V spotlight: demestik new york by reuben reuel: pre-fall collection MMXIII

“ i was inspired by feminine and strong women. i have a love for vintage clothing as they are classic and timeless and i wanted the mood of the collection to pay homage to the past yet still keeping the line fresh and new. i constantly keep in mind who my customer is and where she is going. it’s a very relaxed collection yet the colors and silhouettes are flirty. generally, i wanted to create styles for every woman. ” - designer, reuben reuel

V: kimee brown

fashion director

On December 15, 2012 @neonVmag launched volume I of their printed magazine; I curated an Afrofuturism literature section with three emerging Black Sci-Fi writers. Read their short stories in volume I here + enjoy the digital volume II too. 

“infinite dreams” nicole d. sconiers is an author + screenwriter who lives in a sunny jungle.

“posers [an excerpt]" + l.m. davis is an author who dreams of a black cat to coddle, while reading a good book in a comfy chair. excerpt reprinted with the permission of l.m. davis © 2012.

"the convention" rasheedah phillips of afrofuturistaffair is a science fictionist by night who experiments with time order, reverses cause and effect and turns black holes inside out to create worlds.

graphic illustration provided by the dope jasmine rose of followthelaws


my instant polaroid film test shoot proofs, for the inaugural issue of neonV: the magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman.“

photographer: kea dupree photography ©MMXII

hair: manouchka massillion

jacket: planet maud vintage

shirt: the original david

skirt: sofistafunk skirt co.

The chic chick I’m featuring is a fashionista on Instagram whose style so original!!
@chickmakeupgeek’s style is very eclectic chic to me. She gets an A+ for style & confidence!
She is also the director of health & beauty for NeonV magazine.
Find out more about this fashionista at


i had the honor of attending the naturalista hair show yesterday and witnessed a little slice of heaven beautes! i’m talking beautiful women (and men) in every single sector of the building showcasing all things natural… and it was absolutely breath taking to see. you felt a sense of unity and comrodary that happens at a family reunion (at the beginning before the fighting starts). *laughs*

this hair show gave you a little bit of everything, which i can appreciate. of course you had your vendors, hair styling sessions, and contests but there were also educational workshops. nutritional foods to eat for hair and business practices on becoming a natural hair stylist were two of my favorite. however, guests also enjoyed panels on using henna correctly, becoming a natural hair blogger and general natural hair care. hats off to angela walker of n natural hair studio for making this a success! can’t wait for the next one!

stay beat boots beautes!

+ support the peculiar woman movement

IV: michelle german

health + beauty director

| lifestyles |

in the quiet light.

alex elle is a proud queen, poet and author of the book words from a wanderer, which encourages its readers with comforting words and messages, reiterating that “not all those who wander are lost; some are simply still finding their way.” here, alex reveals how she is finding her way and what it takes to stay the course. 

0V: when did you develop a passion for writing? can you remember the subject matter from your earliest writings? 

alex elle [ae]: my passion for writing was birthed around the age of twelve. i gravitated toward it because i struggled with depression and uncertainty, that i wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone. with that being the case, i sought comfort in my journal.

0V: who are your inspirations: in writing, in life? 

ae: my greatest inspiration is my daughter; she is so vibrant and full of light. i had her at age eighteen, and at that time i was in a really dark place. she changed my life, and made me aware of who and what i was living for. i also write a lot about my personal journey which helps illustrate who i am now, where i came from, and where i am headed.

0V: what is your definition of a queen?

ae: a woman who is able to keep her crown on during adversity is a queen. a woman who can greet hatred with love is a queen. women can do anything, go anywhere, and do so quietly without having to say a word about her royalty. i truly feel in my heart that each woman on earth is a queen in her own right, some just aren’t aware yet. they’ll get there.

0V: how has motherhood shaped you?

ae: motherhood has molded me into superwoman. i am driven to be a bright light to guide my daughter. nothing can get in my way when it comes to her. momma bear to the max!

0V: aside from writer, mother and queen, what other hats do you wear?

ae: i make things. my jewelry line shopals will be three years old soon, and it’s amazing how far the brand has come! i am a full time entrepreneur, so being creatively stimulated is a must; i try and keep busy with new projects if i have extra time. i pay myself to do what i love and it’s so worth it! 

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+ © neonV volume III: bare MMXIV |neonVllc  

0V: liz lemon

lifestyles director


“its just hair, it will grow back” are the words i repeated to myself over and over again after an unwanted haircut traumatized me, shaking my entire life for approximately 24 hours.  you never really know what you are missing until it’s gone and you better believe, while looking at a stylist “trim” my wet curly fro, i quickly realized, my luscious locs would not look the same post styling. the 3-4 inches that were clipped away felt more like 6-10! and now 1 year later,  i still don’t feel like i have reached by starting point. so lately, i have been in search for more knowledge to help me retain growth and found a couple new hair crushes along the way.

here are hair care practices i will be trying to implement over the next  couple of months… and of course, i’ll check back in with you  guys with results:

I. low manipulation/protective styling to help prevent breakage

II. finger detangling and combing

III. deep conditioning  at every wash ( i already do this one)

IV. minimizing heat

V. washing hair in section

and in the meantime, i will be lusting over all of these gorgeous natural hair queens and be inspired!

stay beat boots beautes

IV: michelle german

health + beauty director

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hey beautes!

recently, i have found myself stuck between a rock + a hard place in what to do with my hair. week after week, i am in the mirror doing a different variation of twist or braid out, all of which give me the same result after a few days.  although i love my big fro (and the bigger the better), i’m in the changing lane. so i’d like to share a few of my hair inspirations. i’m not sure what is next… color, cut, protective styling but i have something up my sleeve! 

stay tuned + stay beat boots beautes!

IVmichelle german

health + beauty director

all pics taken from blackgirllonghair


talia castellano, thirteen year old makeup artist,  youtube makeup guru, covergirl model, oh and add six year cancer survivor to that list has had such an effect on those that have come in contact with her. she was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in MMVII. since diagnosis, she has relapsed three times, and now has developed pre-leukemia. however,through it all, this vibrant warrior has been strong continuing to appreciate the life she has while inspiring others! talia has not eaten in six days and now needs your prayers in her fight for her life.  i am asking the neons to do just that! #prayfortalia is trending worldwide so let’s join the movement and give back to the little soul that gave us so much!

prayers up beautes

IVmichelle german

health + beauty director

learn more about talia by visiting angelsfortalia

pics taken from angelsfortalia


hey, meet the new lifestyles director of neonV elizabeth lemon @las_estrellas of estrellasbellas + lemonmade. when life gives you lemons–get excited–it only means there is some sweet ish brewing just around the corner. grab a glass, 2014 at neonV will be quite refreshing.  

check out her V autumn/winter obsessions here


stay tuned: check your inbox this week for more deets on what’s happening in the world of neon… 


i must say, the health + beauty contributors have been doing their thing! from expanding businesses to working with other publications, our contributors have all been looking up. nail technician, nicole favors, is no exception and has a new home at new salon the nail snob. located in the heart of washington, dc, the nail snob is a new salon specializing in luxury with affordability!  they offer an array of specialized pedicures to suite your needs so visit nicole and the rest of the team and tell them neonV sent you!

stay beat boots beautes,

IV: michelle german

health + beauty director

pic credit: the nail snob