Very top, left to right, outside the tank: 

Pot of tiny baby Cape sundews (Drosera Capensis)

Split Rock plant (round green thing)

9 assorted Lithops + 5 rocks.

Outside of tank on the left, top to bottom: 

Baby tropical pitcher plant, Nepenthes Sanguinea

Pot of unknown plants that sprung up in some live moss

Bladderwort (Untriculara Sandersonii var. “Blue”) in a wine glass

Bladderwort (U. Longifolia) in a “betta tank”

Young D. Capensis in a wine glass

Three D. Capensis seedlings and several trimmed bits of Venus flytrap stem in a wine glass.

In tank, top to bottom, left to right: 

Row 1: 

Christmas cactus

Unknown Sarracenia pitcher plant and Venus flytrap rhizome, both newly sprouting after having been packaged in a terrarium kit

N. Sanguinea with nearly 3″ deep pitchers.

Pot of tiny D. Capensis var. Alba seedlings

Row 2: 

Another two pots of Sarracenia pitchers and flytrap rhizomes, one of each per pot. The twisty center one is like that because it tried to grow inside a bag full of dirt.

Another N. Sanguinea

Row 3: 

One large and two very small flytraps in a deep orchid pot

As-of-yet unplanted pot (soon to be home to pygmy sundews) with part of the container/terrarium from the aforementioned kits keeping it moist. Partly covered in sand to see if the seeds do better on that part.

Spatula sundews, D. Spatulata, in an especially deep pot that I found by the side of the road after the church near us had some new flowers planted.

Clipping of an unknown succulent that has decided it is a whole plant and should bloom.

Row 4: 

Two tall pots of flytraps, totaling 9 plants, all smallish-to-medium.

A “Frankenpot” (made of 4 small pots grafted w/ silicone, not sturdy, do not recommend) planted with two adult D. Capensis, five very small D. Capensis var. ‘Alba’, and two tiny D. Capensis var. ‘Red’. 

This picture does not include the tiny vanda orchid usually hanging in its tiny pot over the Christmas cactus, the two different kinds of tillandsia that hang from wire holders on the glass at the front, or the moth orchid and cattleya orchid on top of the terrarium (i.e. aquarium full of terrestrial plants) next to the window.

That is a 10 gallon aquarium on its side with one wall removed, so roughly 1 foot by 2 feet. 


Nepenthes jamban 

Native to the montane forests of Northen Sumatra, (typically 1800 - 2100 metres above sea level) N. jamban  is distinct among Nepenthes in its particularly infundibular (funnel shaped) pitchers and its narrow operculum containing 20 - 30 visible glands concentrated at its apex. (glands not visible in these photos.

Top left is a terrestrial pitcher while top right and bottom are upper pitchers. (a particular Nepenthes species’ pitchers size and shape is usually affected by whether or not a pitcher is close to or on the ground or attatched to the climbing vine and therefore elevated. Lower pitchers tend to be larger, wider and more colourful while upper pitchers are more slender and less colourful, FYI. :))

Source: Wikipedia

Photo Credit:  Alfindra Primaldhi

nepenthe (m)

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