Zingel asper

…sometimes known as the Apron, Z. asper is a critically endangered species of Percid fish which is known to occur in the River Durance and River Beaume in the Rhone River basin in France and Switzerland. Z. asper typically inhabits the stone bottoms of fast-flowing rivers where it feeds on a range of aquatic invertebrates at night. 

Z. asper is currently listed as critically endangered but the ICUN. Its population is declining at a significant rate, this is thought to be due to the fragmentation of the four Z. asper populations and the destruction of suitable habitat through the construction of dams and pollution of water. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Neopterygii-Perciformes-Percidae-Zingel-Z. asper

Image: Erimouche