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hej neonkan, vet du vad du vill pluga? typ forskarutbildning, lärare osv?

Oj, är väldigt kluven i nuet. Mitt första mål är att nå en viss nivå i japanska - vill kunna tala det flytande. Sedan vill jag börja ett program - vet att det kommer bli något kreativt eller samhällsvetenskapligt/humanistiskt, men har inte bestämt mig än. Förmodligen blir det något grafiskt design/illustratörsaktigt, eller design! Är också väldigt intresserad av att jobba med t.ex. katastrofhantering i världen, mänskliga rättigheter, antropologiforskning.. 

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hi neonkan! how does your day routine look like? like, wake up, make up, etc? what do you do? hope it's not too personal to ask!

of course not, no worries!

It differs a lot but some things I guess are constant… like always waking up too early, not very good at sleeping in. Even if I can and want to sleep until 8 I’ll be wide awake at 6. So I always eat breakfast for like an hour….. and then (if I put on makeup at all) it’s usually a 10-minute makeup/hairdo, then either work or uni! I have lectures 3 times a week and self studying is a big part of my courses so I spend a lot of time by my desk with piles of papers trying to figure out grammar. Or I’m working (I work at a café in town) and making coffee/serving cheesecake until it’s closing time and I can go home and keep on studying !! yeeee

I make it sound like I dislike it though I do love my courses and what I’m studying, and my co-workers are so nice and I like making lattes as well

also trying to make time for meeting friends / going out etc in between work and uni , because that’s what truly keeps you up I think. Trying to find time to do creative stuff as well - usually happens late at night and then you look at it in the morning and, :/

anyhow! every day is different but early mornings + lots of work and messy makeup seems like my current way??