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Nepet: Do you know a good joke?

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what're your thoughts on other trolls?

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First half of the Twelve, as they appear during and by the end of A Distrait Life of Mistakes. Plus actual height chart so Karkat’s feud against reality is perfectly understandable. (Second half here.) (Complete height chart here.)

Aradia Megido, 6′6, (Officially) Head of Security aboard the Imperial Battle Cruiser Class A Dream Chaser, The Imperial Moirail. “The Handmaid.” “The Lady Demoness.” 

Tavros Nitram, 8′9, Rear Admiral and Captain of the Imperial Battle Cruiser Class C Neverland, Supreme Commander of the Western Colonies. “The Summoner Reborn.”

Sollux Captor, 7′, Creator and Maintainer of the DIOSCURI (Digital Information, Organization and Security of the Core Uplink and Related Infrastructures) and the GEMINI (General Encrypted Module for the Imperial Network and Intranet) systems, The Imperial Matesprit. “The Ghost in the Wires.”

Karkat Vantas, 5′6, High Chancellor of Alternia and Its Fleet. “The Chancellor.” “The Second Signless.” “The Empress’ Mutant.”

Nepetal Leijon, 7′2, Imperial Laughsassin (Kinda? Maybe?). “The Huntress.”

Kanaya Maryam, 9′3, Head of Cultural Research, Imperial Cultural Advisor. “The Jade Lady.”