simacy-deactivated20160120  asked:

Hi! This may seem like a stupid question (I asked someone else before I found you, and they never answered, so it probably is), I like how you have the pictures of the EPs you have in your description and I wanted to do that in my blog for traits. But I tried using html codes to fit the pictures in my description, but they ended up coming out distorted. How exactly did you put yours there?

Hey there d(=^・ω・^=)b This isn’t stupid at all!

You probably already know where to get them first of all, and if not, they can be found here. (Scroll down a bit)

  • Open your blog’s customization thing and head to the description. 
  • Paste something like this in your description: <img src=”imgurlhere” width=”20px” height=”auto”> (I would paste this like 5 times or as many times as you want to have traits, immediately)
  • Head to the Site I just linked you to.
  • Copy the Image URL of the trait you want to have in your description.
  • Go to your description and replace the “imgurlhere” with the actual URL of the trait you just copied.
  • Do that for all the traits you want to have in your description.
  • Save. And you’re done :3 
  • You might want to adjust the size of the trait. Just play around with the width. But I would leave the height on auto!

Hope I could help you <3


This is a Sim that I edited for a friend! SHE IS NOT MY SIM AND THE ORIGINAL PICTURE IS NOT FROM ME! I just edited her skin, hair, clothing, bag and glasses :o 

My friend will get to keep this picture as well as another one with a background, but I’m really proud of my editing work so I decided to post at least one on my blog :) 

(All items you see are real life clothing items that I merged with the Sims)


And long as she’s got her suit and tie

She’s going to leave it all on the floor tonight

And you got fixed up to the nines

Let her show you a few things

All pressed up in black and white

And you’re in that suit she likes.