well today went ok, I woke up early (10 am) and of course went on the computer and talked to Jean which was awesome, all of our herpy derpy jokes and whatnot then Katie came over and I was not ready thanks alot Jean j/k j/k so I took a quick shower and talked/waited for more peeps to arrive so we could start my Kurt Russell marathon, when Muirae arrived we first watched Escape From NY, ate at In & Out then watched Death Proof, she had to leave boooooooo but then my brother wanted to randomly hang out w/my mom and I , I made Katie go w/us we went to the mall and I got Escape From LA for $6 thanks to Borders, we ate dinner and derped around Target

Katie and Muirae loved making fun of me during this scene and how much I was so bvherbujvgerwvberjealoushvnujeangryhnerwivg