Meet Nepenthe! Nepenthe’s a unicorn whose special talent is potion brewing. The type of potions and draughts she’s most known for are those that lift bad memories off of the mind like, as she says, ‘a particularly nasty stain’. There is a downside to these products, however. If you use too much the effect dims and the stuff starts to effect good memories, too.

Nepenthe is melancholic in nature although she can’t remember why that is. Her potions have stopped having an effect on her and, because of past abuses, much of her memory is in pieces or distorted. She’s haunted by shadows she can’t remember.

 For her colors I decided to go with ones that were grayish and foggy. I was pretty lazy with coming up with the hair and used one of human!Allure’s styles and modified it %D But I’m not mad about it and it suits the character. Also I had a shit-ton of fun designing her cutie mark. I think my favorite part about this design is the cutie mark (which is why I showed you guys a close up of it).

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Bonus Anti-Love Poem

On this day, I miss you most
Sweetest Nepenthe
Beneath makeshift gallows branch
One heavy step from breathless flight
For the young man’s crime of claiming succor
A wastrel’s path from veteran to vagabond
Fodder for the fisher king

Come for me, one last time
With rippled skin in livid blush
In seafoam gown, struck with violet
Fair flowing breast exposed

I beg one last sip
From your sacred cup
Where grievous milk of unsuckled mother
Swirls in the bitter waters of Lethe
Send me off, a fresh cleaned vessel
To walk among the asphodel

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