Judging me?

You think you know me, but you’re probably completely wrong about me, 
before you judge me i’d like to see you live a day in my foot steps,
to live a day with my worries and insecurities,
i’d like to see you lying awake thinking about the same things i do,
because to be honest i’m probably the complete opposite then you think i am.
Once you understand what it’s like to be me then you have the rights to judge me,
maybe you're opinion would change? for the better? probably the worse..
Maybe you’d even have more things to judge me on…
but it wouldn’t bother me as much, because at least you’d know what and who i am.  

Temptation Leads To Regrets.

I hate the feeling where you try so hard not to give into temptation, your brain urgently tells you no, but before you can try to resist your body has already made it’s mind up… you’re instantly full with regret. you wish you would have been stronger, however this regret gives you the determination to try and be stronger next time.