in training.

“Hey, how do you know I don’t let you win?” Alec huffed making the both of you laugh and stop fighting.

“Because I can barely beat (Y/N) and I’m the best.” Jace chuckled out.

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quis contra nos.

War, a terrible thing and yet these winged nephilim have been dealing with it for ages. It all started hundreds of years ago when a vampire drank from Raziel’s throat, making him more powerful than the rest. Now, in modern times, the nephilim fight back the vampires who threaten their very existence. It doesn’t help that a man named Valentine is around and stirring up even more trouble than before. He plans to rid the world of all vampires, but to be rid of them, they have to be rid of the Downworlder’s too and not everyone agrees with that. The werewolves form a plan with the nephilim to help put a stop to Valentine and eventually, they come to a truce with the vampires, deciding that getting rid of them all would be a much worse fate for everyone. But can they defeat Valentine and his army? That’s for you to find out.


  • to join, all you have to do is fill out the small application below and send it to myself or @inxcorde’s submit, where we can accept you.
  • once accepted, follow the tag, gv. quis contra nos
  • the nephilim in this verse do have wings.
  • interact with everyone in the group.
  • no ooc drama. ic drama is allowed.
  • if you need to go on a hiatus, let either myself or inxcorde know. it would also be helpful to make an ooc post about it in the tag.
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  • any and all characters from any fandom or oc’s are welcome here.
  • have fun!


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character type: ( nephilim / vampire / werewolf / warlock / seelie / mundane )
mun info: name / age / timezone


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Purer Than Any - MagnusCaresaLot (TinyKuroNeko) - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood
Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood
Additional Tags: Wing!AU, Only Nephilim have wings, But Magnus is an exception, Since he has fallen angel blood, Alec takes care of Magnus, Alec’s wings are dark blue, Insecure Magnus

Alec gets curious, of course. Everyone get curious. But this curiosity was eating at Alec. Ever since the first time, he wanted Magnus to show them again. He wanted to touch and feel them. God, he wanted to wrap his wings around Magnus’.


The Shadowhunter Wing!AU that no one asked for.

anonymous asked:

Silly or stupid question but does Nephilims have wings ? I always draw one of my character (Nephilim) with wings and you have an anwsome angels knowledge Thank you ! (You're saving me bc I don't want to overpower characters ^^')

as far as i’ve read, no! in most mythology they appear to regularly just be referred to as “giants,” but i really haven’t looked that deeply into them. clearly within the SPN universe they chose a completely different interpretation, because it was literally just a regular lady who was one

but stuff like this never needs to be taken too literally. i’ve taken a lot of artistic liberties with combining actual text and SPN’s mythology.

if you’re afraid you’re overpowering the character, even if they have all the power in the world, i can guarantee you actual flaws in their personality can almost instantly solve the problem. for a recent example, the swaingels are all insanely (and really unfairly) overpowered, but it really makes no difference because they just don’t care enough to use the power

so even if you’re afraid wings make your character too OP, take a step back and focus on developing a background a bit! a lot of people tend to jump to “tragic” as the only way to give a character weaknesses, but that’s definitely not the only option.

Anonymous said:

Did you ever do a true form for Raphael? I looked through your tag and didn’t see one


every time pen goes to tablet my brain just spaces for him. like–i don’t want to make him too formal like michael, but i don’t want his design to be as loose as, well, luci lol

i need to find a happy medium with him like i did with gabe. i’ll make that a goal for this year because how could I NOT HAVE A TRUEFORM FOR MY GRUMPY SON one who had ONE OF THE COOLEST REVEALS

Wing AU (Part 2)

This is another small headcanon set in the same universe as my previous wing!fic AU.

I’m not even sure where this thing came from, really. I had a pretty bad week and I was feeling really sorry for myself and as the result I write angst and H/C fics?

I don’t even know.

Beta-read by @brizzbee



“He’s going to be alright.”

Isabelle’s voice came from behind him and startled Magnus out of his stupor. He looked back at her and immediately regretted it. The front of her navy blue dress had dark, almost black splotches on front. The unmistakable stains of dried blood.

Magnus turned back to look at the bed where his Nephilim slept and reached out to stroke one rune-covered arm, rubbing gently at the cold skin, wishing he could pour some warmth into him. Alec was resting on his side, still and pale in a way that forced Magnus to check if he was breathing every other minute or so. His left wing was hanging off the bed, but the right one was strapped closely to his body, the previously white bandages soaked through with red.

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Based on these request: Can you write one where the reader has a child from a previous relationship and the child meets Gabe for the first time? Thanks!
You are a saint for opening requests!! I’ve had this idea for a while, but idk if it’s any good. Maybe the reader gave birth to a son, say, seven years ago (Gabriel’s of course) but she ran away before he found out. And now the son is turning all angel-y and stuff and Gabriel finds out???

Warnings: fluff, arguing

Word count: 1325

Author: Cars

“Elijah Gray (L/N), you get your tail out of bed and dressed. We have company coming in thirty minutes and you look like the cat dragged you in.” You scolded your seven year old son, the very one whom you told to be ready an hour and a half ago. He looked up from his bed, his hazel eyes melting your heart. He pouted his lip out and gave you the watery eyes. “No, No, not the puppy dog face. You know that is my only weakness,” You said dramatically. You earned a giggle from the boy and you couldn’t help but smile. “Mommy has a very important someone coming today. He can help with you with your superpowers, and he’ll she show you how to use them,” You told him and little Eli perked right up. “He can?” The child asked excitedly. You nodded in response. “He sure can, but only if your ready and dressed in five minutes.” you added. This made him bounce up and rushed to the closet. You couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement.

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But a Hunchback of Notre Dame!AU where Castiel is nephillim; a child born of the love between Mariane Gloire and the angel Remiel. But Mariane is a gypsy, and after being murdered by the pious Archdeacon Adler, her black-winged child falls into the care of the church. Castiel, convinced by the Archdeacon that he is of demonic descent and therefore a danger to all, spends his life in the bell tower.

Until the Paris Carnival.

Castiel sits on the ledge of his window, wings pressed to his back as he watches the people down below. They’re always so wonderfully vibrant on Carnival day; dressed to the nines in right fabrics and painted like rainbows. 

Tucking his legs to his chin, Castiel sighs as he reaches out a hand, pretending to touch each person’s costume. It makes being relegated to his tower more manageable, but not by much. “It’s for the best, anyway,” he says to himself. “I belong here.” A nod. 

His door opens and shuts. 

It takes a moment for Castiel to conflate what he hears and sees, but the moment he realizes the Archdeacon is giving his annual speech and there is a stranger in his room, the nephillim immediately whirls around, tense and terrified. He has no words, however, for the creature who has trespassed.

A god.

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