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Anixetyyyyy~~~~ i have catniiiiiiip~~~~

*Anxiety blinks awake. He is still in Morality’s room, since yesterday* wha- catnip? nooooo…. *He tries to bury his head in the pillow, but the scent of the catnip is too strong. He can’t avoid inhaling the nepetalactone that the plant is spreading into the air, and it starts to affect him. He is immediately very awake, and flips out, smacking away the hand of the anon offering the catnip and hissing at them* Get that plant away from me! - Anxiety

*The motion causes Morality, who is sleeping in the same bed, to wake up* Wha’s going on… *He notices the catnip and immediately gets up. He takes the catnip from the anon and disposes of it by throwing it out the window, then goes back to sit next to Anxiety. He glares at the anon* Didn’t anyone ever tell you that drugging people is rude? - Morality

*Anxiety is shaking, he does not like the way this plant affects him at all* - Anxiety

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Does Katnip have any effects on Grimmjow?

Actually, when Pantera is sealed — like she usually is, catnip DOESN’T bother him at all. He’ll be able to smell and distinguish it, sure, but as far as the effects that nepetalactone is usually known to cause ( the oil produced by the plant that attracts cats in the first place ), Grimmjow is never fazed by any of it. It doesn’t get him ‘ high ‘ so to speak, and if anyone ever gave him any catnip, it’s been made a habit that he’ll ALWAYS shove it in his mouth — sort of like a prideful move on his part, to prove that the shit doesn’t get to him as everyone else would probably presume.

HOWEVER, when he was still classified as an Adjuchas, then there’s a high chance that it WOULD have had effects on him. Without any sort of physical human characteristics to help nullify any effects from the nepetalactone, then there’s a guarantee that it would have probably fucked him up a bit. But, back then, there was no sort of shit like that in the deserts, so Grimmjow wasn’t able to make ANY contact with the stuff. It’s hard to tell exactly HOW he would have reacted to such a thing, considering that it’s different with all cats. But, seeing that his natural disposition back then was a lot less laid-back and more physically aggressive compared to now, then there was a chance that it’d either made him MORE aggressive in a playful atmosphere, or chilled out. 

Now, when Pantera is released and Grimmjow’s in his Resurrección state, it’s hard to tell exactly WHAT he’d do once exposed to catnip. He’s NEVER been exposed to it in that state. There’s a chance that it could do absolutely nothing, like normally — OR he could actually catch that ‘ high ‘ that cats usually get, seeing as his basic senses are actually heightened back to that of his Jaguar origins. Honestly, he doesn’t even know what it could possibly do to him in that state. Either it could do nothing, or make him absolutely playful for a good while ( probably like a good 10 minutes, as it does for most cats ), or it could possibly mellow him out. Who knows.


Nepeta cataria is in the mint family Lamiaceae. Commonly known as catnip, it is native to Europe and Asia, but has become naturalized in many parts of North America. This herbaceous perennial blooms from spring through fall, with dense axillary clusters of spotted white to pink flowers. Catnip contains the compound nepetalactone, which is the main molecule that causes inebriation in cats. Catnip can induce euphoria when smelled but acts as a sedative when eaten. About 50% of cats are affected and will roll and flop about, run around frantically, and/or lay about in a daze. But don’t worry, the effects are harmless and temporary!

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Look who I found getting stoned in the bushes. #catnip #roughwoodseedcollection #nepetalactone @silentrevolutions

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I handled some black and green olives earlier and then wiped my hands on a napkin. Lulu got a hold of that napkin and went crazy. She was rubbing herself and her face all over the napkin and drooling like a cat would with catnip. Do cats like the smell of olives or something?

You actually hit the nail on the head - it’s catnip! Or, more correctly, olives contain flavor compounds similar to catnip. I’m going to copypasta Jackson Galaxy’s great explanation from when he was contacted about a super olive-obsessed cat. 

“Green olives (Olea europaea) and pimentos (Capsicum annuum) contain isoprenoids, which are structurally similar to the active chemical in catnip methylcyclopentane monoterpene nepetalactone. The chemical in the essential oil of these plants binds to receptors in the cat’s vomeronasal organ and has a similar effect on the same receptors that are responsible for getting her high on catnip. The vomeronasal organis what cats (and most other animals, with the exception of humans) use to sense pheromones. This part of a kitty’s nose/brain is where the nepetalactone in catnip stimulates pheromone receptors, accounting for the mind-altering effect a cat can experience, resulting in “space-kitty.” 

He doesn’t think there’s any risk of cats having toxicity problems from olives, although they’re nutritionally empty, so it’s probably okay to let them have a little if they’re super into it. Always in moderation, obviously (because any new food in quantity can cause diarrhea), and just make sure you check the ingredients in your olives for any additives that might be bad for the puss.