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kamen rider!!

  • favourite canon pairing - kouta/takatora, i’m so happy for them
  • (serious answer to that is akiko/ryu!!)
  • worst pairing ever - fanon mayodonuts, like pls either characterize my beans right or LEAVE THEM BE
  • guilty pleasure pairing - cazali/uva………..kirihiko/me
  • a pairing you want to see more - MIU/YUKI /BANGS FIST ON TABLE
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” - shinnosuke and gou i guess?? shinnosuke/mr. belt is where it’s at
  • favorite non-romantic pair - akiko/philip, gentarou/yuki (or just all the fourze kids together at once being space friends!!), PHILIP AND WAKANA
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my least favorite thing in the world is when ppl only ever headcanon characters like naoto, kashima, and buttercup as trans dudes and characters like suga and souji as trans women

like, there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself but when that’s the ONLY kind of character ppl headcanon as trans and that’s the kind of character that is ALWAYS headcanonned as trans it gets really gender essentialist and gross?? it reinforces this idea that there’s only one way to “act like a guy” and one way to “act like a girl” and i don’t like it at all :^T

i’m not really on board with the “naoto is canonically trans” train bc i don’t think being “a girl who feels pressured to present herself as a boy due to misogyny” is the same thing as “being a trans guy” at all?? but it’s been a year or two since i played p4 so im fuzzy on the details so i could be wrong

headcanon what you want though, i’m not the boss of you!! :U

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a, c, h, m, t, w!!

A - your current OTP

ERWIN/LEVI!! It’s also my first otp bc until I got into snk there were series and pairings I liked well enough but not enough to give me The Feels

i can’t believe that in another couple of months it’ll have been two years since i got into snk bc at first i didn’t really care about erwin and now he is EVERYTHING TO MEEEE

C - a pairing you wished you shipped, but just can’t

I could never get into Harry/Ginny LMAO like i wish i could considering it’s canon and all but nah. i just can’t do it.

H - do you prefer real-life TV shows or animated show?

ANIMATED!! i love cartoons!! tbh i get really grossed oh watching live action shows bc i don’t like watching real ppl kiss and do other couple stuff

M - a person who got you into a fandom and what fandom they pulled you into

it’s YOUR FAULT my life has plunged into toku hell!! how could you do this to me

T - what are your favorite m/m or f/f ships?

*takes deep breath*

m/m - erwin/levi, reiner/bertholdt, ludwig/feliciano, kagami/kuroko, kageyama/hinata, asahi/nishinoya, iwaizumi/oikawa, souji/yosuke

f/f - izumo/shiemi, korra/asami, tohru/saki, ymir/historia, mikasa/sasha, kiyoko/yachi, yukiko/chie

including m/f bc i want to - mikenana, conner/m'gann, hawkeye/mustang, kanji/naoto

and i ship everything in uraboku, fe:a, and various kamen rider series LOL

W - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms

snk - erwin/levi ofc

fe:a - inigo/gerome :^)

uraboku - YUKI/LUKA!!!! FUCK