Missin her..

times like these tear me up inside, especially cause i got to spend pretty much everyday with her during the Christmas break. Now we back to bein far away from each other. Fuckin DISTANCE. we back to Vid Calls, Phone Calls, Chats, and txts… well to be honest the times we spend together at night are the highlight of my day… the  talkin, laughin listenin, havin fun, sometimes arguin, and just foolin around.  I love this girl with all my heart, i want teh whole world to know that .. and i miss her like crazy its turnin me crazy…

Im sure y'all know this feelin, where you’re far away from the person you love. every flippin second of your day they’re always up there in your head, wonderin what they are up to,who they with,  wondering and hoping that they miss you as much as you do.. 

her tumblr : neonvyolet

See that beautiful girl in the picture? Well shes the love of my life♥. Today is her birthday and i aint even able to be there for her birthday….

Happy Birthday Beautiful neonvyolet ♥ :* I love you :* 

if you’re reading this beautiful, im sorry i aint able to be there for you. Hope you forgive me:( I love you honey Imiss you soo soo much ♥ 


My Notebook, doodled on by teh beautiful neonvyolet,showin off skills at doodlin, haha i wish i could draw/write like that :)))

I miss her soo much :(, just cant wait to see her this weekend. She’s teh most beautiful girl out there, both inside and out. THeres a bunch of reason why i freakin love her soo much:) shes means teh world to me, a simple conversation with her just takes all mah problems away. 

Bottom Line is that I love her  no ones gonna change that.

honey, if you’re readin this, just wonna say that i love you so soo much :* ♥.