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Found some interesting content by accident while trying to find beta content from TDF

Found some concept art for the sequel to TDF and according to some info that was along with these pictures, the game  was planned for the PS3 and project’s code name was “Darkest Faerie 2” implying that the Darkest Faerie herself was going to be the villain again, but in space.

Day 30 - Gelert Assassin

I’ve been getting MAJOR flashbacks to the early 2000s when I was about 10 years old, back when I - and a few others - sold their soul to Neopets. 

Not to mention @elzevir / @1-800-snuff (fantastic artist, please check out!) told me the Gelert Assassin from The Darkest Faerie game is voiced by Simon Templeman - the same fucking guy that voiced Kain from Legacy of Kain. My god damn favorite voice actor among many. What is life now…