This week’s Monster Hunter creature is the Konchu, the Shield Bug.  It was an interesting one to reinterpret because the body is pretty flat for the most part.

Next one will be Dinovaldo.  


Generu Serutasu and Aruserutasu, two new Neopteron monsters making their appearance in Monster Hunter 4. Generu Serutasu is a massive scorpion-like female, and uses pheromones to control the smaller, more agile Aruserutasu. He enters an almost-hypnotic state when this occurs, fighting alongside Generu Serutasu, transporting her with his wings, or even allowing her to eat him if she is low on energy. 

You can view them in the trailer here!


HRRNGHH! BUGS! Rajang hates bugs, especially GIANT BUGS!!

Rajang just trying to nap and suddenly, loud buzzing interrupt Rajang’s beauty sleep! Lucky for Rajang, he knows bugs, no matter what size, are vulnerable to SQUISHING! STUPID BIG FLY!

As for the bigger bug, RAJANG KNOW POISON KILL BUGS! Nothing like killing giant bugs from inside-out with deadly chemicals! URURUU!

Oh and yes, nquetzl, RAJANG CALL STUPID LADY BUG FAT ALL DAY! The male one must be a chubby-chaser, going after big women….

So in short, RAJANG HATE BUGS, but man, do they taste good fried…

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MH5 Brainstorming
  • The Fourth and Final ‘Great -ggi’, which can paralyze.
  • All the ‘Great  -ggi’s’ return.
  • Dromes are no where to be seen EXCEPT Giadrome.
  • Any returning monsters from MHFU or MH1 get the same cosmetic treatment the Raths, Diablos, and Aptonoth got in Tri.
  • 5th directional hunting; regular ‘2-Direction’ hunting; fully tested and proper ‘3-Direction’ underwater combat; and full on ‘4-Direction’ climbing and leaping combat.
  • Actual vertical hunting.
  • Holistic revision of any returning maps to incorporate the newly combined hunting mechanics .
  • Rather than creating more and more monsters with special status effects, create monsters that play with the new/revised maps and mechanics.
  • D E E P E R L O R E
  • More brute wyverns.
  • More Carpaceons/Neopterons//Temnocerans.

Day 3 - Favorite Neopteron 


These guys are far from likable, with their stinging and dive-bomb attacks that can leave you paralyzed, but if you’re after the cute lolita-style armor you start liking them (as I do). Their colors are brilliant, so they aren’t hard to find among the greenery of their native swampy and forested homes.

Taylor and I fondly call them “banana bugs” because their name is ridiculous to say.