nephi's golf driver

Littlepip’s Fixes v1.23

Let’s start the New Year off right, shall we? After a hiatus, it’s back!

* Golf Clubs bugfixed & improved, and a brand-new, unique effect has been added to Nephi’s Golf Driver; “Bonus vs NCR”. This makes it a powerful, albeit evil option for players who choose to make use of this bloodied 9 iron. Kill or steal it to claim it for yourself.

* Speaking of which, all the Fiend bosses now have their own “Fiend Leader” class and hierarchy setup properly, along with significantly more loot and a killing potential which better matches up with their lore. Taking them out early will be extraordinarily difficult without careful planning or the assistance of the NCR, as it should be. The other named Fiends who don’t have an associated quest are even more deadly, so you might not even recognize them. Beware!

* Cut Raider-related content has been restored and given to these same NPCs, along with new effects granted to each, although the values are subject to change in the future for balance reasons. More unused and leftover data from The Pitt DLC has also been restored and made use of to flesh out the Fiends faction some more. Note that you can actually talk with them if you wear Great Khans armor, even outside Vault 3, but you’ll probably need to be alone to not trigger aggression in these chem-addled maniacs..

* Consistency edits with regards to names, abbreviations and other lore relevant to Fallout 4. For example, the full name of The Institute is used in the few places where it was actually mentioned (now that we know what it was), and the times of some computer logs were corrected to match when the bombs started dropping, with proper consideration for the time zone differences between the West and East Coasts.

* And regarding Fallout 4, I’ve also implemented some console + game setting tweaks to tighten up the gunplay as well as improve the AI. You’ll find that enemies and allies all behave smarter, make better use of the terrain, and that the general “feel” of combat is better than the unmodded game.

* A ton of removals of leftover junk from Fallout 3 that cannot or is not being reused (like stuff specific to Rivet City and D.C. itself), and even some Elder Scrolls material that is wasting space. More optimizations to things I’ve added or changed, along with the original Obsidian & Bethesda content, like purging version tracking info and texture hash data. This version of the mod’s .esp is actually smaller than the last several releases, and New Vegas will run even better than before!