The prescription for the UTI didn’t do the job, and I’ve still got a bad one. The neomycin (Neosporin) in the ear drops caused an allergic reaction, which let to the crazy swelling, redness, and pain of my lobe and gives down my neck. God, I love having sensitive skin!!!! My inner ears—both—are swollen and inflamed along with my throat and nose. She said I’m in bad shape and that I need rest. That meant no gym tonight. 😞

I don’t care what you think, Fall Out Boy was, is, and always will be the Neosporin for hearts and the remedy for the blues because it always just makes you want to dance and you always feel like your heart is dancing with the beat, no matter it’s condition.

Approximately 30% of people who use Neosporin (aka “Triple Antibiotic Ointment”) get a contact dermatitis allergic reaction to it. To be safe, you can use Polysporin (same contents as Neosporin, MINUS the neomycin) instead.

Click-through for the Allergen of the Year list on Wikipedia (as compiled by the American Contact Dermatitis Society), which makes for interesting reading.

Ointment for Skin Picking

A few years ago, I went to a dermatologist so he could look at my spots. My dream was that he would see them, and then remove the scabbiest, toughest spots, especially on my back or scalp since I’ve had them the longest. Years, in fact. 

But during the appointment, the doctor just looked at them and said something like, “Oh yeah, I can see the scarring and the dark spots.” And pretty much didn’t do anything.

I mean, as a skin picker, I was probably obsessing over the spots and just wanted them gone so I wouldn’t pick any more. It was sort of a fantasy of mine that he would somehow magically get rid of them.

Despite my dissatisfaction, he did offer me something that I still use to this day. It’s Aquaphor, an ointment. He said to put this on my spots and it would soften them and make them heal better. He also said something about how Aquaphor was just as good as using Neosporin, or some other anti-infection cream.

Aquaphor doesn’t have any medical or anti-infection ingredients, though. It’s just a lubricant and moistener that helps heal damaged skin.

If nothing else, it can help you keep away from these spots because it adds this slippery waxy layer on your skin that makes them moist. That means it’s not a hard scab, that makes it fun to pick. Aquaphor on your scab makes it not fun to pick.

I used to use anti-biotic cream like Neosporin a lot, but now I tend to mix it up. I keep a few tubes of Aquaphor nearby (they’re pretty small and cheap), and I’ll also have some Neosporin (they are in larger tubes and cost more).

Anyway, let me know if you try it, or if you have your own favorite ointments.