Cat's Cradle

Title is a pun that doesn’t really relate to the story oh well cat puns watchagonna do?

A little fluffy humanstuck DaveNep piece, to compensate for Hailey’s b-day present being late.

Nepeta’s not looking forward to growing up. Still, it never hurts to make a new friend who also happens to share a fondness for certain feline housepets and high fire-escapes. 

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I think it’s important that you guys understand the TRUTH to how this pairing evolved…!

As has been leaked by the notorious Anti Homestuck Blog, Dave is clearly Satan. This is a cult of devil worshippers, and the webcomic Homestuck is its book of reference. Also recently mentioned is that the troll Nepeta is a deceiving teacher. This was not always true!!

Nepeta is one of Satan-Dave’s closest followers, and preaches his word to her pupils of corruption. She’d once been a normal, everday follow-of-good cat who aspired to be a teacher in order to spread the word of enlightenment, but she was tempted with an apple… just as Satan had already once tempted eve. And here’s the worst part…!! Apples from Satan-Dave are actually living, feeling creatures! See it’s look of anguish as it’s about to be eaten! Nepeta foolishly accepted the apple, being a teacher and whatnot, and metamorphosed cruelly into a terrible demon who knows only how to spread gossip and lies and obsess over celebrity relationships.

If you don’t believe me that Nepeta is a teacher of Dabe’s Dark Word, just google her ancestor, The Disciple! Clearly she was meant for corruption all along… and now she is nothing more than one of Satan’s concubines.

nepeta… tell your future self to stop sending you words of fucking encouragement

i mean what are you doing even

we get it youre adorable

we dont need some futuristic hologram of yourself flyin in all

“hey past me youre fucking adorable”

…oh shit please dont tell me youre going to start roleplaying with your future self





anonymous asked:

I just discovered this ship today and I am hooked asdg;ads d more pleaseeee <33

:33 < i’ll be sure to draw more fur you then!!

:33 < oh and if you s33 this ship anywhere else, please tell me! X33 it’s kind of a difficlawt purring to find…