Nepal: Conflict Alert

Spiralling protests against a draft constitution have left 23 dead and hundreds injured in Nepal in two weeks. An over-militarised security reaction and inadequate political response from the centre threaten to fuel deep-seated ethnic, caste and regional rivalries less than a decade after the civil war’s end. The major parties should recognise the depth of discontent and the fundamental challenge this poses to the legitimacy of the proposed constitution. A hastily-passed document, weeks after mobilisation of security forces to counter citizens’ protests against it, is unlikely to be the social contract Nepal needs.

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Photo:  AFP/Manish Paudel

Source: Crisis Group

There Is A Festival In Nepal Every Year That Honors Dogs For Being Our Friends

There is an entire day during a festival in Nepal dedicated solely to thanking dogs for their loyalty and friendship. The time itself is called “Diwali” celebrated by Hindus, and is a ‘festival of lights’ celebrated by millions every year in the fall, in India, Nepal and elsewhere.

Keep reading, to view stunning images of the festival’s traditions and its fury companion. 

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Shiva Vinadhara and Parvati
Nepal, 12th-13th century, Gilt Bronze Figure

The eighteen-armed Shiva seated in lalitasana with Parvati on his bent knee, his primary hands in the vina-playing gesture and the rest radiating about him, both adorned with foliate jewelry and crowns and wearing dhotis, with the life-like bull and lion reclining in front, heavily cast with gilding remaining overall.
— Christie’s New York Asian Art Week 2015
(via Alain.R.Truong)

NEPAL, Kathmandu : Members of the Nepalese transgender community get ready to take part in Nepal’s Gay Pride parade in Kathmandu on August 30, 2015. Scores of gays, lesbians, transvestites and transsexuals from across the country took part in the rally to spread their campaign for sexual rights in the country. AFP PHOTO/Prakash MATHEMA                        


Jetin Shrestha, 13 years old, smiles while wearing the t-shirt that Cristiano Ronaldo sent him on August 26, 2015 in Banepa, Nepal.

Jetin is one of the millions of children affected by the earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th. He was playing football on 25 April near his school, where he studies grade 7. When the earthquake struck, he stood and did not shake; he did not know what happened, and when the earth stopped moving, Jetin played again. ‘I love Cristiano Ronaldo, I love Real Madrid. One day I would love to also play for Real Madrid, because I love football’.

Photographer Omar Havana and Portugal based journalist Margarida Mota made it their mission to track down contacts for Ronaldo in hopes the superstar would send a special note to Jetin. They were successful as Margarida spoke to Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes and they were able to deliver the shirt to Jetin today. It reads: 'Jetin be strong, best wishes. Cristiano Ronaldo’.

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LIVING GODDESSES OF NEPAL - In the Kathmandu Valley young Newari girls called kumaris are worshipped as omnipotent deities.

  • “Unika Vajracharya, size , takes to her throne on her first day at the Kumari of Patan, her feet resting on an offering tray and a snake god guarding her head. ~ Isabella Tree
  • photographs by Stephanie Sinclair - (full article & gallery) National Geographic June 2015

The Birth of the Buddha
18th–19th century, Nepal
Medium: Mosaic set in a gilt-silver framework with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, quartz, pearls, amber, coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and semiprecious stones.

At lower right Maya reaches up to grasp the branches of a tree and the Buddha emerges from her side. At lower left, the gods Indra and the four-headed Brahma receive the child. The Buddha appears a second time, standing atop a stack of jeweled lotus flowers, marking the miraculous event of his first steps and bath.
(via The Metropolitan Museum)

CrisisWatch N° 145 (01 Sep 2015)

Political crises and violent protests rocked a number of countries in August, including Guatemala, Nepal, Lebanon and Iraq, where popular unrest threatens to topple the government and overturn the post-2003 political order. Deadly conflict worsened in Yemen, Afghanistan and Kashmir, while violence increased in Burundi following President Nkurunziza’s successful run for a third term, and instability remained the norm in the Central African Republic where UN peacekeeping efforts faced a series of setbacks. A border crisis also prompted a dangerous spike in tensions between Colombia and Venezuela. On a positive note, August saw a peace agreement in South Sudan, strengthened prospects for political and constitutional reform in Sri Lanka, and an important political agreement ahead of October elections in Guinea.

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Source: Crisis Group