i had the honor of attending the naturalista hair show yesterday and witnessed a little slice of heaven beautes! i’m talking beautiful women (and men) in every single sector of the building showcasing all things natural… and it was absolutely breath taking to see. you felt a sense of unity and comrodary that happens at a family reunion (at the beginning before the fighting starts). *laughs*

this hair show gave you a little bit of everything, which i can appreciate. of course you had your vendors, hair styling sessions, and contests but there were also educational workshops. nutritional foods to eat for hair and business practices on becoming a natural hair stylist were two of my favorite. however, guests also enjoyed panels on using henna correctly, becoming a natural hair blogger and general natural hair care. hats off to angela walker of n natural hair studio for making this a success! can’t wait for the next one!

stay beat boots beautes!

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“its just hair, it will grow back” are the words i repeated to myself over and over again after an unwanted haircut traumatized me, shaking my entire life for approximately 24 hours.  you never really know what you are missing until it’s gone and you better believe, while looking at a stylist “trim” my wet curly fro, i quickly realized, my luscious locs would not look the same post styling. the 3-4 inches that were clipped away felt more like 6-10! and now 1 year later,  i still don’t feel like i have reached by starting point. so lately, i have been in search for more knowledge to help me retain growth and found a couple new hair crushes along the way.

here are hair care practices i will be trying to implement over the next  couple of months… and of course, i’ll check back in with you  guys with results:

I. low manipulation/protective styling to help prevent breakage

II. finger detangling and combing

III. deep conditioning  at every wash ( i already do this one)

IV. minimizing heat

V. washing hair in section

and in the meantime, i will be lusting over all of these gorgeous natural hair queens and be inspired!

stay beat boots beautes

IV: michelle german

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hey beautes!

after two weeks of having my hair straightened (long hair, don’t care),  i could not wait to wash it and get my big fro back! as a reformed product junkie, i am often intrigued by the latest, greatest product - and what it claims to be able to do for my hair.  since i try to thoroughly research my hair products before jumping the gun and making a purchase, after intense research i felt cantu shea butter curling cream was worth my coins. 

so i washed my hair, deep conditioned it, and let it air dry just a tad bit before digging into my new goods.  i twisted my hair in 12 semi flat twists (i flat twist the root and two-strand twist the remaining).

i let my hair air dry and released the twists the next morning and here was my finished product. 

overall, i must say that i enjoyed this product. my hair was not heavy at all, it had great movement and was left soft and moisturized.  the smell was nice and it was not at all greasy. i will definitely use this product again and recommend it to all my beautes!

happy hair days and stay beat boots beautes!

live in neon.

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summer is right around the corner and juxtaposed to summer, heat can = humidity which can = a hair nightmare for some people! as a charleston, sc native and a washington, dc resident, i am no stranger to humidity.  rather than become enemies, i choose to embrace and befriend the bastard!  humidity for my IVa/IVb natural hair type = BIG hair!

so here are some tips to help your tresses stay moisturized and frizz free:

I. switch your heavy butter and hair cremes for lightweight water-based products. 

summer heat quickly dries out hair, and what better way to regain moisture than to use water?!  the use of butter and creme-based products tend to coat the hair which makes it hard for water to penetrate.

II. opt for curly styling options that will work well in humid climates rather than straightening your tresses.

rocking your curly locks will just save you time, energy and money, and since you can’t fight the weather–just work with it.  i love to wear flexi rod sets and twists outs that are created by using a setting lotion, so that the definition can last longer.

III. create your personal mix of products that work for you.

water, jojoba oil and glycerin are wonderful things to use for a personal mix!  personally, i get my summer mix from kimmaytube (II tablespoons of knot today leave-in conditioner + II tablespoons aloe vera juice + teaspoons of jojoba oil, and II teaspoons of castor oil), but make it your own, play around with some new products that work for your hair-type, and have fun!

don’t be stressed by your tresses and as always, while you live in neon

stay beat boots beautes!

IV: michelle german

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hey beautes!

recently, i have found myself stuck between a rock + a hard place in what to do with my hair. week after week, i am in the mirror doing a different variation of twist or braid out, all of which give me the same result after a few days.  although i love my big fro (and the bigger the better), i’m in the changing lane. so i’d like to share a few of my hair inspirations. i’m not sure what is next… color, cut, protective styling but i have something up my sleeve! 

stay tuned + stay beat boots beautes!

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i must say, the health + beauty contributors have been doing their thing! from expanding businesses to working with other publications, our contributors have all been looking up. nail technician, nicole favors, is no exception and has a new home at new salon the nail snob. located in the heart of washington, dc, the nail snob is a new salon specializing in luxury with affordability!  they offer an array of specialized pedicures to suite your needs so visit nicole and the rest of the team and tell them neonV sent you!

stay beat boots beautes,

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pic credit: the nail snob


hey beautes! this week i would like to introduce you to one of my lovely contributors: amber lucas!

IV: makeup artist, hair stylist, and nail artist, you do a little bit of everything! what drove you to the beauty industry?

amber lucas: i was attracted to the beauty industry by accident. as a natural painter and artist, i have always been creative and have a love for colors. i taught myself how to create makeup looks by using balance:  balance of colors, shadowing and contouring, and simply playing with my face. i was approached by a mac manager and asked if i would be interested in working with the company. she was impressed with my makeup skills and was surprised i didn’t have any training or teaching.  that was the beginning! i’ve been doing makeup since 2002, fashion is a part of my dna [laughs] and nail design just came naturally! plus i’m cheap! [laughs]

IV: nothing wrong with saving a coin boo! could you ever do just one? 

al: it is hard just doing one, but if i had a choice, makeup will be priority. makeup artistry is my passion! i think doing too much takes away from your number one talent though.

