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Looking for blogs to follow!

I feel like my entire dash is just recycled posts that I’ve already reblogged so I’m looking for some new blogs to follow! Please reblog if you post:

  • Anime
  • Pastel
  • Cute/kawaii things
  • Japanese pastries/candy/food
  • Video/online games (nintendo, undertale, animal crossing, sims, neopets, neko atsume, etc.)
  • Alpacasso/tsum tsum
  • Scenery
  • Makeup/fashion

And I will check out your blog, thank you!!

EDIT: I guess I should have mentioned this earlier, but please NO kink blogs. Like you do you, but I’m not into that and don’t want to see it or things related to it on my dash. Thanks!


I actually meant to finish this like, a week ago but.. STUFF HAPPENED. anyway this is a silly comic for tegan from a scene in our neopets rp (that is currently over 200 pages despite only being a month old!!) it probably.. wont make much sense to anyone else besides us :( but I really was felt good to make it and I want to do more fun personal comics like this in the future..!  also my oc is zax (the shoyru/crying one) and oni is hers! 83

[Music: Hang On - Yukari ]


so.. i was drawing those other little nostalgic neos so I decided to draw the cybunnies from haven. because it is 2014 and I’m the sole, obsessive fan of this neo guild rp that took place more than a decade ago (2001-2003? respectively) that no one else remembers and I have like weird personal headcanons of it and am in the process of rewriting it all out again because I still involve it in a lot of my plots. (And Cherrimyne is super duper important to me ok.) none of these characters really ever had art (i barely had pictures of my own ocs lmao) but these are how they are remembered/translated in my mind…… ??? dont judge me