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fucking salad fingers, ok

i don’t think anyone who didn’t find salad fingers by themselves or through a friend understands how truly terrifying salad fingers was

I think i was like, ten??? and my best friend was like “oh man you’ve got to see this thing called salad fingers!!” and I was kinda like… ok…. that does not sound like a fun happy 5th grade good time but ok

so we’re at her house and she has a COMPUTER to herself (rly big deal back in the day) and she knows how to TYPE and she slaps something into the url bar and clicks and. there’s salad fingers.

holy shit. holy sHIT. it was terrifying. she loved it and I was beyond disturbed. who is this deformed green man with his rusty spoons. WHY IS THIS SO SCARY?

this was not a fun happy 5th grade good time. my friend was thrilled. I think I screamed.

you have to remember to that I was at an age when I hadn’t really discovered the internet yet- I think I frequented neopets and maybe an anime chat room. The internet was a largely unexplored place for me. and out of its depths, out of the bowels of the internet comes this deeply disturbing deformed green man without proper fingers who. seems to be hallucinating. I don’t know. how do you explain salad fingers? where do you start???

 There were no advertisements on other websites for this by the way. No one was blogging about it, this was before it went viral, it was not seen on any google ads. It just existed in the free form space of the internet and somehow my best friend found it, thought it was awesome, and passed it on through word of mouth. terrifying. imagine a group of about 50 ten year olds creepily muttering “I love rusty spoons” and then laughing hysterically. that is all I remember from the fifth grade.

anyway the original website seems to be gone now but here’s a playlist of all the salad fingers videos. there were only three when I watched them and I plan on never watching any of the new ones ever. no thanks


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