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RTX 2017 RWBY Panel Summary
  • Qrow didn’t use the scythe during his fight with Tyrian because Tyrian is just too fast. Using the sword allows Qrow to be faster than with the scythe. 
  • Miles and Kerry are well aware how upset the fandom will be if Qrow dies.
  • New characters in RWBY Chibi! 
  • Explicitly no confirmation whether Neo will have a voice actress or not, her making noices during a fight doesn’t have to mean she will speak. But she will definitely come back!
  • RNJR was always supposed to be named RNJR. 
  • They kept the amount of time between volume 3 and volume 4 ambiguous on purpose to avoid plot holes that confirmation might cause.

This is only the stuff that might be interesting for the plot. I watched the stream here.

And I’m definitely hyped for Neo now. So hyped.