Some of the work I did for a freelance gig I was brought in for at Neoscape. I was asked to do sketches of the architectural plans of the commercial/residential block being built by Pike & Rose in Maryland. These drawings were used in promotional material (print brochures and video) to entice prospective businesses and residents.

Click here to see the video where some of these drawings were utilized.

Pike & Rose’s website
(Note: I did not do the drawings on the home screen.)

Photoshop CS6Cintiq


Calling all local Boston artists!

I’m helping in the monthly organization and hosting of a Boston-area-based illustration and concept art meetup group. This month is our third meetup, and since the first two have gone very well I’m confident in publicly announcing this one. Our organizer, artist Britt Snyder, has rounded up three great artists from Demiurge this month. If you can come by to see the panel, hang out with the lot of us, and check out the studio, feel free to come by on:

Thursday, March 26th at 7:00 to 9:00 PM at NEOSCAPE located on the fifth floor of 23 Drydock Avenue in Boston, easily accessible by the SL2 line out of South Station. There will probably be pizza [maybe! No promises right now,] and we will be going to Harpoon afterward for drinks and casual hanging out. We try to have each meetup be on the last Thursday of every month, around the same hours. Bring your work, bring a friend, be awesome!

If you have questions, email me at or contact Britt through the group’s website at:

We have a lot planned for this group, including more irregularly scheduled meetups at museums and other events around the city for live drawing exercises to gallery shows!

Note: The group is not exclusive to just professional artists. Students and enthusiasts for the arts are also free to attend. Just know that as a whole we focus more on the areas of production/industry art than other forms, but we’re not picky so just show up and you’ll be welcomed :)


Hello, Tumblr. For those of you that don’t know (everyone), I started a new job this week! For the past 4 months, I’ve been working at a design firm part time and freelancing part time, which has been really fun, but it was time to get back in the ring.

I started at a Boston creative agency that focuses on architecture on Monday. I love everything about it so far! And I’m super excited to be here. It’s laid back but prestigious, the people are friendly and so talented, and…we’re located next to MY FAVORITE BAKERY IN ALL OF BOSTON and so far that’s been a serious issue (Chocolate Chip Lola Cookies GET IN MY MOUF). I need them to turn me away every time I show up on their doorstep.

luv u Flour Bakery. xoxo.

Anyway, I’ve been very blessed with the luck I’ve had finding jobs. So lucky! 

On the side, I’m still freelancing, but it’s getting hard to balance. Oh well. Love you TUMBLR.


230 Park Avenue - A Journey Through Time


Preliminary tablet interface mockup with gestural language, created for Neoscape and director Barnaby Jackson’s 2006 BOCA film