Some of the work I did for a freelance gig I was brought in for at Neoscape. I was asked to do sketches of the architectural plans of the commercial/residential block being built by Pike & Rose in Maryland. These drawings were used in promotional material (print brochures and video) to entice prospective businesses and residents.

Click here to see the video where some of these drawings were utilized.

Pike & Rose’s website
(Note: I did not do the drawings on the home screen.)

Photoshop CS6Cintiq


Hello, Tumblr. For those of you that don’t know (everyone), I started a new job this week! For the past 4 months, I’ve been working at a design firm part time and freelancing part time, which has been really fun, but it was time to get back in the ring.

I started at a Boston creative agency that focuses on architecture on Monday. I love everything about it so far! And I’m super excited to be here. It’s laid back but prestigious, the people are friendly and so talented, and…we’re located next to MY FAVORITE BAKERY IN ALL OF BOSTON and so far that’s been a serious issue (Chocolate Chip Lola Cookies GET IN MY MOUF). I need them to turn me away every time I show up on their doorstep.

luv u Flour Bakery. xoxo.

Anyway, I’ve been very blessed with the luck I’ve had finding jobs. So lucky! 

On the side, I’m still freelancing, but it’s getting hard to balance. Oh well. Love you TUMBLR.


Would You Live In A Pyramid?

This extraordinary pyramid house concept has been designed by Juan Carlos Ramos, an architect from Michoacan, Mexico. He has been working with architectural visualization for the last 10 years and has been involved  in national and international projects for studios such as Neoscape and Fernando Romero EnterpisE

This house consists of glass walls allowing natural light to bright up the space inside the house.

The Pyramid House is perfect for a small family, it features two bedrooms with a living room and dining area. There is also a balcony, a garage and  nice library situated on the top of the “pyramid”.