IV: i can see that. but you also founded dc glam group! tell me about that. 

al: yes i’m a ceo of dc glam group, a small independent agency that i created with a friend in 2010. i know a lot of artists and have done a lot of work in the dmv area. everyone always calls me and asks if i know other artists (makeup, hair stylist, nail technicians, stylists), and at that time my partner was a hairstylist so it just made sense. i can put a team together and from there dcg was created.

IV: girl i am a witness to your team skills! you do not play! [laughs] so what’s the last beauty product that you bought and are in love with? which do you hate? 

al: you will be surprised to know that i absolutely in love and just purchased a wet n wild $1.99 matte lipstick and a milano lipstick and bronzer! an over priced name brand item doesn’t mean it has better quality. the latest item i purchased and absolutely hated was a foundation powder from a certain mainstream cosmetic company… i won’t say the name but i wasn’t all that impressed! it’s sad that these companies can’t comprehend that all women/men aren’t just one shade, especially african american woman because we come in many different colors.

IV: fill in the blanks

al: i hate: liars and mcdonald’s shapped eyebrows and those damn individual lashes that look like spiders [laughs]

i cant believe: im a mother and people pay so much for weave!

i wish: one day  to have my own makeup bar/ vintage store and i wish to be present when my daughter graduates from college!

IV: well said. you know i heard about the “america’s worst tattoo” experience. spill the beans! lol!

al: omg! america’s worst tattoo! hilarious … it was so random but i went to a local tattoo convention and auditioned.  my story was funny and my ratchet tattoo was even funnier! great experience and the staff of tlc was very cool! the producer of the show even mentioned that i should do more tv because of my personality and humor but nobody called my ass with no job offers!! [laughs]

IV: [laughs] girl you are a mess!! so when was the last time you did something for the first time? 

al: umm… probably the television show.

IV: and what about the last time you lied? 

al: girl, probably within the past week about my age! [laughs] you know, in this industry everybody lies about their real age!

well there you have a glimpse of ms. amber lucas. keep up with all of her schenanigans via twitter and instagram: @mkupartistamber and @dcglamgroup

and see more of her amazing work in volume II. pre-order here

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thakoon for nars

spring and summer always make me feel upbeat, blissful, and vibrant.  and while i pack up my winter wardrobe and replace my closet with bright and colorful pieces for spring - i like to include that inspiration on my nails.  and like a genie in a bottle, thakoon panichgul announces a nail color line for nars cosmetics that is set to release may I, MMXII!  the colors are amazing and i am living in neon for the launch of this line!

External image

nars describes the line as, “super vibrant, exuberant color channels the pulsating hues of an indian spice market for a bold dose of fashion-forward color at you fingertips.”

exuberant color channels.

fashion-forward color.

leaves me with only one thing left to be said - yaaaaaaasss ma’am!

fashion your nails forward, and live in neon with thakoon for nars!

live in neon.

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happy president’s day!

while so many are observing the holiday today, i’m sure most of you guys still need something to do. my suggestion: purchase a copy of volume II,  and here are V reasons why:

I. the nudity will warm you up, making you forget about the freezing temps outside. this is undeniably hot!

External image

II. you can quiz yourself in fashion knowledge and try to one up your friends after!

External image

III. get some exercise in and that body together for summer while listening to our summer mix. 

External image

IV. let that inner child have some fun today and play some m.a.s.h. with a friend… i know you guys remember m.a.s.h!

External image

V. stimulate your brain and read a short story… don’t worry, it has great pics too! 

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you can learn how to throw shade and read by catching up with the queens from queenland!

see, neonV can get you through your lame holiday! now click here to go subscribe!

stay beat boots beautes!

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makeup chat

in the infamous words of isabella blow: “if you don’t wear lipstick, i can’t talk to you.“ while i am not that intense, i do love and promote a lady having color on her lips, more so–a nice red lip can change your entire life (well, it does for me ;). 

think about it…red lips have always represented glamour, sexiness and confidence. whether, it’s a depressing day outside or you’re just in a melancholy mood, when you put on your red lipstick you can bring vivacity to any room. in many cases, many women struggle with wearing red lipstick (especially the right shade), as the perfect color for your skin tone can be hard to find. since all reds are not created equal–let’s chat about makeup: finding your perfect red lip.

as a makeup artist, i view makeup as art; and we all know that art has no rules.  however, most research on choosing your red lipstick will first advise you to figure out your undertone. you ask, "what is an undertone? ” think of it as the temperature of colors in your skin tone, described as cool, warm and neutral.  below are some simple ways to analyze your undertone.

undertone tests:

vein test – look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. if you see blue: you have cool undertones. if your veins look green: you have warm undertones.

jewelry test - this test is simpler. think about the types of jewelry that you like best against your skin.  if you like gold, you probably have warm undertones.  if silver jewelry suits you better, most likely you have a cool undertone. if you like both (gold and silver), then it’s a good chance that you have neutral undertones and can wear any red (lucky)!

for you chicas that don’t want to deal with the “makeup rules” to discover your undertones (i don’t’ blame you), i recommend that you just get inspired by a bold or bright lipstick, try it out, and see how it looks! 

i know that the all of the above requires some additional thinking before you rock your red lip, but just breathe (aaahhh…).  i have equipped you with the tools you need, now all you have to do is step up to the challenge and find your perfect red lipstick for the summer! 

live in neon & stay beat beautes!

IV: michelle german

health and beauty director