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The Video during our First Anniversary.

Just want to let you guys know that I love this girl so flippin much! its out of this world!. :“)

She is my everything, and baby if you are reading this right now I love you very very much! and even though I never do things right or not say the right things. I try my best baby to be the best for you. You are my everythang! I love you! You make me the happiest man alive! Your smile, just takes my breath away. :”) I love you neonvyolet 

soo hows it goin tumblr? just wonna get some stufff off mah chest haha, so you see that cutie pie up there? Well ive been with her for almost 11 months soo we almost gonna hit that 1 year. haha 

this past week, ive been missin her unlike before… I Miss her so much :( i mean we made it through 10 months and stuff but now just been missin her like crazy. i think thats enough for now excuse mah bitchiness on here hahah 

and sorry if i sounded like a pussy, I am what i eat you know ;) haha just messin with ya :) anyways if my snow white is readin this :“)

I love you beautiful :* I miss you soo soo much :* ♥