Neopets Caption Contest #12 Winner

by 7th89
Lupe: Hey Blumaroo pull my finger!
Blumaroo: Snore…
Quiggle: I will! I will!
Aisha: Take cover!
*Quiggle pulls Lupe’s finger and a weird gas is in the air*
Teacher: Oh you want a fart competition eh? Well pull my finger!
Lupe: Okay!
*Lupe pulls the Teacher’s finger and the school blows up*
Teacher to lupe: Oops! Oh well no more detention for you anymore.

We’re doing Old Art Day on the neotag and I had to redraw this old gal. She was one of my fave neos back when I was 10-ish. She was essentially just a mutant lupe with a darker coat, and I cbf thinking of new ways to spruce her up, so I’ve just drawn her with a bit more shaggy and grey than she was in her youth.

I’d like to preface this with saying that I have kept every sketch book I’ve ever had in my 20 years of life, so I’ve got PLENTY of old art. I’ll be keeping this neopets themed, though.

More specifically, I’ll be sharing my old ‘Neomania’ comics. It was a series about the random wacky adventure my pets and I had that I wanted to get going in the Times, but never went through with it. Thats probably a good thing.

It’s my glass. :,(

Roxy uses her charm to put bread on the table. (The family is poor as shit so begging is how they get by)

R.I.P in fucking pieces, Tigersayshi.

As a child, teenagers were very intimidating.

A masterpiece from my ‘LOL RANDOM XD’ phase.

And finally my favorite. I might redraw this because I think the joke holds up.