Porter Robinson & Mat Zo's EASY MAKI Character

Favorite track for the month and therefore it deserves a fan art! I love drawing Maki while listening to one of my fave producers in the EDM scene, Porter Robinson & Mat Zo. The MV is really nice too! It’s a blast in the past kind of thing when it comes to the art style but it really reminded me of the old Ghost in the Shell/ Matrix animation videos. Gahd I’m old! haha! Anyways! You can watch the EASY MV on Youtube or listen to it using Soundcloud! 

EXTENDED: PurrFect Blog Giveaway!

Breaking news everyone! After reaching 50k views with my blog, I’ve decided to reward a lucky girl (Sorry guys but ladies first!) with ONE FREE SLOT from top blogger Marj Sia’s CATWALK COSMETICS Make Up Workshop this June 23, 2012 ! ♥♥♥

I’ve been a fan of the gorgeous gal and now it’s my time to share the story! So! How does the blog giveaway work?

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Check out more of Marj Sia’s make up reviews and workshop sessions @ her blog, The Traveling Heels 

ARTIST FEATURE: Meet the super duper ultra kawaii duo, TADO ♥♥♥

The moment I saw their feature in Computer Arts I immediately said, KAWAII! (Cute for Japanese). TADO is composed of two graphic designers, Mike and Katie, and I’ve been a fan of them since 2009. Their works have been published in vinyl toy books, japanese themed art books and some merchandise you can see in Gola. Currently they hold a prestigious line of clients including MTV, Kidrobot, Nike, Adidas, etc. However I used to think that they were from the same group of Tokidoki but after checking their online portfolio, you can clearly see that both artists (Simone and TADO) have the same influences but had different output in terms of art style. Anyways! enough chit chat and click on the picture to see their website! ♥ 

The Alfonso Mucha Art Book

I went to Czech Republic last 2010 with the whole family and bought my first ever European art book. Luckily I got an English copy so I don’t think it’s necessary to have it called “european.” Haha. Anyways! You all know that Alfonso Mucha has been one of the greatest Art Nuevo painter…and in his country you can see a LOT of his paintings in the streets of Prague, Vienna, etc. The locals respect the great painter just like Mozart and everyone KNOWS him like some kind of “god like creative genius.” But he actually is ♥

OK! So here are some pages from the art book! It’s very detailed and tells the story of Alfonso Mucha starting from his early plates (yes he did plates!), paintings, commissions, and even photography. Although the art book lack quotes from the man himself, the author however preserved the legacy of the artist through detailed historical facts.

The artist with his self timer photo skills. Not really a good view but he was trying to show how messy he was while working in this particular picture. 

2NE1 MINZY (Colored Version)

Finally! One down and three more girls to go! :) This is my colored version of Minzy’s 2NE1 Collection Profile Picture. I adjusted some details from her Balmain blazer because I couldn’t find a decent picture of it. Again, I used Unipin ink and Photoshop CS5.

Doodle with Mooney

I named my red Munny, Mooney, and started with his doodle tattoo weeks ago. This project is really relaxing because I just doodle around (Yes! that’s the whole point!). Hope I could finish him this week so that I can bring him in my adventures. 

Valerie Chua; Backyard of the Universe SOLO EXHIBIT

First of all, a big congratulations to Valerie Chua for a successful exhibit launch last November 23, 2011 @ LRI Design Plaza!!! Despite my hectic travel time and the challenge to bring a 2 feet flower bouquet inside a gallery (i hate you manong guard for not helping me) , I had a fun fun fun time! The paintings were so beautiful, the venue was so lovely! Food was great! The music was really inviting us to buy but really Val, you finally did it! We are so proud of you! woot woot! ♥♥♥

Thanks to Heima, we had a great time enjoying Val’s exhibit. Plus! Here are some photos from the guests! Actually, it was my first time wearing something so girly, not corporate girly but girly! haha 

Gabriel Moreno

Hello friends! Anyone knows Gabriel Moreno? Well! He’s also one of my fave artists who specializes in inks! I’ve seen his artworks from last year through marketing class and his works are really amazing! His clients include Nike, Adidas, TBWA Advertising Agency and etc. His traditional works really stand out despite the challenge of technology and I love how he breathes new life to our daily advertising materials. Hope you guys follow him also! Click the picture for his portfolio/blog!

TRAVEL: Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas Cruise 1

AHOY MATES! YO HO YO HO a pirates life for me! My family and I decided to take a cruise trip in the Caribbean for a change! So we heard that the Allure of the Seas, (biggest ship in the world), was the perfect choice for a cruise getaway. We were aboard for 7 days and enjoyed all the activities inside like theatre shows, thematic parties, bar performances, mini parades and yes swimming! Our cruise destinations were Labadee-Haiti, Cozumel-Mexico and Falmouth-Jamaica. 

The cruise ship has almost 6,000 employees and everyone was really friendly and welcoming. There were even 700 filipino workers inside so I really felt at home when we were given free drinks and sinigang for our meals! Hehe! Mabuhay!

You can take surfing lessons, zip line activities, rock climbing, basketball, dodgeball and even go night clubbing every night for free! (Although they had to check my Cruise Pass twice to see that I’m really 22…they think I’m 12 and I’m not complaining hihi).

Yes, they have Starbucks inside their lobby and an art gallery in their garden. I frequent the gallery because the people inside were really knowledgeable with the cruise ship’s resident artist BRITTO. 

This is my view from our deck room. We were three people inside the deck room so you can imagine how spacious it was! :) and the whole ship has 17 floors! 

At night, if you’re fed up with all the clubbing sounds from the 80’s tweens like me and my sister would just hang out in the garden grounds or better known as Central Park and listen to some jazz music.

So if we’re not doing anything, my siblings and I would roam around and watch the various activities inside the boat. Here in this picture, we were watching some afternoon news in their LED projector.