30 Day Keanu Reeves Challenge

Day 2:Favorite Keanu character and why?

I can’t decided between Winston Connelly and Ron Petrie.
I loved WinstonConnelly because he was so sweet and cute. If I were Lori Loughlin’s character in The Night Before I really wouldn’t care that he took drugs and sold me to a pimp. The only reason I loved Ron Petrie was because he was a “bad boy." 

DAY 30: Who would you cast Keanu with for a Romantic movie?

Drew Barrymore, because I think Keanu needs to be in more comedic/romantic roles. I know he’s had a handful of romantic movies, but none of them stood out as really comedic. Drew would be perfect to be cast as his love interest because she is simply great in these types of roles. Plus she’s adorable and I think they would be great on screen as a couple :)

30 Day Keanu Reeves Challenge

Day 1: First Keanu movie you watched and when did you watch it?

The first Keanu movie I watched was Speed, I guess. A year or so ago I watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula but I didn’t know it was Keanu in it so it didn’t really count. A while ago my mom kept telling me to watch Speed; she kept showing me the trailer and everything. So, one day in February of 2012 I found it playing on TV and decided to watch it.