neopets xweetok

Yeah! Neopets Halloween Art!

Finally, I finished something Halloween related. It’s sorta-maybe-not-a Halloween painted Xweetok and Zafara. I left the wings out and didn’t complete the skull mask. I had a hard time with the background color, because it’s my first attempt at atmosphere coloring.

It’s completed in Illustrator. I’m still debating whether I should use painterly effects on soft shadows or cel-shade the whole thing. I love to use both for contrast, yet from time to time I go overboard with the painted effect. I can use gradients although, it doesn’t wrap around the form as well as bristle brush strokes.

So, in general I drew a Halloweenie piccy! Now I can resume my hunt for delicious, chewy, GUMMY CANDIES! I almost forgot, I removed my tumblr name when I posted this on my lookup.