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your lips are a sinner’s
sustenance; ambrosia 
for a god, yet good
enough for a ghost

you have furnished 
my soul with the 
windows of yours

and we speak in 
deafening silence,

like braille, but only 
it is my tongue 
against your skin. 

—  Nav K, nepenthe

Julianna Barwick - Forever

ZOMG. Do not listen to this without headphones or a good set of speakers. If you do we’re not buds anymore and you should stop reading this blog.

I don’t think the chills that have entered my body since the first time I watched this will leave my body all day. All I want to do is sit in the middle of a field stare at a lone tree and hope to god the light hits the hill it sits on like I’ve always dreamed. I believe when we reach the new heaven and the new earth this is what music will sound like.

This video serves as a teaser for Julianna’s upcoming album ‘Nepenthe’ due out August 20th, 2013 thru Dead Oceans. Can you imagine being the producer/engineer of this album?


I didn’t have anyone fighting for me and his country, no one to wait for until he would come back home to me, to write letters to and to pray for, checking the list of casualties every day and names kept adding up to that list, such a big amount that I wondered if there was even an army left at all, men of barely eighteen years old or older, waiting for death as they had a whole life ahead of them, having fiancées and wives and maybe even children waiting for them in agony, never to see them again, left with only one more task and that was to bury their beloved. That life wasn’t for me, I wanted to matter, make a difference and be useful, not just sit around and watch everyone die around me, so I had studied medicine for as long as I could remember and joined the army to patch up the soldiers the best I could, knowing that they needed to count on someone and it wasn’t going to be God redeeming them from this nightmare. Some fought for honor, others fought for love, everyone seemed to have found a purpose but I was still searching for mine. And I doubted that I would ever find it in this forsaken place.

I followed the army pretty much everywhere they were going, I’d switch units from time to time, taking care of my own homeland first before I moved on to the others and this time I would be serving Ireland for a week or two. “Monsieur, pouvez-vous me entendre?” I asked him while carrying him on a stretcher and carefully lifted him in the bed as I immediately inspected his eye. “Monsieur, restez avec moi, je besoin de votre oeil ouvert pour cela.” I urged him as I noticed his eyelids growing heavier and shook my head with a somewhat amused chuckle when he looked at me confused, clearly not understanding a word I was saying. “Sorry, I’ve been in France for so long, I tend to forget that I can speak English too.” I smiled apologetically and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and helped him sit up straight to have a closer look at his eye. “I was saying to keep your eyes open at all times, you have plenty of time to sleep after.” I teased him as I reached for a tweezers to pull the shreds out of his eye. “Now don’t blink.” I whispered as I pulled them out one by one and wrapped a bandage around his head to protect his eye from infections. “I’ll come back to check up on that eye in the morning, there’s a fifty percent chance of blindness and if that’s the case, I’d recommend you stay out of the field to learn how to look with just one eye before you go back out there, you don’t want to get yourself killed.”