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Horn Attachment Method Review

So I found this horn attachment method on tumblr that does not involve a headband showing on top of your wig. You might try to glue them on headband like i did or you could even poke them through the wig but there just are horns where thtas impossible like my Terezi horns because there are more far apart from each other at the top. So because i am trying to get a more real look that is not working that well with the headband looking sometimes bad on pictures i thought i’d give this a try. I have my Nepeta horns still here and since they fell of the headband even if they were hotglued to it(it happened while i tried on the hat with the horns). So they are made out of iClay and it’s still kinda soft inside so you’ll see what thats good for. This wasn’t meant to be a tutorial but since it is pretty simple i might as well explain.

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Nepeta Makeup Tutorial (Homestuck Cosplay)

meow :3c

nepeta - me

How does Rainbow Ash do her makeup for Nepeta?

First of all: I have to say that I don’t like when people make the W shape in their mouth cosplaying Leijons. That mouth-shape is an expression line, not because of the mouth but because of expression, and you don’t have to put a central, vertical line because it looks like a harelip. Leijons are not half-cat, they may act like a cat but they’re not half cat as the seadwellers are half-fish. You have to work for a good expression.

So, let’s start.
All you need is: a light grey body paint, green eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner. (I didn’t have a black-lipstick. Eyeliner is good too, but it’s better to  use a lipstick because is more confortable and you can lick your lips.)

I like Snazaroo the most, you have to use a brush or a sponge. If it needs, after you cover all your face with paint, dry it with a hairdryer and put more paint (sometimes, you can see ugly skin-toned lines. Just cover it again). If you can, don’t wear a shirt when you’re soing makeup.

Remember that trolls have blood on different colours. So, they’ll have that colour, too, in their skin. my headcanon about Nepeta is with freckles, so it will look good if you put green under it. And under her eyes too, she got shadows. (sorry for the terrible photo)

In the end, clear your eyelashes, give a cat eye shape with eyeliner, and define your lips. If you have black lipstick use it after. And freckles. I love freckles. Remember to make your eyebrows black.

In the end, pur your shirt and your wig on. And try to think like Nepeta, it will be the best thing to do :33

Hope you liked it!

ruler-of-them-all  asked:

hey I saw your awesome nepeta cosplay and I was wondering where you got the coat and what you did for her tail? thanks :3

Ahhhhh thank you v much! uwu

I actually made the coat! I didn’t want to go to a store or anything to get one, seeing as those are usually terribly inaccurate. They’re either too short, the wrong color, etc, etc. You can find the pattern I used here. I made a slight modification to the length of the coat, though!

For her tail, you should measure the length from your waist to the floor, and cut out a long rectangle of blue fabric. (One of the sides of the rectangle should be rounded!) Then sew it till you have an opening at the tail where it attaches to your waist, and stuff it! For stuffing I actually used tissues, but I really recommend that you use actual stuffing. Like the kind made for clothing. 

After you stuff it, sew the top shut! The way I attach my tail is pinning it to my sweatpants with safety pins, which works really well and looks great.

Hope I could help!

anonymous asked:

What digital programs do you use to paint? And maybe a quick tutorial on blending colours??

I use Photoshop CS6 for 99% of the things I paint now. I use Kyle’s brushes for most of my drawings. They are super helpful and well organized. For painting, I love to use Kyle’s oil brushes, which lay down opacities based on pressure and are also really easily blended. I often use his Oil Lush brush and his Oil Thicker brush (for details). 

Um! I’m not a tutorial master by any means, but here’s a quick process of how I paint. Let’s demonstrate with this nepeta (of course)

I start with an undersketch. Then I pick my palette (sometimes I don’t. there’s several ways I do things). Then I Fill in local color. I try to use the biggest brush possible and do it in the least amount of strokes possible.

After I merge everything, I do a multiply layer over my sketch and paint in the big areas of shadow, usually with just one or two colors. I dab in the darkest areas with general strokes. The way my blending works is that it’s a mix of hard and soft edges. Abrupt transitions have harder edges, while gradual plane transitions have softer edges.

 It really helps to work far away and with big brushes. Really this step is super important, because everything builds off of the general. No matter how detailed the piece will be, the main look of the shadows will always remain.

I accidentally deleted one of my steps! But basically you’ve got all the colors you need from the multiply layer. It’s just cleanup from here.  I eyedrop local colors and try to unify the image and create clarity. I define shapes that haven’t been clear yet, and I work on solidifying transitions in the face. I also work on making the hard and soft edges appropriate. Really that hard and soft edge thing, along with a little bit of light in shadow goes a LONG way. It really helps to know anatomy so you know where all the planes on the face fall.

Last step is always light and highlights. Less is more.

And that’s kinda how I do the digital paint. Keep in mind the hierarchy of value, start from general to specific. Yee