“After Sburb/Sgrub, all of the trolls and kids were practically inseparable because of all they’ve been through together. They continue to contact each other and set up times for activities.”

ghostyred suggested

A slightly better photo of my Bellydance!Nepeta cosplay at Kami-Con. I put 3 months of work into that costume. My designs were inspired by The Disciple’s outfit. I beaded the bra by hand with tiny seed beads, and constructed the bra and all of the skirts. I basically made the whole thing except the gloves and bracelets. I’m a little sad I didn’t have time to do a nice photoshoot, and I don’t know when the next time I full-body-grey-up will be.

Again, we had lots of plans for askarsenicgallows this weekend with cosplay shenanigans, bellydancestuck, and photoshoots, but things just kept going wrong.