neotag love

So I’ve reached 130 followers, and honestly, I should have done this at 100 followers. Either way, I absolutely appreciate and love all of you. You guys are my go-to when I start to feel down or whenever my anxiety starts to act up. This whole neotag community is amazing. You’re all so friendly and helpful– You make my day, really. 

So, here’s my follow forever list– Neopets Edition, of course.

@aishabitch // @astounding-habitarium // @acaradical // @aishacourtdancer // @brucicle // @bumblingbori // @cybunnykween // @candycaneprisonshank // @darigan-ixi // @electricaisha // @fuckyeah-terrormountain // @greykrawk // @galleryofevil // @herder-of-gnorbus // @iheartchokatos // @isntsmart // @islandmerchandise // @imayormaynotbeacat // @kadoatieland // @lordkassgnome // @lostinthehauntedwoods // @lacedra // @maraquandraik // @magax-destroyer // @mauket // @mojavescript // @mystery-island // @niceneopets // @neopiasucks // @neogrl // @neofriendly // @neoreminders // @neocryptids // @neothing // @npnirvana // @orange-draik // @pink-blumaroo // @parlax // @quaggly // @queerquiggle // @rooftop-wibreth // @raisinbrannew // @sugarskeith // @sophieswamp // @strawberrykacheek // @star581 // @slimeaisha // @scoutz-honor // @skettis-neos // @starryjetsam // @tax-beast // @thelostdessert // @theneoboards // @thefaeriebruce // @themoneytree // @the-emo-usuki // @theshyacara // @trueneofacts // @ticotems // @transparent-aisha // @teamvirtupets // @utility-fish // @wraithaisha // @werelupeclaw // @weewoosinspace // @wary-otaru // @wobbafina 

You are all such wonderful people, and I love that I am a part of this crazy neo family. I haven’t been part of this tag for very long, but I’ve met some amazing people and made some great friends already. Thank you guys for all the great content I find on my dash. Really. You’ve all helped with my anxiety in so many ways. So keep being you, because you’re all so great! I love my neo family. c:


design sketches for a uc darigan buzz i’m applying for uvu

she fought for the army of her native land and while the war is over she still hates meridell with a lowkey fury passion b/c they’re a bunch of stinky thieves

i dont even own her (yet???) but i had an easier time designing her than any of my actual pets lmao

anyway, wish me luck ; v ;)/