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Is it just me or is it RIDICULOUS that Elsa's outfit is made of ice? Her bodice is too detailed and seperated for it to be ice. I don't know, it bothers me.

It’s just magic. But I guess that when you see this details on the castle 

I guess you can appreciate the fact that Elsa has the ability to create a dress with four different looking textures— the shirt, the bodice, the skirt and the cape. 

Some Themes Present in Neon Skies
  1. biological hackery (why recreate the brain when you have the brain?)
  2. mass drivers for people (because transportation can be overhauled)
  3. suffusion of electricity (breathing in that clean, clean energy)
  4. pervasiveness of biological/technological implants (harder, better, faster… yeah)
  5. ubiquitous psychotherapy (no stigmas since everyone’s on something) and healthcare
  6. overlays on reality (Dennou Coil, squared)
  7. radical transparency (no need to be private, citizen, but that’s okay because there’s no point)
  8. the clashing of privacy and publicity (cooking lunch, making the bed, and telling everyone)
  9. everyone has grey morality/ethical breakdown (not just the Big Four)
  10. naming trends (Matther is an older guy born during the typo trend)
  11. sliding slang (lots of lovely dialect diabolism)
  12. soft mods (think of MDMA or ethanol, but somewhat permanent)
  13. unconventional solidarity (culture is not always defined by geographic location)
  14. spell check, spell check, spell check!

More to come as I write more short stories in the mythos. I just wanted to lay these out to keep a sort of running tally on how objects will interact. For example, Nask works as a digital plumber. The data pipes are not just virtual connections; some are organic. Shiannon is a drug dealer. She’s also employed by the state. Matther is a veterinarian and doctor. He also cures computer viruses; the professions are not dissimilar in the world of Neon Skies.

In many ways, it’s a sort of imagining of an ideal world… something like a utopia, but not immediately presented as such, and something like a reinvention of contemporary fiction. That is, I won’t be referencing past works much and I won’t try to adhere to genre conventions. This should result in something new brought to the table. At worst, it will read like a strange version of current life. At best, some of the themes presented will pop up in reality. That’d be cool. But that’s not the intent.

I mentioned before that I considered making music to go along with the chapters. I’m still on the fence about that. I will continue to make artwork based on the series, though. It’s multimedia fiction. Almost like a franchise, but I’m making all the forms of entertainment. So yeah, I’m going to incorporate video and photography into this project as well.

And, as mentioned, I’m going to stop focusing on one long story and break it down into digestible bites, not very related with each other, but within the mythos and reusing characters. Imagine something like Seinfeld or Lucky Star, but mainly sci-fi, totally cyberpunk, with a larger range of characters.

The Growth is an imperfect city that wants to be better. Everyone has a story to tell.

Lastly, different stories may read differently. There are so many approaches to writing that I plan to explore. This should be okay. This kills the boredom.

I think that’s it for now. Happy reading!


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