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makeup chat

in the infamous words of isabella blow: “if you don’t wear lipstick, i can’t talk to you.“ while i am not that intense, i do love and promote a lady having color on her lips, more so–a nice red lip can change your entire life (well, it does for me ;). 

think about it…red lips have always represented glamour, sexiness and confidence. whether, it’s a depressing day outside or you’re just in a melancholy mood, when you put on your red lipstick you can bring vivacity to any room. in many cases, many women struggle with wearing red lipstick (especially the right shade), as the perfect color for your skin tone can be hard to find. since all reds are not created equal–let’s chat about makeup: finding your perfect red lip.

as a makeup artist, i view makeup as art; and we all know that art has no rules.  however, most research on choosing your red lipstick will first advise you to figure out your undertone. you ask, "what is an undertone? ” think of it as the temperature of colors in your skin tone, described as cool, warm and neutral.  below are some simple ways to analyze your undertone.

undertone tests:

vein test – look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. if you see blue: you have cool undertones. if your veins look green: you have warm undertones.

jewelry test - this test is simpler. think about the types of jewelry that you like best against your skin.  if you like gold, you probably have warm undertones.  if silver jewelry suits you better, most likely you have a cool undertone. if you like both (gold and silver), then it’s a good chance that you have neutral undertones and can wear any red (lucky)!

for you chicas that don’t want to deal with the “makeup rules” to discover your undertones (i don’t’ blame you), i recommend that you just get inspired by a bold or bright lipstick, try it out, and see how it looks! 

i know that the all of the above requires some additional thinking before you rock your red lip, but just breathe (aaahhh…).  i have equipped you with the tools you need, now all you have to do is step up to the challenge and find your perfect red lipstick for the summer! 

live in neon & stay beat beautes!

IV: michelle german

health and beauty director