mizzymouse asked: 2011-10-01 18:14

any gamzee/nepeta?

skrillexr3m1x asked: 2011-10-09 12:30

gamzee/nepeta please!!! :o

Anonymous asked: 2011-10-11 17:49

  Do you have any Gamzee x Nepeta? Friends, moirails, matesprits, kismesis, anything really. Please and thank you in advance. c:

Anonymous asked: 2011-10-19 10:01

Ah, could you try looking for any Gamzee<3Nepeta please? ;u;

I didn’t know this was so popular. Most of what I have is Nepeta/Equius/Gamzee.

GAMNEP ON MSPARP !!!!!!!11!!!111ONE

arsenicCatnip [AC] joined chat.

terminallyCapricious [TC] joined chat.

AC: :33 < hi

TC: HeY NePeTa

AC: :33 < gamz33

AC: :33 < i found a rotten slime pie under my fresh prey

TC: :o)

AC: :33 < do

AC: :33 < do you want it

TC: WeLl nO ThAnKs i kInDa bAsHeD ThE BeAsT In tHe fAcE WiTh iT FoR PrOtEcTiOn

AC: :33 < oh

AC: :33 < what

AC: :33 < nefur mind

TC: HoNk

AC: :33 < have you s33n terezi ?

TC: NoPe

AC: :33 < she hasn’t b33n out for a while

AC: :33 < maybe

AC: :33 < shes dead

AC: :33 < nyanya jk

AC: :33 < meow

TC: HoNk

AC: :33 < meow

TC: *pOkEs hEr*

AC: :33 < *pokes back*

TC: *cRiClEs hEr*

TC: *cIrClEs))

AC: :33 < oh

AC: :33 < its on

AC: :33 < *pounce*

TC: *fAlLs oVeR*

TC: *bEaR HuGs nEpEtA*

TC: :o)

AC: :33 < h33h33

TC: I GoT YoU In a hUg

AC: :33 < do you know about this ben drowned ? efurrybody

AC: :33 < talks about it

TC: HuH? *KeEpS NePeTa wRaPpEd iN HiS ArMs*

AC: :33 < eh nothing just something i found on the internet

TC: Oh wEiRd

TC: *kEePs hUgGiNg nEpEtA*

AC: :33 < *hugs back*

TC: *nUzZlEs hEr nOsE*

AC: :33 < *licks nose*

TC: *sMiLeS LoOkInG InTo hEr eYeS*

AC: :33 < *blushes*

TC: YoUr bLuSh iS A NiCe cOlOr *StIlL LoOkInG InTo hEr eYeS

TC: *

AC: :33 < thank you *smiles*

TC: No pRoBlEm nEpEtA *tHe sMiLe wIdEnS*

AC: :33 < um

TC: WhAt?

TC: :o)

AC: :33 < uhhh

TC: SoMeThInG WrOnG?

AC: :33 < uhh since this with me and karkitty is going to be nothing …

TC: WhAt aRe yOu tAlKiNg aBoUt?

AC: :33 < maybe we

TC: ?

AC: :33 < shoul

AC: :33 < d

AC: :33 < um

TC: WhAt sHoUlD We dO? *StArEs iNtO HeR EyEs wItH A SmIlE*

AC: :33 < uh nothing

AC: :33 < …

TC: CoMe oN TeLl mE… *HiS FaCe gEtS ClOsEr tO HeR’S StIlL SmIlInG*

AC: :33 < …

AC: :33 < uh

AC: :33 < um

AC: :33 < ahhh

AC: :33 < um

AC: :33 < yeah that

AC: :33 < err

TC: WhAt iS It… :o)

AC: :33 < *comes closer*

AC: :33 < kiss ?

TC: YeS… *KiSsEs hEr oN ThE LiPs bUt dOeS NoT PuLl bAcK YeT*

AC: :33 < oh *blushes*

AC: :33 < um gotta go update my shipping wall !

AC: :33 < um

AC: :33 < b-bye



That was pretty unsuspected


A GamNep video of mine :“3 figured I’d show it here too!

Live Fast, Die Young (GamNep Fanfiction)

Okay guys, so I wrote this fanfiction the other night per a request by my friend. She didn’t know my specialty in fanfic writing is angst/character death. It has a ton of mistakes and I’m sorry if I offend anyone with how terribly I write these characters.

Nepeta fought valiantly, her olive blood dripping down her face and over her left eye. The blood was getting in her eyes, and coupled with the tears streaming down her face, her vision was blurring badly. She wiped the blood from her eye, desperate to see the monster that she used to call her friend advancing toward her. The room was dark, but she could see smudged face paint and indigo blood in the dim light. Nepeta pounced in an attempt to strike another blow, but was knocked harshly away with a club.

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